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Ranil Wickremesinghe

NGOs Unite on Earth's Greatest Crisis

By Thalif Deen - Inter Press Service

A three-day meeting of over 2,500 delegates from more than 500 non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and representing 80 countries affirmed that climate change "is potentially the most serious threat humanity and our environment have ever faced." A declaration adopted Friday warns that global warming can possibly have a devastating impact on virtually all aspects of life in the planet, including "catastrophic effects on our earth's ecosystem, biodiversity and infrastructure."

What benefit would Chandrika get for helping Ranil to become the President?

By Walter Jayawardhana

During the forty five minutes long meeting at the official residence of the former President of Sri Lanka, Chandrika Kumaratunga, what did the opposition leader Ranil Wickremesinghe discussed with her Officially no newspaper or television stations in Sri Lanka know since the media was barred from the meeting. For the two politicians, the meeting was highly confidential. Minister Jeyaraj Fernandopulle says it was so confidential Wickremesinghe even did not want to carry his own cell phone into the meeting. He says the United National Party (UNP) leader borrowed his friend’s cell phone and changed the SIM card to prevent anybody eavesdropping while it was to be used during the meeting.

Misinformation campaign on food and medicine in Jaffna, nailed

Sri Lanka Deputy High Commission in Chennai has provided facts and figures since 11 August 2006, and has nailed the misinformation campaign systematically carried out on the alleged shortages of food and medicine in Jaffna, after the Tamil Tiger initiated closure of the A-9 road. “There are no shortages of food, medicine and other essential items in the Jaffna Peninsula. Government of Sri Lanka is committed to ensuring that the situation pertaining to maintaining sufficient quantities of food, medicines and other essential items remain satisfactory in Jaffna Peninsula,” the Deputy High Commission has pointed out.

Wahabism – An intolerant ideology

President of All Ceylon Thareekathul Mufliheen, M.C.A. Hameed pointed out that It is disheartening to see Muslims in Sri Lanka are intolerant of practices and preaching of the fellow Muslims, particularly by Wahabists who consider all other practices unislamic. He further pointed out, “Freedom of speech and search for knowledge are curtailed by the Wahabis which would lead the Muslims into the abyss of ignorance and darkness.” Hameed added “They insist only their ideology should be followed by all Muslims. To this effect they resort to violent means to impose their will on others. The political leadership should raise their voice against the Wahabists, irrespective of other considerations.”

India: Development-induced Displacement on rise

By Subash Mohapatra

Poor record on rehabilitation of victims of development projects in India is one of the big concerns for the activists, researchers and human rights institutes. The present trend of new investment brings more displacement. In many cases- the tribes, women and children suffer more. It is very unfortunate that the response from Indian government on the issues of the rights of the victims of the development projects is not encouraging. India make blind eye to uprising problems of development-induced displacement victims.

Scandinavian Monitor to Man the SLMM Office in Jaffna

Scandinavian Peace monitors have come forward to man the Sri Lanka Monitoring Mission (SLMM) office in Jaffna with international officials on a permanent basis. Though SLMM office in Jaffna so far remained opened, it is manned by national staff with international monitors traveling to Jaffna regularly. This decision was confirmed at a regular meeting held on Thursday between the Secretariat for Coordinating the Peace Process (SCOPP) and the Sri Lanka Monitoring Mission. A representative from the Peace Secretariat for Muslims also participated in the meeting.

CCC & John Keells combination to show the way for youth employment

By Quintus Perera - Asian Tribune

A major constraint in the procurement of employment for the school leavers has been the lack of career guidance. Thus many of these GCE OL and AL qualified school leavers do not know that there are employment available in various fields. To assist the job thirsty youth Ceylon chamber of Commerce in association with John Keells Social Responsibility Foundation is pursuing a programme of providing career guidance to Sri Lankan School children in their O’Level and A’Levels by means of DVD/CDs as well as through mass media, specially through electronic media. This programme was initially conceptualized by Justice Mark Fernando.

Nevada clergy endorses Hindu chaplain Zed for prestigious award

Nevada Clergy Association has recommended famous Hindu chaplain of Nevada, Rajan Zed, for Pravasi Bharatiya Samman Award, the most prestigious award presented by President of India to eminent overseas Indians. Rajan Zed read the historical first Hindu prayer in United States Senate in Washington DC in July last since its formation in 1789.

Ambassador to UN in Geneva writes to Asian Tribune

Dayan Jayatilleka and other members of the 'Vikalpa Kandayama' and its allies were indeed indicted under the Prevention of Terrorism Act and the Emergency. What is pertinent is that while Jayatilleka and others were indicted on 14 counts, 'not a single one of the charges was of separatism/secessionism, or even made a passing reference to it!' - Dayan Jayatilleke

Formalization of Regional Business Community collaborations with Colombo Business leaders

By Quintus Perera - Asian Tribune

The Ceylon Chamber of Commerce (CCC) premier chamber set up in 1839, today is a strong confederation of regional and sectoral chambers of commerce and industry, trade associations, employer organizations and bilateral business councils and it has granted affiliated membership to the Business for Peace Alliance. (BPA). The BPA, Sri Lanka’s regional business network for regional empowerment, conflict transformation and Corporate Social Responsibility was established five years ago by the regional chambers throughout Sri Lanka. The BPA is a “bottom up initiative”, owned and managed exclusively by the regional business community. The BPA, which operated informally over the last four years, was institutionalized in September 2006 and set up a Secretariat in Colombo to co-ordinate its activities in all parts of the island.

Terror Talk

By Allabaksh - Syndicate Features

Acts of terror are as tragic as they are reprehensible but no less lamentable is the trail of ugly politics that invariably follows the dastardly acts. Every political party competes first in commiserations and then quickly launches into a pointless blame game. The critics assume that the perpetrators of terror are easily identifiable card-carrying members of recognised parties who are treated with kid gloves by a government that is forever capitulating before terror.

Mangala fails to deliver and Ranil defeated again in Parliament

H. L. D. Mahindapala

Ranil WickremesingheRanil Wickremesinghe, the Leader of the Opposition, who had high hopes of defeating the Mahinda Rajapakse government in Parliament was defeated once again yesterday when the Speaker, W. J. M. Lokubandara, a UNP MP, declared that the five Finance Bills presented to Parliament on Thursday was passed validly. The passing of these bills by electronic voting was a big blow to the Wickremesinghe-Samaraweera alliance that threatened to pull out government MPs and bring down the government. Defeating Finance Bills in parliament is a common practice to prove that the governments do not have the power to use public funds to run the country. It amounts to a vote of no-confidence