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Would scrap metal end the bloodshed for oil

By Dr. Mithra Fernando

In spite of the repeated denials by the White House, it is no longer a secret that the real agenda for US lead invasion in Iraq was much sinister than the pretentious pretext: ‘saving the world’ from alleged WMDs. On the 5th July this year on Australia’s ABC radio the Australian Minister of defence Dr. Brendan Nelson admitted that the main reason for invasion of Iraq was oil. Dr. Nelson added that the Middle East was an important supplier of oil and Australia had to consider this fact in deciding on Australian troop withdrawal from Iraq. As the Sri Lankan saying goes: ‘the mouth may lie but the tongue would not.’

Sri Lanka: Advisory Committee of Buddhist priests

Tourism Minister Milinda Moragoda met with the Ministry appointed Advisory Committee of Buddhist priests to advise the ministry in promoting pilgrim tourism locally and internationally. A discussion was held at the Institute of Tourism and Hotel Management and with this advisory committee Minister Mr. Moragoda isplanning to uplift local and international pilgrimage based tourisms. The committee report of meditation centers was discussed at this meeting and the Maha Sangha pointed out that there are a number of meditation centers operating in the country and there must be a some rating system for those and proper literature has to be given for foreigners to get information.

Sri Lanka President arrives in Kampala

Arrival in KampalaPresident Mahinda Rajapakse and Shiranthi Rajapakse arrived in Entabbe International Airport in Uganda by a special flight on 22nd evening to attend the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) that opens today. President Rajapakse and his entourage were received at the Entebbe airport on arrival by the Ugandan Minister of State for Trade Nelson Gagawal and the Sri Lankan High Commissioner for Kenya and Uganda M.K. Kieran.

Thuglak - a Tamil weekly burnt and banned in Europe by the LTTE

Burning of ThuglakCopies of Tamil weekly Thuglak was burnt in Paris, France for carrying editorial criticizing Tamil Nadu Chief Minister for his elegy on the death of S.P.Tamilselvan, a former head of the political division of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Elam. Tamil Tiger supporters alleged that the editorial criticizing Karunanidhi in its latest issue (21 November) of Thuglak amounts to an anti-LTTE campaign. Tiger supporters proclaimed that Thuglak magazine is hereafter banned in Europe and in the future no one should import or sell Thuglak in their shops.

Hindu American Foundation condemns treatment of Malaysian Hindus

On October 30, 2007 the 100-year-old Maha Mariamman Temple in Padang Jawa was demolished by Malaysian authorities. Following that demolition, Works Minister and head of the Malaysian Indian Congress Samy Vellu, who is of Indian origin, said that Hindu temples built on government land were still being demolished despite his appeals to the various state chief ministers. According to Mr. Vellu, the Hindu community had no choice in the past but to build their temples on private or government-owned land, as they did not own any land of their own to build the temples. He said that the Malaysian government should not penalize people who merely wished to practice their religion. According to local newspaper reports, four people were hurt and dozens detained following scuffles between devotees of the Mariamman temple and the city authorities.

Black U.S. Congressman Accuses Police of Racial Profiling

Daya Gamage – US National Correspondent Asian Tribune

The United States Congressman for the State of Illinois who represents the heavily African American electoral district in Chicago which has an influential Sri Lankan Tamil population some of whom are aligned to Sri Lanka’s rebel Tamil Tigers that funded his 2005 trip to Tiger-controlled areas accuses the Chicago police of racial profiling. The Black Congressman Danny Davis says that the only reason he was pulled over by the Chicago police was because of his skin color and being a member of America’s ethnic minority community.

Sangaree condemns attacks on Leader press and the residence of Sooriyarachchi

V. Anandasangaree, President of the Tamil United Liberation Front has condemned the burning down of the Leader newspaper press and a petrol bomb thrown at the residence of Sripathi Sooriyarachchi, Member of Parliament. In a press statement Anandasangaree pointed out that those were inhuman and cowardly acts and should not be encouraged by any body under any circumstances. He further said, “Writing should be met by writing and not by thuggery or by any other undemocratic means. When the country is trying hard to reinstall democracy that had deteriorated to a great extent, it is indeed annoying and disturbing to see democracy eroding further day by day. The Government in it’s own interest and to save its name should go all out to trace the culprits and punish them which I hope will not be difficult at all.”

