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Asian Tribune is published by E-LANKA MEDIA(PVT)Ltd. Vol. 20 No. 83

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Tulbul Talks. Expectations- Disappointments

By Sarla Handoo - Syndicate Features

The latest round of talks on Tulbul Navigation Project between India and Pakistan ended in New Delhi on what both sides described as a “positive note”. The atmospherics were “cordial” with renewal of commitment to the Indus water treaty. As usual, a joint statement spoke of further talks to settle the dispute “early and amicably”. There has, indeed, been a small forward movement in so far as the two sides agreed to have technical level talks on mutually convenient dates. But is that enough to sort out the differences on a project hanging fire for more than 20 years and so vital to J & K?

Sri Lanka Navy Cripples Tiger Maritime Net: The Turning Point of Eelam War IV

By Jaya Rohan

The Sri Lanka Navy known as the silence service and the first line of defence of Sri Lanka, created history in the three decade long war, when they destroyed three floating warehouses of the LTTE at a distance as far as 1200 Km (600Nm) South East of Dondra Head in a successful Deep Sea Surveillance operation carried out on 10th and 11th of September 2007. Even though the intriguing report about the arrest of Kumaran Padmanadan (KP)LTTE's elusive arms procurer, hit the headlines of the national and internal electronic and print media, prior to the destruction of the three Tiger vessels, it added spice to the story to a great extent. It is important to analyse the impact of the destruction of these three vessels for the possible operations that are planned aiming at clearing the Wanni theatre where the Tigers are now limited to.

Sri Lanka court released 10 Indian fishermen

A court in Sri Lanka released the ten Indian fishermen arrested by the Sri Lanka Navy when they were found straying inside the Sri Lanka’s territorial waters and poaching in the Gulf of Mannar. The court also has released two vessels belonged to the Indian fishermen. According to Sri Lanka’s Deputy High Commission in Chennai, these Indian fishermen would be repatriated soon by the Indian High Commission in Colombo in consultation with the Sri Lankan authorities.

Government decides to hold elections for local bodies in the North calling for fresh nominations

Earlier nominations for local bodies in the Nortrhern province have been cancelled and Government has decided to hold elections calling for fresh nominations. The cabinet has granted its approval to a memorandum submitted by Janaka Banadara Tennakoon, the Minister of Local Government and Provincial Councils to provide provisions for canceling nominations and calling of fresh nominations and the holding of elections in respect of one Municipal Councils, five Urban Councils and twenty seven Pradeshiya Sabhas in the Northern Province where elections to such councils and sabhas have been postponed due to unforeseen and urgent circumstances.

BF launches Sinhala and Tamil editions of transforming Ethnopolitical Conflict

Sunil C. Perera in Colombo

The Berghof Foundation [BF] has launched Sinhala and Tamil Language Editions of Transforming Ethnopolitical Conflict on Wednesday in Colombo to make aware the Tamil and Sinhala readers on the local conflict situation and remedies to solve the problem. These hand books are based on the conviction that responding constructively to inter-group conflicts requires more ingenuity, creativity and hard work that has been invested into this area, said the Chief of Berghof Dr.Norbert Ropers.

China and the Popular Unrest in Myanmar

By Col R Hariharan (retd.)

China enjoys very close economic and military relations with the military regime in Myanmar. Perhaps it is one of the very few countries who could influence the country's policy makers. In recent times, China had been internationalising its outlook in many spheres and participating proactively in the UN. This is in keeping not only with its status as a major global military power but also its emergence as an economic superpower. However, it had been resisting the temptation to go along with other major global powers in pressurising the military regime to democratise Myanmar.

Eritrea denies connections with Sri Lanka Tamil Tigers, Evades issue of ‘asylum’ to Prabhakaran

Daya Gamage US National Correspondent to Asian Tribune

Eritrea denied to ‘Asian Tribune’ that it has anything to do with Sri Lanka’s Tamil Tigers nevertheless praised Norway’s role in mediating a settlement in the South Asian nation while conveniently evading to give a denial or any other explanation when asked whether Eritrea would give asylum to Tiger leader Prabhakaran and his top LTTE brass if Government of Sri Lanka current military offensive succeeded in driving the separatist out of its control in the Northern Province.