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Sri Lanka Navy ready to take action if Nedumaran tries his political stunt

In an indirect warning to P. Nedumaran, a Tamil Nadu politician who is threatening to cross the Palk Strait illegally to demonstrate his solidarity with the Tamil Tigers, Minister Dr. Keheliya Rambukawella, Government Spokesman for Defence and National Security told the "Asian Tribune" : “The Law of the country will deal with those trying to enter into the territorial waters of Sri Lanka.” Emphasizing that this is a serious affront to national sovereignty and territorial integrity of Sri Lanka he said: “The Sri Lanka Navy would be kept on alert to apprehend anyone entering into our waters.”

British Unspeak?

By Gomin Dayasri

Subsequent to the publication of an article in the "Asian Tribune" of 25.8.07 by H.L.D.Mahindapala in the public domain are stories of the British High Commission in Sri Lanka being instrumental in acting in a manner detrimental to national sovereignty and national security of the host country. There have been press conferences and public statements condemning the conduct of the High Commission in Colombo. In the national interest of both Sri Lanka and Britain the credibility of the story requires to be probed. Though this has attracted exposure the British High Commission is yet to deny or issue a statement, which is bewildering. Therefore the alleged substance has to examined with the conduct of British diplomats and politicians to test the veracity in the face of silence

JVP parliamentarian Chandrasekaran outlines the JVP political program

R.ChandrasekeranTo build up a national coalition with the people of this country we conducted seminars and meetings all over the country. We are creating awareness in the midst of the people. We are talking with the people and telling to them why a comprehensive national people’s front is needed. We are putting forward this question to the people and creating awareness that a national front could only be formed with the people of this country and not by entering into coalition arrangements with various political parties. Therefore, it is the people of this country who should determine the coalition they want to have with the political parties in this country.

CSW Calls for EU Action on Burma

Christian Solidarity Worldwide (CSW) presented a letter to the European Union Presidency yesterday, calling for a strong EU response to the current situation in Burma. The letter will be delivered following a demonstration to be held in Brussels. The letter urges EU Foreign Ministers to discuss the crisis in Burma at their meeting this week, and calls on the EU to support moves to bring Burma before the United Nations Security Council.

Sri Lanka’s Mannar basin has significant petroleum accumulations

By Walter Jayawardhana

A leading Oil Exploration industry website said that Sri Lanka’s Mannar Basin seismic data have indicated that the basin has significant potential for petroleum accumulations. “Seismic data shows one billion barrels lie under the sea off Sri Lanka’s North West Coast,” said the website announcing the island nation’s road shows to be held in London, Houston and Kula Lumpur to present data on three blocks of the basin in the month of September which will be offered for exploration after receiving tenders.

USAID Helps Open Model Spice Processing and Training Center

Under the leadership of the Spice Council, the Sri Lankan spice industry opened a new Model Spice Processing and Training Center in Matale. The center was built with assistance from the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) through The Competitiveness Program. TCP is helping the Sri Lankan private sector to compete more successfully in international markets, leading to more foreign investment, and more better-paying jobs that will help raise the standard of living for the country’s rural areas, including Matale.

Preserve environment for future generations

By Quintus Perera - Asian Tribune

Udaya Gamampila, Chairman, Central Environmental Authority spoke at the sixth Key Person’s Forum on “Business Friendly Environment Management and Regulations leading to Sustainable Development” at Galle Face Hotel. The Forum was jointly organized by the Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry of Sri Lanka and Small and Medium Enterprise Developers (SMED). SMED is the SME arm of the FCCISL which was established by Friedrich Naumann Stiftung in 1989.

Manipulating the People for Federalism

By Susantha Goonatilake

Sri Lanka although with a predominantly Sinhala population is a multicultural, multi-ethnic society. The question we have to pose is what political and social arrangements we should make to live with each other in harmony. To give an answer we must have some basic facts correct. But this is not an easy task because there is a large amount of deliberate and unconscious misinformation, especially drawn up by LTTE and other separatists as well as by foreign funded NGOs interfering in our local politics. (In parts of India such NGOs are being called FGOs, Foreign Government Organizations). A few years ago, at the Organisation of Professional Association’s (OPA)Annual Sessions I gave a talk based on group research to clarify some of these issues. Let me proceed in the same vein and attempt to remove some of the cobwebs.

The Iranian Conservatives and the Gulf security Issue

By Abdul Jaleel Al Marhoon

Conservatives in Iran do not follow the school calling for or demanding the substitution of the stable country with the "continuous revolution" ideology but rather distinct themselves with a concentrated form of ideological framing of political and social sayings (ideas). It can be noted that the tense atmosphere in the US- Iranian relations (tensions which are excepted to grow) will be reflect as Iranian efforts to create an Iranian-Gulf convergence, an issue that was obvious after the US-led war on Iraq and which is currently expected to increase.

Hilton Colombo completes 21 years

By Quintus Perera – Asian Tribune

Hilton Colombo launched a series of spectacular events and parties over the coming year, to celebrate their 21st anniversary in Sri Lanka. Hilton Colombo a part of the prestigious Hilton Hotels Corporation opened its doors in July 1987 with the grand opening in September 1987, and over the years have played host to some of the highest dignitaries from all around the world. The year planned is filled with fun and elaborate celebrations, all of which focus on the central theme of the number 21. With an event scheduled to occur every month, the Hilton Colombo plans to ensure that their 21st year will be celebrated in grand style.

Pakistan in political turmoil

By M Rama Rao - Syndicate Features

Did Pakistan President General Musharraf commit a tactical mistake by opening another front with the judiciary at a time when he was already under pressure from the US to act firmly against terrorists in his country? It appears he did. The dismissal of Chief Justice Iftikhar Choudhry has brought about new re-alignments in Pakistani politics which does not suit Musharraf. As a consequence of this action Musharraf’s plan has gone awry, whichever way we look at it. It has given birth to a popular pro- democracy uprising.


Mannar Basin

If Prabhakaran can’t feed the Tamils with $300 million given by Tamil diaspora, what can Nedumaran bring to save Jaffna Tamils?

The Hindu reported that the Tamil Eelam Viduthalai Adharavalar Orunginaippu Kuzhu (Coordination Committee of Supporters of Freedom for Tamil Eelam) is blaming the Centre in Delhi for not caring for the starving Tamils in Jaffna. Its convenor P. Nedumaran said on Wednesday that they will forcibly take medicines and foodgrains to Jaffna for the benefit of Tamils in Sri Lanka from Rameswaram and Nagapattinam on September 12.