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Asian Tribune is published by E-LANKA MEDIA(PVT)Ltd. Vol. 20 No. 78

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IDP Camps in Batticaloa

Saudi Arabia donates 223 MT of dates to the Muslims of Sri Lanka

By Walter Jayawardhana

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has donated 223 metric tons of dates to Sri Lanka to be distributed in mosques in the country, the "Arab News", the country‘s leading news paper reported. Riyad Al-Kheneni, charge d’affaires of the mission, formally handed over the dates to Hussein Bhaila, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, at a ceremony held in Colombo on 13 September, Thursday the newspaper said.

Norway support terrorism in the Horn of Africa – Ethiopian Foreign Minister Mesfin

Norway’s image of a peace-maker got another beating yesterday when the Ethiopian Foreign Minister Seyoum Mesfin accused Norway of supporting "terrorist groups" in Somalia, Eritrea and Sudan. In an interview with the Norwegian "Aftenposten" Mesfin said: "Norway tries to build a peace-keeping image, but cannot do so at the expense of the peace on the Horn of Africa." Ethiopia last month expelled six Norwegian diplomats accusing them of supporting Eritrea. Both countries have been engaged in a long-running battle over a border dispute.

RTI Act gives hope to anti-AFSPA protestors in Manipur

By Bobby Ramakant

Many people are fasting for five days (13-17 September) in Keishampat junction, Imphal, Manipur, to lobby more support to Irom Chanu Sharmila, who has been fasting since past 7 years, demanding to repeal the Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA).
They declared today that an application under the Right to Information Act (RTI) shall be filed in Prime Minister's office (PMO) to help the cause. Delhi-based RTI activist Suchi Pandey shall file the application.

Ceuta Hindus to Celebrate Ganesh Visarjan

The Hindus love celebrations. To the festival of Sri Krishna Janmasthami, which took place four days ago, add the celebration of Ganesh Chaturthi (Ganesha's birthday), which will be carried out today. Juan Carlos Ramchandani, the local Hindu priest, says, "In India they make clay images of Ganesh, which can get up to heights of ten meters. After the worship and adoration of the images they are submerged in the sea, river or lake, during a ritual called Visharjan. On this day offerings of sweet rice, laddus (sweets made from chick-pea flour) and coconuts are made. In the city of Mumbai (the new name for Bombay) this is the biggest and most colorful festival of the year."

Assistance from American people tops $10 million for 2007

The United States will provide $2 million in immediate emergency relief funding for conflict-displaced in Sri Lanka as part of a $24 million worldwide package announced last week in Washington. The funding, from the U.S. State Department’s Emergency Refugee and Migration Assistance Fund will support the work of the UN High Commission on Refugee (UNHCR) and NGOs to protect and provide assistance to Sri Lankan internally displaced persons and refugees. This funding will support programs to provide protection, emergency shelter, non-food relief items, water and sanitation, camp management, reception services for Internally Displaced People (IDPs), and special projects for returnees.

Sri Lanka commemorates Mine Ban Treaty

Sunil C. Perera in Colombo

The Landmine Ban Advocacy Forum (LBAF) marks the 10th anniversary of the adoption of the Mine Ban Treaty, prohibiting the use of anti-personnel mines. It is ten years since the historic proceedings in Ottawa, Canada, when 125 countries committed to ban the use, production, stock pile, trade and transfer of anti-personnel mines within their borders. The Mine Ban Treaty is unprecedented both in its scope, in its absolute condemnation of the anti-personnel mine as a weapon of war, and in the speed with which it became binding under international law, a scarce fifteen months after it opened for signature.

Fasting : A step towards spiritual journey

By M.C.A. Hameed - President - All Ceylon Thareekathul Mufliheen

The month of Ramadan has dawned and the Muslims all over the world have begun fasting as a step towards their spiritual journey. Allah has made fasting obligatory as an excellent exercise to the physical and mental faculties of mankind, to develop willpower and concentration at a higher level and to lead a disciplined life in this world. This noble exercise is practiced nearly a month every year. To make it a success and reap the benefits of it, one should totally abstain from illusory perception (sight, hearing, smell, taste (food) & touch (sex) that would enter through the nine inlets in the human body and also avoid indulgence in any activity that will befall harm and injustice.

The need for a Construction Industry Development Act is greater than ever before

From Sunil C. Perera

Chamber of Construction Industry Sri Lanka and its principal constituents enlightened the then Minister of Housing and Construction on the need to have a Construction Industry Development Act as a definite alternative to the proposed Construction Industry Authority Act. The principal stakeholders of the construction industry, in one voice, articulated the issues that should be addressed.

The aim of life

By Meher Baba - Syndicate Features

Consciously or unconsciously, directly or indirectly, each and every creature, each and every human being — in one form or the other — strives to assert individuality. But when eventually man consciously experiences that he is Infinite, Eternal and Indivisible, then he is fully conscious of his individuality as God, and as such experiences Infinite Knowledge, Infinite Power and Infinite Bliss. Thus Man becomes God, and is recognized as a Perfect Master, Sadguru, or Qutub. To worship this Man is to worship God.

Sri Lanka: A cabinet shake-up due soon

A cabinet reshuffle is expected soon in Sri Lanka. “Asian Tribune” learnt that four more UNP parliamentarians are expected to cross over to the government side and a public announcement by the President is due soon. In the meantime some other changes are also due. It is understood that Minister of Justice Amarasiri Dodangoda is confined to wheel chair. The day to day functions of the ministry is presently handled by Dilan Perera, the state Minister of Justice.