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Abdullah Ajmal

Meditation & Medicine

By Bhikkhu Mandawala Pannawansa Thero

In the Western world of today there is a famous expression: “Living in the present moment” They also say: “Here & now!” Most of the people who use these expressions do not know their origin. They come from the Satipatthana Sutta. In Sanskrit there is the word: Kshana, the shortest possible moment. Life is a sum of Kshanas. Past is gone & future has not yet come. The only moment that exists is the Present. Therefore we should live in the present moment. Sages like Buddha who live in the present moment are not swayed by past worries & unending future projects. Meditation is living in the present moment.

Asian Rising Business Star of the Year

By M. Burhanuddin Qasmi

The Asian Business Awards Middle East (ABA ME) 2007 will recognize and reward pioneering businesses that have blazed new trails and set new benchmarks in the Middle East business world on December 8, 2007 at Emirates Palace, Abu Dhabi, UAE. It is poised to become the region's annual showcase of exemplary business enterprise. In its debut year, the ABA ME will recognize and honor contributions of entrepreneurs from the sub-continent to the region. With all the glitz, glamour and excitement of a world class event, the ABA ME 2007 Award Night will be graced by an exceptional assembly of Business Titans and Dignitaries from across the world.

These Children

By Stephen Gill

December 20th is the universal day dedicated to children. This poem is my fervent prayer to the almighty to guard children of every nation… writes Stephen Gill. A Poet Laureate of Ansted University, Stephen Gill is an expressive voice of Canada, India and Pakistan. He believes strongly in a democratically elected world government and peace through peaceful means. Global peace and social concerns are the main areas of his interest.

US action against TRO hope to spur other countries to curb LTTE fronts activities

Foreign Minister Rohitha Bogollagama speaking in parliament welcomed the speedy investigation carried out and action taken yesterday against the TRO operations by the US Government. He said in doing so the US Government becomes the first foreign government to have taken tangible action against an LTTE front organization abroad. Noting that contrary to its pretensions of being engaged in rehabilitation, the US designation was based on evidence “the TRO, a charitable organization that acts as a front to facilitate fundraising and procurement of weapons for the LTTE, he said the effect of this decision is that “it freezes any assets the TRO may have under U.S. jurisdiction and bans Americans from engaging in transactions with it”.

The Boston Globe - In favor of Tigers

By Rohan Gajadeera

"The Boston Globe's" editorial on 14 November under the heading "Violence drags on in Sri Lanka" is indeed a well-done comment on behalf of the tigers. As one should not be much worried about the stance "The Boston Globe" has taken regarding the issue in Sri Lanka, it is important to state that, Boston is a place where pro tiger Tamil Diaspora is gathered to a higher degree. In this backdrop, one cannot expect anything positive to come out explaining the true causes for the present conflict and the effort that Sri Lanka is taking with the help of few global leaders and some Asian leaders in order to find solutions.

Democratic Party Chairman Acknowledges Asian-American Influence Electing Next President of the United States

Daya Gamage – US National Correspondent Asian Tribune

The Chairman of the Democratic National Committee Howard Dean declared here, the venue of the Democratic Party presidential contenders debate, that the strong Asian American population will inevitably play an important role, especially in the State of Nevada, not only in electing America’s next Democratic President but also in that candidate’s nomination. Both Democratic and Republican Parties are currently in the primary stage of canvassing their respective party registered voters at Caucasus and primary elections to select their party candidates for the November 2008 presidential elections in the United States.

Sri Lanka fights to preserve democracy as Tiger terrorists fool the west

By Rajmohan Gomez

When an untruth is repeated over a period of time, it usually appears to end up as an unassailable truth. This is the bizarre logic that has for close upon three decades, driven the propaganda machinery of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE), the mono-ethnic, fascist terrorist group fighting for a separate state in Sri Lanka. The victims, who consistently swallow the glib untruths of the LTTE, comprise sections of the international community – that is, lawmakers of various countries, NGOs, certain parochial media and sections of the public, especially in the west.

TRO: Canada, Australia urged to follow the U.S.

Sri Lanka's Foreign Affairs Minister Rohitha Bogollagama yesterday called upon the international community to speedily follow the precedent set by the United States in freezing the TRO's assets in that country. He made this appeal particularly to Australia, Canada, Denmark, France and the UK. As Sri Lanka had repeatedly emphasized, the continuing ability of the LTTE's numerous front organizations to pose off as charities had undermined the ban imposed on the Tigers by India, USA, the UK, EU member states and Canada, the Minister noted.