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Asian Tribune is published by E-LANKA MEDIA(PVT)Ltd. Vol. 20 No. 73

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The India Doctrine

Sri Lanka: Karuna's Travails

By Col R Hariharan (retd.)

When the Sri Lanka security forces' successfully swept the east and regained control, act two of the theatre of the east opened. There are three actors on the stage – the government and the army, the political parties, and Karuna's Tamil Makkal Viduthalai Pulikal (TMVP), made up of disenchanted members of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE). There is a fourth actor, the LTTE chucked out of the cast, hovering on the wings ready to spoil the act now and then. The security forces, determined to prevent the LTTE staging a comeback, have continued with their follow up actions to round up the dispersed LTTE elements in the jungles north of Trincomalee and in parts of Batticaloa-Amparai

Reflection on the report of bigotry in Europe

By Dr.Habib Siddiqui

I am not surprised to read the findings of the investigative report of Doudou Diene, special rapporteur on racism, racial discrimination of the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights. The report documented alarming rise in intolerance, and in particular Islamophobia, in European countries. It also accused Switzerland’s most popular party, the right-wing Swiss People’s Party (SVP/UDC), of inciting hatred. On September 14, 2007 in a speech and report to the UN Human Rights Council, whose 47 member states were holding a debate on religious defamation, Doudou Diene said, “In the current context, Islamophobia constitutes the most serious form of religious defamation.”

BJP's Advani for image make over

By M Rama Rao from Delhi

L K AdvaniBharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has become more realistic. This is loud and clear from the Bhopal conclave, wWhich ended Sunday. It shelved its religious orientation and decided not to be in the forefront of 'Save Ram Sethu' campaign which will hence forth be an exclusive domain of the Sangh front organisations. "This change in BJP strategy is a political compulsion", say analysts here.

Sri Lanka: HDCC promotes youth programme

By Quintus Perera - Asian Tribune

The Entrepreneurial Development Programme specially designed for youth by the Hambantota District Chamber of Commerce (HDCC) in collaboration with the Youth Business International (YBI) is commendable said Mahen Dayananda, Chairman, Ceylon Chamber of Commerce (CCC).at the launch of the “Youth Business Sri Lanka” (YBSL) Programme held at CCC auditorium last week. He said that HDCC is the founder and custodian of the Hambantota Youth Business Trust (HYBT) which began operations in 1997 and HYBT is an entrepreneur development programme for youth, modeled on HYH the Prince of Wales Youth Business programme, whose primary focus is to enable under-privileged and disadvantaged youth between the ages of 18-35 years to develop their own businesses.

"Libyan unwarranted interference: Bangladesh ‘Should merge with India’ - 4

By T. R. Sharma-contributing for Asian tribune

"The successive post-1975 governments have changed the concept of nationalism from Bengali nationalism-characterised by ethno-linguistic identities and not by religious (Muslim) identity - to Bangladeshi nationalism-characterised by religious (Muslim) identity of the Bangladeshi majority- which make them distinct from the Bengali Hindus of the Indian state of West Bengal who never showed any interest in forming a separate state based on Bengali nationalism. The chagring of the Government of Khaleda Zia at the publication of a short novel Lajja by a medical doctor Taslima Nasreen in February 1993 depicting the plight of a Hindu family is understandable. The book was promptly proscribed and the passport of the author impounded, which made her an international celebrity overnight.

CEYVA plans to fund two existing community hydro power projects in Rakwana

Sunil C. Perera in Sri Lanka

The CEYVA Fund , California- Sri Lanka NGO has decided to provide financial assistance to complete existing works of the two community hydro power plants in Rakwana and Karadana. According to the Country Director of the Fund Mr. Chandra Ranawickrama these two projects still remain as partly operational plants and the area community could not bare the costs to complete cabling and distribution works. The CEYVA representatives have inspected two projects and they hope to sign a MOU with the Energy Forum and the community to grant funds.

News of three deaths at IIT Kanpur confirmed

By Bobby Ramakant

Despite of all attempts by IIT Kanpur administration to stifle news related to three unfortunate deaths that happened on the campus recently, the news finally got confirmed on Saturday 22 September. Director of IIT Kanpur had imposed a blanket ban on everyone at IIT to prevent them from speaking to media about these alleged deaths on campus, but his attempts failed with the sad and gory news finally leaking out and a growing concern from human rights organizations and IIT alumni across the world.

FCCISL promotes Technical Training Integration Initiative

By Quintus Perera - Asian Tribune

In the Global Competitiveness Index for 2006/07 Sri Lanka with a score of 3.87 was ranked at 79 while Switzerland with 5.81 ranked number one and the top line up was: 2nd Finland, 3rd Sweden, 4th Denmark, 5th Singapore, 6th USA, 7th Japan and 8th Germany, said Prof Kapila Jayasinghe, Faculty of Engineering, University of Moratuwa speaking on “Modern Technology Training for Productivity Enhancement”. He said so making the Keynote Address at the workshop on Importance of Modern Technology Training Enhancement organized by the Institute of Business and Industrial Studies (IBIS) of the Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry of Sri Lanka in cooperation with the GTZ-CBCQE.

India Doctrine

A book Review by Isha Khan

Adorned in a saffron red jacket and embellished with a detailed map of South Asia the concept of an India Doctrine has been introduced to the readers in Bangladesh recently. The book 'The India Doctrine' has been published by the Bangladesh Research Forum and edited by Barrister M.B.I. Munshi and is priced at Tk. 300. Munshi's contribution to the book constitutes the largest section with several other writers from Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri Lanka providing some useful and informative chapters. The book comes complete with a foreword written by esteemed scholar, Professor Ataur Rahman of Dhaka University who sets the theme of the book. We are reminded by Prof. Rahman that while India might have its own rationale for framing its regional policy compatible with its national interests, the fact remains that constant apprehensions, mistrust and tensions between India and the smaller neighbors including Bangladesh had its negative effects on any meaningful cooperation and security in the region.

Has meltdown started for regime change in Pakistan...?

By J. N. Raina - Syndicate Features

A perilous situation is developing in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. If Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz is to be believed---and there is every reason to believe him--- the next couple of months are ‘crucial’ for the future of that beleaguered nation. Aziz made this astounding remark just before former Pakistan Premier Nawaz Sharif was re-exiled on September 11, after he touched down at Islamabad airport and ‘kissed’ the soil of Pakistan. His four-hour stopover, marked by acrimonious scenes, will bring enough of trouble for the beleaguered President Pervez Musharraf, who has come to be known as ‘cuddly dictator’.

Basil in the East

L K Advani

Community hydro power plant

Mangala Samaraweera failed to substantiate his allegations against the Government – Basil Rajapakse

Basil Rajapakse Basil Rajapakse,the National List Member of Parliament, told the "Asian Tribune" that Mangala Samaraweeera and Sripathy Sooriyaratchi – the two-man band of the breakaway SLFP (M) – failed to substantiate in Parliament their allegations about payments made to the LTTE during the last presidential elections. He was elevated from being the Senior Advisor to his brother, President Mahinda Rajapakse, to a Member of Parliament and expected to be a Minister with cabinet rank soon. He is expected to play a pivotal role in Parliament in shoring up support for the Rajapakse government.