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Tiger Chief’s not-for-dissemination Heroes Day speech – A sneak peek

By Sesha Samarajiwa

My beloved Tamil people !! My erstwhile former speech writer Bala Anna drank himself to death, and the damn Sri Lanka Air Force silenced his replacement, my late Dove of Peace and close cohort in planning and implementing bloody mayhem. So I thought I'll write my own speech this time. I'm sorry I had to make you crawl into this bunker today. The SLAF is too good now and they are relentless. It's hard to believe that these are the same folks who were at our beck and call when my man Ranil and Chandrika were running the show. Then I had to just click my fingers and they would transport our people wherever we wanted. Unfortunately the pesky Rajapakse brothers are running the show now, and I badly underestimated them. Else, I would never have pulled the rug from under Ranil's feet.

Conqueror paper wins Business Super Brand status

Sunil C. Perera in Colombo

Conqueror, recently declared a Business Super Brand in the Paper Category by the Super Brands Council, Sri Lanka. Super brands is a UK-based independent authority on branding, which promotes the discipline of branding and pays tribute to exceptional brands all over the world. The Business Super Brands programme recognizes businesses which are "involved in marketing products and services to other businesses based on quality, reliability and distinction".

Taslima Nasreen: The Daughter of Eternal Bangladesh on the run in India - 3

By Rajen Thakur for Asian Tribune

Taslima Nasreen We lay before the World the country report of the U S Department of State on Human Rights practices in Bangladesh in 1993: on Religious Minorities: "Religious minorities, principally Hindus, Christians and Buddhists make up an estimated 13% of the population. Although equal under the law, these minorities are, in practice, disadvantaged in such areas as access to government jobs and political office. Selection boards in the Government service are often without minority group representation. In the current parliament there are 02 members from minority groups out of a total of 330. Property ownership, particularly for Hindus, has been a contentious issue since independence when many Hindus lost land holdings due to unequal application of the law.

MINUSTAH Force Commander avoided commenting on the allegation of sexual abuses by Sri Lankan Peace Keepers

By Ruwan Weerakoon for Asian Tribune

Force Commander Sri Lanka’s Peace Keepers in Haiti came up for plaudits from Major General Carlos Alberto Dos Santos Cruz, Force Commander of MINUSTAH -United Nations Stabilization Mission in Haiti, when he revealed the dedication of the Sri Lanka personnel. “The dedication of the personnel is evident,” he said. When asked about the 108 of Sri Lanka's 950 soldiers in Haiti, sent home on disciplinary grounds, Force Commander of MINUSTAH avoided responding. He said “The charges are under investigation and it's not appropriate to comment until the process is completed.

LTTE explodes a human bomb-targeting Minister Douglas Devananda

Sunil C. Perera in Colombo

A female sucide bomber expoloded herself around 8.00 am today at the office of the Douglas Devananda, Leader of the EPDP and Minister of Social Services and Social Welafare, located at Isipathana Mawatha, Narahenpita ,Colombo 5. According to the Official of the Ministry, a Tamil handicapped woman has come to the Public Relation Office of the Ministry this morning to meet Minster Douglas Devananda. He was receiving visitors at the office since it was the day allocated for the Minister to meet the public. When the Public Relation Officer (PRO) and two security personnel tried to question the woman, she blew herself up", said the Ministry official.

Minister Douglas Devananda: More detail emerges on the suicide attack

Body of the suicide bomberMore detail now emerges on the attempt to kill EPDP Secretary General and Social Services and Social Welfare Minister Douglas Devananda. According to EPDP online news source, “The fascist LTTE have once again attempted to take the life Minister Douglas Devananda using another female suicide bomber. This the 2nd suicide bomb attacks by the LTTE on a public day in Colombo on Douglas Devananda, using a woman in both instances.” A woman LTTE suicide bomber had gone to the Ministry of Social Services and Social Welfare at 61 Isapathana Road and had requested to see the Minister, as today is Wednesday, which is the Public Day during which time the Minister meets the public.

