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Kamalesh Sharma

Air Force bombs Tamil Tiger satellite information centre in Killinochchi

By Ruwan Weerakoon in Colombo

The Tamil Tigers facing severe losses in the north was hit this morning (25th November) with bombs targeting its key satellite communications and coordinating centre at Dharmapuram, north east of Killinochchi. At 7.20 a.m. Air Force jets pounded this satellite communications centre based on intelligence gathered from inside Vanni. This attack coming on the eve of Prabhakaran's annual speech will be a deadly blow to the LTTE propaganda machine. Air Force pilots confirmed that the air strike was a success.

Kevin Rudd Brings Labor into Victory in Australian Federal Elections

Dr. Siri Gamage, Australia

Kevin Rudd, Leader of the Australian Labour Party (ALP) won the Australian federal elections held yesterday by defeating John Howard, Leader of the Liberal Party who ruled the country for eleven and half years. Howard led Liberal-National coalition lost between 20-25 seats in the federal parliament as a result of a national swing of 5.6%. This was reflected in each of the States and territories in varying degrees. The polls conducted by various national polling agencies had been predicting about a 6-8% gap between the Labour Party and the Liberal-National coalition throughout the year. However, as the elections came closer the gap narrowed to about 5-6 points. In Howard's own seat in Sydney the Labour candidate - a former female television journalist- is enjoying a narrow lead with the possible outcome of the Prime Minister losing it.

Corruption in Sri Lankan Media: Unceremonious exit of Sonali as Counsellor (Information)

By Media Watchman

The saga of Ms. Sonali Samarasinghe (reported earlier) has some more twists and turns. Ms. Samarasinghe was appointed Counsellor (information) on February 4, 2003. But she packed her bags and left Canberra in tears on August 31, 2004. That was a short stint of 1 ½ years. Normally the tour of duty lasts three years. Why did she leave in such a hurry? Simple: she had lost her political patronage. Her political patron, Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe was first sacked by the then President, Chandrika Kumaratunga and then sacked by the people in the elections of April 2, 2004. When Wickremesinghe lost the election she had no protection to remain as Counsellor (Information) in Canberra.

Banks team up to eradicate child pornography from the internet

By Quintus Perera in Colombo

The Banks' Campaign to Crush Child Pornography on the internet showed magnanimity and would be immense service to the children. When this campaign was launched at the Cinnamon Grand Hotel, a group of little children sang ‘I have a dream….’ Of ‘Abba’ fame, it reverberated one of the halls of the Hotel, not because the singing was rhythmic, but for the message of great hope and impact the tiny ones made to save them from the grips of elders from being sexually violated. In a thought provoking and emotional campaign 16 leading commercial banks in Sri Lanka joined hands to launch this difficult task of elimination ‘Child Pornography’ and the Campaign took off the ground at a function held at Cinnamon Grand last week with all the CEOs of these Banks present, presided over by Nivard Cabraal, Governor Central Bank.

Malaysian Cops Teargas Hindu Protesters

Malaysian police fired tear gas and water cannon Sunday to disperse thousands of ethnic Indians who tried to stage a rally that had been banned amid government accusations that its organizers were stirring racial hatred, activists said. Witnesses claimed dozens of demonstrators were beaten and arrested. At least 5,000 people gathered before dawn near Kuala Lumpur's famous Petronas Twin Towers, in a rare attempt by Malaysia's ethnic Indian minority to highlight complaints that they are economically marginalized by the ethnic Malay Muslim-dominated government.

A State of Hara-kiri

By Tisaranee Gunasekara

It is not illogical to assume that a power-wielder in the Rajapakse regime was responsible for the torching of the Sunday Leader press. This despicable attack reveals the true nature of the administration – its repressive intent and its fatal inanity. It not only foretells the anti-democratic purpose of the regime but also demonstrates the Rajapakses’ propensity for counterproductive measures which undermine their own interests as well as those of the country they rule. The government, not unexpectedly denied responsibility for the attack which took place in a high security zone. This denial is unlikely to be taken seriously. When the Uthayan newspaper office in Jaffna was attacked in May last year, many gave credence to the government’s denial of responsibility as the attack took place when Mahinda Rajapakse was presiding over an international media conference in Colombo.

Sri Lanka: 20,000 Tamil youths killed in the battle for a separate state in the last 25 years

A low keyed Heroes week celebrations have already commenced in Vanni since 22 November. The Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam are remembering nearly 20,000 of their cadres killed in the battle for a separate state in the last 25 years for the ethnic minority Tamils in the island nation. However, reports revealed that that even people in Vanni are not enthusiastic enough in participating in the celebrations. The commemoration ends on Tuesday with an annual policy statement by Velupillai Prabakaran, Leader of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam. The Tamil Tigers in a latest release by its Hero’s department claimed that they have lost 19,877 carders in their quest for a separate state for the Tamils in the Island nation of Sri Lanka.

Kamlesh Sharma to succeed Don Mckinnon as the new Commonwealth Secretary General

Kamalesh SharmaThe Commonwealth has named Kamlesh Sharma, India’s career diplomat as its new Secretary General. He replaces Don Mckinnon from New Zealand, who steps down next April after a four-year term. Sharma has been India's High Commisioner in London. In 2003 Sri Lanka’s Lakshman Kadirgamar was a candidate for the position of secretary-general of the Commonwealth, but was defeated by Don McKinnon of New Zealand. Sharma, wass pitted against Maltese Foreign Minister Michael Frendo and an independent candidate Dr Mohan Kaul, an insider who heads the Commonwealth Business Council (CBC).

Dhaka Diary : Donors pledge assistance for the cyclone Sidr-hit Bangladesh

Rabindranath Trivedi with agency inputs from Dhaka

It doesn't seem too long ago that the merciless floods destroyed the lives and livelihoods of hundreds of the poorest in the North. Within only three months while the recovery process was still going on and people were trying to get their lives back together, nature unleashed its wrath with fiercer intensity and rage. In a matter of only a couple of hours, cyclone Sidr, a category 4 storm, said to be more fierce than Hurricane Katrina, left a trail of death and destruction of unbelievable proportions. 23,000 acres of crops completely wiped out; 10,000 people believed to be dead; nearly 9 lakh families affected to various extents; and nearly two and a half lakh domestic animals eradicated writes the Star Magazine, Dhaka.

Tigers claims civilians killed in air raid

Without admitting the Air Force bombing of Tamil Tiger satellite communication centre in Dharmapuram this morning the Tiger media said that the bombs killed three cvilians and wounded two seriously. Stating that the Air force jets bombed Dharmapuram twice -- between 7.15 a,m and 7.40 am -- Tamil Tiger sources said that the eight (8) bombs destroyed two houses completely and damaged several others.