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Hip Hop

Dhaka Diary: Separation Of Judiciary From Executive Inaugurated: War Criminals’ Traial Demanded

By Rabindranath Trivedi - contributing for Asian Tribune

The soaring prices of essential, including that of flour, onion, edible oil and powder milk, have further aggravated the miseries of middle and low-income groups of people. In a new twist of BNP politics, two stalwarts of BNP, Brig.Gen (retd) Hannan Shah and Major (retd) Hafizuddin Ahmed accused each other in the killing of founder of BNP and president Ziaur Rahman in an abortive coup in 1981. And, indeed, there is no question that it was a war of liberation and not a civil war as Jamaat protégé –and war criminal as stated, were the talks in the country.

American Hip-Hop arrives in Sri Lanka via Broadway

John Ferguson (Pianist/Executive Director), Michael Parks Masterson (vocalist/dancer/choreographer and director) and Quae Simpson (ballet and Hip-Hop dancer) from “American Voices” present “Rhythm Nation”, a dazzling performance of hip hop and contemporary Broadway music and dance. The mission of the American Voices is to further the accessibility and the understanding of American music and culture, especially in developing countries or those lacking opportunities for cultural exchange and dialogue with the United States. They envision free access to music education, focusing on American music, including jazz, classical, and Broadway musical traditions, as well as contemporary urban styles, providing quality programming that promotes cultural diversity and enrichment.

Who killed the Cheshire Cat?

By Sesha Samarajiwa

TamilselvanThe permanent grin on the face of the Tiger propaganda chief and LTTE boss V. Prabhakaran’s second-in-command has been wiped off. The voice of the man who served as his master’s voice since the death of the late LTTE political commissar, Anton Balasingham, has been silenced. The man who was ‘the smiley face’ of the Tamil Tigers is dead, killed in a Sri Lanka Air Force attack on a top secret breakfast meeting deep in Tigerland in Sri Lanka’s northern province.It was a Sri Lanka Air Force bomb that did the job, but there might more to this ‘removal’ than meets the eye, as I hope to show further down, by correlating to this eventuality certain indisputable facts and the Tiger leader’s tendencies, thus unfolding a sinister scenario.

Price of a Jiala

By Adnan Gill

Benazir BhuttoIf Benazir Bhutto’s infamous mad dash that covered 15 km in 15 minutes to the sanctuary of ‘Bilawal House’ wasn't demoralizing enough; if the mobbing of the reporters by the fame hungry PPP leaders like Jehangir Badar, Sherry Rehman and others, immediately after the bombings, wasn't embarrassing enough; if the stampeding bigwigs of PPP literally driving over the dead and injured party workers/Jialas in their luxury cars, as their injured Jialas cried for help, wasn't cruel enough; BB had to rub salt on the wounds of her Jialas by giving them Rs.5,000 (US $83 per head) for their pain and suffering. It cost more than Rs.5,000 to even pay one month’s rent for a barely livable dwelling in Karachi.

United States Senator Patrick Leahy Castigates Rajapaksa Administration

Daya Gamage – US National Correspondent Asian Tribune

Patrick LeahyThe most senior and influential Senator in the United Stated Congress Patrick Leahy presented an impeachment against the Government of Sri Lanka on the Senate floor on November 02 proclaiming that the Rajapaksa administration has no credibility and transparency refuting allegations that the information and facts before him are definitely not from Sri Lanka’s separatist Tamil Tiger sources but from credible human rights organizations and the United Nations.

Hello! Mr. Ibrahim Gambari and the International Community

Prof. Kanbawza Win

The news that the Burmese Junta has called the most senior United Nations Coordinator, Charles PETRIÉ, to "Naypyidaw" and reprimand him mercilessly, just for saying the truth about the dire state of the Burmese economy that led to the mass protest on the eve of Ibrahim Gambari visit, indicates that they have no will to cooperate with the UN body. Even though this is not unexpected, because the Burmese military’s mindset is to “Lying the very concept of truth,” it takes one more proof to the situation that they are dumb on dialogue and negotiations and that force is the only option.