Sri Lanka : Another suicide attack in Nugegoda town

Second suicide bomb attack for the day targeting innocent civilians in Nugegoda this evening (November 28 ) was reported some time ago. According to the available information the bomb has been exploded at Nugegoda near the Bo-tree junction around 6 p.m. and a bus has caught fire after the attack.

Second blast hits Colombo suburbs

A second LTTE suicide bomber blew herself up a few moments ago in Sri Lanka. The blast took place at Nugegoda- a busy Colombo suburb on the south east of Colombo. Many injured and reports confirmed that ten people have been just admitted to the suburban Kalubowila hospital. No reports of any deaths yet, however.

Sixteen dead in Sri Lanka as a second blast hits Colombo suburbs

Sixteen people died and 37 were injured -20 critically- as a second LTTE suicide bomber blew herself up a few moments ago in a Colombo suburb in Sri Lanka. Latest information reveals that the bomb has been exploded at the Nugegoda Junction in front of 'NoLimit' building, a popular clothing mall, around 6 p.m. and a bus has caught fire after the attack. Security sources revealed that female attacker strapped with explosives blew herself up when she was stopped at the security check post in front of ‘NoLimit’, at Nugegoda, a suburb of Colombo city.

Coca-Cola partners with Pizza-Hut

By Quintus Perera – Asian Tribune

Coca-Cola Beverages Sri Lanka Limited, signed a partnership agreement with Pizza-Hut, recently. The signatories for the partnership agreement were: Basil Gadzios, Country Manager for Coca-Cola Sri Lanka and Yasa Nadaraja, Chief Operating Officer for Pizza-Hut and the signing ceremony took place at Pizza Hut, Union Place. With the partnership agreement coming into effect Coca-Cola will be the official soft drinks provider for the Pizza-Hut chain in Sri Lanka. Coca-Cola Sri Lanka created history in the Asian region by being the first Coke operation to sign a supplier partnership agreement with the Pizza-Hut chain.

Sri Lanka: A paradise poisoned

By Prof. P. Radhakrishnan

This book is the product of a seventeen year project since 1987, devoted to understanding linkages between deadly conflict, terrorism and development, by viewing them through the lens of Sri Lanka’s post-independence history, from 1948 through 1988. The reference to Paradise is to the Sri Lanka of remarkable stability and promise in the early years of independence in 1948 with extra-ordinarily good pre-conditions for a peaceful development scenario. How this paradise failed to realize its potential and produced one of the most violent and protracted internal wars in the world is the story of the book, narrated through five parts and 22 chapters. The wars are by the migrant

Bombing ‘Voice of Tigers’ radio - a war crime

Bombing of Voice of Tigers (Pulikalin Kural) Radio station located in Vanni is a war crime. Reporters Without Borders, a watchdog group of journalists in its press release alleged that air strike on the Tigers radio station is a war crime. The Voice of Tigers buildings is located on A9 Road, 3.5 Kilometers from Kilinochchi town, was bombed by Sri Lanka Air Force at 4.30pm, yesterday. According to LTTE Peace Secretariat “Many civilian employees present at the Voice of Tigers office to broadcast the War Heroes' commemorations were killed by the bombing. The Voice of Tigers buildings were flattened. Two Kfir bombers dropped 12 bombs on the buildings. Also civilians traveling on the road were also killed.

Paradise Poisoned

Coco Cola - Pizza Hut

Taslima Nasreen

Major General Carlos Alberto dos Santos Cruz

Body of the suicide bomber

Stephen who succumbed in the attack

PC House to market Samsung IT peripherals

By Quintus Perera - Asian Tribune

PC House (Pvt) Ltd a subsidiary of PCH Holdings partnered with Samsung India Electronics Private Ltd to market and distribute Samsung IT peripherals in Sri Lanka such as CRT and LCD Monitors, Laser Printers and Laser based MFPs, CD ROM Drives, DVD ROM, Combo Drives, CD Writers and DVD Writers. At a press briefing to announce this partnership agreement, S H M Rishan, Chairman, PCH Holdings said that PC market in Sri Lanka has grown by 12 percent despite some trying time in the economic situation in the country and upward mobility in the IT/Electronics industry. He said that there is a high demand for high quality products in the country.