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Sania Mirza

Mangala Samaraweera ran to Mahanayake saying Ranil had a secret pact with LTTE. What happened to that pact? -- Dilan Perera

Dilan PereraThe issue of a secret pact between the Tamil Tigers and the Government of Sri Lanka has been cranked up by the UNP, the leading opposition party and the two-man breakaway band from the ruling party, the SLFP. On Thursady, Sripathi Sooriyarachchi of the SLFP (M) – one of the two in the breakaway band -- moved a motion to appoint a Select Committee of Parliament to look into this alleged secret pact. The motion was passed by the House with an amendment proposed by the government to probe into allegations that the country's leaders had made secret deals with Tamil rebels, Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam since 1989, while Eelam wars were going on in the country.

Allegation of LTTE - Government of Sri Lanka secret pact, a false and malicious lie.

By Dr.T.C.Rajaratnam

When Parliament met on Thursday, 20 September there were desperate attempts to give priority to baseless allegations with language not pertinent to the dignity of the House. The House was deplete of TNA members as usual avoiding critical situations only to represent their own benefits. Like the slippery snake/s the TNA members as usual did not want to commit themselves. Suresh Premachandran TNA parliamentarian made a statement to the effect that the TNA was not concerned with any agreements and as such would not participate in the debate. This is a classic example of the dubious methods adapted by the TNA members for their own survival in Parliament not only betraying their flickering Leader Mr.Velupillai Pirabaharan but also their respective party policies and the Constitution of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka having taken oaths as Members of Parliament for a unitary state. The symbol of hypocrisy was manifest.

Granting citizenship to Sri Lankans of Indian origin who remains refugees in India, a special gesture of Sri Lanka - Amza

Sri Lanka’s Deputy High Commissioner in Chennai, P.M.Amza pointed out that government has come forward to grant citizenship to Sri Lankans of Indian origin who have fled to India as refugees due to the 1983 July disturbances followed by other internal conflicts which arose thereafter. P.M.Amza added out approximately 80,000 Sri Lankans who have fled to India as refugees, 28,500 are Sri Lankans of Indian origin and some of them have not yet obtained Sri Lankan citizenship. He further stated that the Government of Sri Lanka had announced yesterday, the decision taken in the Cabinet to amend the Citizenship Act to enable persons of Indian origin who left for India as refugees to obtain Sri Lanka citizenship easily. It is another special gesture towards the refugee community by the Sri Lankan government.

Gov'ts Routinely Dodge U.N. Human Rights Investigators

By Thalif Deen - Inter Press Service

The United Nations is disappointed that an increasingly large number of member states are either refusing to respond to charges of extra-judicial killings or have turned down requests for visits by U.N. special envoys mandated to monitor arbitrary and summary executions in these countries. The 27 states that have so far failed to agree to visits range from Security Council members, such as China, Russia and the United States, to countries like El Salvador, Kenya, Thailand, Israel, Uzbekistan and Venezuela.

Ranil on an Elephantine Rampage

From Mallika Wanigasundara

Believe it or not - UNP [United National party] leader and Leader of the Opposition Ranil Wickremamsinghe is in a huge rage threatening a prestigious international Bank, lashing out at the business community, jeering at the fourth estate and chastising and ridiculing the Maha Sangha [ the Order of bhikkhus]. This is unprecedented for the leader of the conservative, generally cautious and decorous UNP which classifies itself as a foremost pillar of democracy.

Men of Conscience Should Boycott the Beijing Olympic

Prof. Kanbawza Win

The original purpose of the Olympic Games, both ancient and modern, is to foster the ideal of, “A sound mind in a sound body,”and to promote friendship among the nations. The Official Olympic Anthem runs “Immortal spirit of Antiquity, Father of the Beautiful and Good.” How can these ideals be applied to Beijing, when it is the very heart of all the evil and President Hu Jingtao ranks as the most ruthless human rights violator of the world? People have to consider the consequences of the government already a totalitarian and dictatorial against its own people and other nations particularly Burma and Sudan.

International confab on 'Terrorism: A Challenge to Democratically Elected Governments

The Lakshman Kadirgamar Institute of International Relations and Strategic Studies (LKIIRSS) - affiliated to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs - will hold a two-day International Conference on Countering Terrorism (ICCT) at the Bandaranaike Memorial International Conference Hall (BMICH) in Colombo from October 18–20. Conference theme will be 'Terrorism: A Challenge to Democratically Elected Governments'. The Conference will highlight the challenges posed to democratically elected governments by terrorist movements and discuss strategies required to counter such threats.

China's Burma Policy Undermines Asia, UN, World

By Jeremy Woodrum

Occasionally a single defining event or image can bring into focus a serious crisis that has simmered beneath the surface of widespread public awareness. The past month's demonstrations in the Southeast Asian country of Burma, featured in thousands of news articles around the world, place a previously unseen human rights nightmare in plain view of global decision-makers and beg for a firm international response. Thousands of human rights activists, Buddhist monks, and everyday citizens marched through the streets of Rangoon in opposition to a quintupling of fuel prices, unleashed by a military dictator – Than Shwe -- that pays no heed to his own people.

Is meritorious governance a dream?

By Geoffrey Evarts

Sri Lanka is a country long been ruled by political dynasties. We have the Bandaranaike’s, the Senanayake’s, The Rajapakse’s, and the Premadasa’s to name a few. Recently, President Mahinda Rajapakse moved to strengthen the Rajapakse family’s stake in Lankan Royalty by moving to appoint his brother Basil Rajapakse into a National list slot of parliament. Another sign that President Rajapakse is further strengthening his clans’ claim on politics as the family business is the grooming of his eldest son Namal Rajapakse into the family business. Namal Rajapakse (whose name was recently embroiled in the “Aston Martin” affair) was appointed to lead political youth movements, and was even seen sitting in the VVIP section of the Naval felicitation ceremony held in Trincomalee a few days ago.

Sania Needs To Do More

By Ramu Sharma -Syndicate Features

Sania MirzaSania Mirza, India’s tennis icon for aspiring women players has been on a song in recent weeks. In fact she has never had so good after her big jump two years ago. And when she beat Martina Hingis, currently ranked 12 in the world, to enter the pre-quarter-finals of the $600,000 WTA Tour event in Los Angeles, Sania appeared to have reached her maximum potential. Having drifted into the wilderness somewhat after her dizzy rise, Sania appears to have spent a lot of time learning even while recuperating from niggling injuries. The improvement showed in the Cincinnati Open where she made the semi-final grade. This was followed with the final in Stanford and another impressive display in San Diego pushed her up to the quarter-finals.

International Peace day - Chennai -5

International Peace Day in Chennai 4

International Peace day in Chennai 3

International Peace Day in Chennai 2

International Peace Day in Chennai

Dilan Perera

LTTE targets Tamil bus passengers in Samabalthievu killing bus driver and injuring two passengers

Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam , the separatist terrorist organization, continues to harass the Tamil civilians and this time by detonating a claymore mine targeting a private bus plying between Trincomalee and Irakkandi. The bus driver Suntharam of the private bus was killed and two passengers were injured. The injured passengers are admitted to Trincomalee hospital.