AC Shantahn, LTTE terror suspect released on bail

Arunachalam Chrishanthakumar alias A C Shanthan , 50, the Head of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam in London who faces six charges in total under the Terrorism Act 2000 was yesterday released on bail. Shanthan and the TYO (Tamil Youth Organisation's) G Lambert were arrested by the Metropolitan Police in London on 21 June. The long standing chief of the LTTE in London A C Shanthan was very close to Late Anton Balasingham and the duo more or less ran the LTTE in London. He also accompanied Balasingham and wife Adel during their last visit to Geneva for peace talks in February 2006. He is accused of arranging and speaking at meetings of the Tamil Tigers, Kingston Crown Court heard.

Sri Lanka Foreign Minister urged for enhamced action oriented initiatives against terrorism

Sri Lanka Foreign Minister Rohitha Bogollagama proposed enhanced action oriented initiatives on terrorism at the Opening Session of the Commonwealth Foreign Ministers Meeting in Kampala, Uganda. The Minister went on to highlight the impact of terrorism on the political and economic stability of member states. Minister Bogollagama reminded that terrorism remained a major global challenge.

Proscription of the TRO in Sri Lanka

The Cabinet has granted its approval to a Memorandum submitted by Foreign Affairs Minister Rohitha Bogollagama on the proscription of the Tamil Rehabilitation Organisation (TRO) in Sri Lanka. On 15 November 2007 it was announced in Washington that the United States Treasury targeted the support network of the designated terrorist group Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) by designating a charitable organization that as a front to facilitate fund raising and procurement for the LTTE. The TRO was designated under Executive Order which is aimed at financially isolating terrorist groups and support networks. The legal effect of this decision is that, it freezes any assets the TRO may have under US jurisdiction and bans Americans from engaging in transactions with it.

Women around the world launch campaign to free women human rights defenders in Burma

International women’s networks are today launching a campaign to free women human rights defenders in Burma, highlighting activists detained during the recent crackdown. Beginning on November 25, the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, women’s networks will be calling for the release of all detainees by December 10. Out of those arrested during last September’s violent crackdown on peaceful protests led by monks, 106 women remain in detention, including six nuns. The Women’s League of Burma will launch the campaign in Bangkok with the release of a report “Courage to Resist” detailing how women activists have been hunted down, assaulted, tortured and framed with false charges, and their family members threatened and held hostage.

Sangha Sabah

Arrival in Kampala

Burning of Thuglak

Burning of Thuglak

Loose Nukes or Loose Talk?

By Adnan Gill

Once again, an open season has been declared on Pakistan Nuclear Program. Wild, unsubstantiated, and hysterical speculations are thrown around every which way. To be specific, this time around, it's the mass-hysteria of Pakistani nuclear arsenal falling in the hands of Islamic extremists. Depending on whom you ask, the opinions on the security of Pakistani nuclear weapons vary from ‘distorted and exaggerated’ to American ‘contingency plans to secure Pakistani nukes’. It can be argued, that both extremes hold at least a bit of truth.

Historical places in the North Central Province lack tourists

Sunil C. Perera in Polonnaruwa

Historical and religious sites of the Sigiriya and the Polonnaruwa areas has come to a standstill due to non arrival of local or foreign tourists and most of the small scale traders who run their businesses in the Cultural Triangle , Polonnaruwa say that they cannot manage their day to day expenses. At present number of foreign countries have imposed travel warnings to their citizens on Sri Lankan security situation. Due to this there are no tourists at these historical sites. “However some foreigners who work in local NGOs and other institutions visit these sites, but not many opportunities for us, said vendors.