Stock market activity levels us with few large crossings

By Quintus Perera – Asian Tribune

According to the weekly review of the HNB Stockbrokers market closed higher this week with both the indices edging upward. However during early part of the week the benchmark index was seen slipping 11.4 points. Reversing the direction, the Colombo bourse on Wednesday started gaining to close higher during the latter part of the week. All Share Price Index (ASPI) was up almost 24 points or 0.91 percent to close at 2644.2 points while Milanka Price Index(MPI) ended 23.4 points or 0.66 percent higher at 3558.7 points. During the week blue chip counters such as JKH, Dialog and SLT managed to regain investor attention. Premier blue chip counter JKH came out on top this week with a total contribution of Rs.698.64 million, which is 26 percent of total market activity. Intense trading on the counter was seen throughout the week with approximately 5.37 million shares traded within a narrow price range of Rs.129 and Rs.130.50 per share.

Anandasangaree criticizes the renaming of Navatkuly as Mahindapuram

AnandasangareeSeptuagenarian V. Anandasangaree has opposed renaming of the Navatkuli National Housing as “Mahindapuram.” He said, “I reject the proposal as counter productive and call for entirely a new Scheme if considered urgent.” Anandasangaree, President of the Tamil United Liberation Front, in a press release pointed out, “I am very much surprised at the Cabinet decision to rename the presently abandoned National Housing Scheme at Navatkuli in Jaffna as “Mahindapuram”. This move is unwise, unacceptable and untimely and will also be counter productive.”

Tigers to stop deportation of Karuna from UK; rights group pressing for prosecution on war crimes

NeeraTamil Tigers in London have initiated moves to file a writ in the High Court of London seeking injunction against the deportation of Vinayagamoorthy Muralitharan, alias Colonel Karuna to Sri Lanka. He was arrested on November 02 2007, and detained after a joint operation conducted by the Police and the Immigration authorities in UK. He was to be deported back to Sri Lanka, according to sources in UK. Rights groups too are reported to have urged the British Government to try Karuna for war crimes and crimes against humanity. Karuna is accused by rights groups of child soldier recruitment, extortion and torture both before and after he split from the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam in 2004.

Solheim mourns the loss of Tamilselvan

Erik with TamilselvanErik Solheim, the Norwegian facilitator who was behind the drafting and the signing of the failed Ceasefire Agreement, has expressed his sympathies “to the very many left behind” by the death of Tamilselvam. He was killed in an air strike outside Killinochchi. The Ceasefire Agreement failed primarily due to the violations of the terms and conditions by the Tamil Tigers. Solheim in his message of condolence says that Tamilselvan’s “… many important contributions have been crucial for the peace process, and his death is a great loss.”

Benazir Bhutto’s Return

By A. H. Raja

Fast changing political situation in Pakistan and fast approaching general elections made Benazir Bhutto living in exile at her own edgy. She desperately wanted to return to Pakistan and take part in the elections and possibly become the PM for the third time but there were too many hurdles in her way to deal with. In order to extricate herself from the quagmire of corruption cases, she had to hold the hands of President Musharraf and western patrons. In her exuberance to please her mentors in Washington , she hurled out series of statements which were injurious to national interests. While doing so she did not realise the heavy cost that she will have to pay once she lands back in Pakistan . Apart from making enemies, she has tended to accentuate divisions in the society. Instead of removing the differences and misgivings she chose to fan hatred and disharmony.

Loot of India’s Antiquities goes Unchecked

By Syed Ali Mujtaba - Syndicate Features

An ancient idol of Lord Sabranath was stolen from a Jain temple in Kurdi village of Baghpat district in UP. Unidentified men entered the temple and took away the idol. The idol was never recovered. A rare manuscript written by Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb called ‘Gulistan’ was stolen by unidentified miscreants from a school library in Gaya district of Bihar. Police suspect some organized racket of international smugglers dealing in antiques to be behind this theft. The country's first Nobel Prize, won by Rabindranath Tagore in 1913 was stolen with his several other personal belongings from the safety vault of the museum of Visva Bharati University at Santiniketan. Police have no clue even after investigating the case for long months.


Benazir Bhutto

Patrick Leahy

V. Anandasangaree

Vidhyawathy, alias Neera

Vidhyawathy, alias Neera