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CEO Jagath Kumara with Symphone

Building Consensus

By Atul Cowshish - Syndicate Features

The partisan view of the political opponents may not allow them to admit it but the Indo-US civilian nuclear deal, taken as a foreign policy issue, does not seem to have gone against the much-vaunted principle of ‘consensus’ that has apparently guided external policies for the last 60 years. What the high-pitched criticism of the nuclear deal reflects is that perhaps for the first time in free India a very vocal section of the political class seeks to veto an important bilateral agreement even as equally influential segments of the apolitical society support a unique Indo-US initiative.

Lack of desire to improve productivity in the public sector inadequate

By Quintus Perera – Asian Tribune

The Ceylon Chamber of Commerce in their comments on the 2008 Budget indicated that managing expenditure in view of increasing defense expenditure and the colossal burden of debt service the government has the responsibility of maintaining a very careful and disciplined management of the economy of the country. CCC indicated that they are encouraged by the stated commitment of the government to reduce the budget deficit, increase investments on infrastructure and to support identified sectors of the economy while they have repeatedly pointed out in the past that implementation is the key to success in achieving the budgetary targets as the challenges are to achieve stated revenue targets and managing expenditure.

Time to Get Real with our Cricket!

Hiran N.P Liyanage - New York, NY.

This indeed is an eye opener where we really stand in-terms of Test cricket. You can thrash Bangladesh and praise century makers and get hopes up high, till reality hits you like thunder. If there was anything good that came out of this Gabba Test it was the sound glove work of Prassana Jayawardena. Commentators from Ian Chappell to Ian Healy to Richie Beanud almost ran out of words praising his behind the wicket exploits. Not playing Lasith Malinga was insane! In 2006 Lords Test against England a similar foolhardy decision was made, playing Maharoof andKulasekara as bowlers, while slinger was warming the bench. These One-Day type non-penetrative reasonably economical bowlers are plenty in Sri Lanka, but not the wicket taking bowlers in Test matches with healthy Test bowling strike rates.

Rural masses enter telecommunication business

Sunil C. Perera in Colombo

Phone less rural masses now can enter the telephone communication business and help their neighbors using Sri Lanka’s first ever rural public telephone system launched by C.N.S.Lanka Private Ltd a joint venture with Call One Networks and Cellnet –Israel with a US$ 17 million projected investment. “In recent years, we have witnessed a rapid worldwide growth in the telecommunication sector in general and in Sri Lanka this growth was more predominant in the mobile GSM sector. Nevertheless, most people in the island still remain phone-less, without the ability “To Be Connected”.

Ceylon Chamber of Commerce elevated to Superbrand status

By Quintus Perera – Asian Tribune

The Ceylon Chamber of Commerce (CCC) has become the first Chamber of Commerce to be awarded Superbrand status by the Superbrands Organization, an independent authority that identifies and pays tribute to outstanding brands around the world. The rating follows an evaluation by a Sri Lanka Business Superbrand Council of 22 distinguished corporate sector personalities. CCC was recognized with this prestigious status for its relentless efforts in many fields. Chief among them are the projects that have gained recognition, such as the Ten Best Corporate Citizen Awards, IMEXPRO, the Sri Lanka Economic Summit, Promotion of Eco-Efficient Productivity project, GTZ supported SAARC & Trade promotion projects, Rain Forest Ecolodge, Career Guidance project, the Sri Lanka Norway Industrial Co-operation (matchmaking) programme, and the SME unit.

Elections Musharraf Style

By M Rama Rao - Asian Tribune

Politicians in Third World democracies are generally economical on truth. An occupational requirement, going by the Indian experience. Generals, on the other hand, prefer half truths when they preside over the destiny of their nations. Like Gen Pervez Musharraf, for instance. "I did not violate the constitution and the law of this land,” the General Saheb grandly declared ( Nov 11) nine days after he imposed emergency and installed a chief justice of his choice at the dead of night. He is unwilling to fix a date for lifting of emergency though. "The emergency has to be lifted but I can't give a date. We are having a difficult situation, so I cannot give a date," he says.