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Single Stage Interceptor Missile

Grand Lyon offers further assistance to Sri Lanka

Sunil C. Perera in Colombo

Mr.Dakshitha Talgodapitiya, Alain Joly and Tima Lazarus A leading French Community organization -Grand Lyon plans to further assist Sri Lankan community projects and said the organization is willing to complete the second phase of the Walasmulla Hospital which assists to installation of sewage and surface drainage systems and collection and disposal of solid and toxic waste. This project is expected to be commenced immediately by the Technical Division of the Chamber of Construction industry Sri Lanka, said Vice President of the Grand Lyon Mr. Alain Joly. Speaking to media he said the Grandlyon will also undertake a community based water and sanitation Management project in the Hatton area to supply water to 115 families and a School in the plantation sector.

UNESCO's Matsuura bombarded with protests for backing Tamil Tiger terrorists

Following the strong protest lodged by the Sri Lankan Amabssador, Mrs. Chitranganee Wagiswsara, the Director General of UNESCO, Koichiro Matsuura, has agreed to review the statement in which he criticised the bombing of the Voice of Tigers (VoT) by the Sri Lankan Air Force, said Ravinath Ariyasinha, Foreign Ministry Spokesman in an interview with Asian Tribune. Ambassador Wagiswara had demanded a retraction from Matsuura.when she had a face-to-face meeting yesterday. In the meantime, the office of Director General of UNESCO, has been bombarded with protests from Sri Lankans angered by his gaffe on glorifying Tamil Tigers terrorism. He was accused of repeating the identical allegation made by pro-Tiger NGOs in Colombo of killing civilians when the Sri Lankan Air Force bombed the Voice of Tigers (VoT) -- a key communication centre.

A three judges bench s Shariah court at Dawadami to review Sri Lanka housemaid Rizana’s case

The teenaged Sri Lanka housemaid Rizana Nafeek’s case is to be taken up by a three judges bench Shariah court at Dawadami, to review the court’s earlier decision of beheading. Hussain Bhaila, Sri Lanka’s Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs told “Asian Tribune” that already Dawadami High Court went through the appeal filed by lawyers retained on behalf of Rizana and instructed the Shariah court at Dawadami to review its earlier sentence, condemning Rizana to death by beheading. When speaking to “Asian Tribune,” Hussain Bhaila expressed cautious optimism that according to lawyers retained in this case, there is every possibility of Rizana being acquitted and for her to be free from this case once and for all.

Tamils do not want a terrorist leadership

Three moderate Tamil leaders castigated the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam, the Tamil separatist outfit for its madness. “There should be a limit for LTTE madness,” they said. In a statement, V.Anandasangaree , President, TULF, D.Sithadhan, President, PLOTE and T.Sritharan General Secretary, EPRLF (Pathmanabha wing,) have condemned the LTTE for the claymore mine attack at Abinapura targeting a passenger bus on Wednesday, causing death for 15 innocent civilians and seriously injuring 28 others. The three leaders pointed out that they wish to warn the LTTE that the International community will not tolerate this type of activities for ever and also that the Tamils do not want a terrorist leadership.

UNESCO Director General defended the principles of free expression

Sri Lanka Embassy in Paris confirmed that Ambassador in France and Permanent Delegate to the UNESCO, Chitranganee Wagiswara have left to meet with UNESCO Director General Koichiro Matsuura yesterday, but details of the meeting was not available at the time of posting this news item. Earlier, Ms. Pierreboul Murrel, spokesperson of the UNESO Director General confirmed that a meeting was scheduled for yesterday afternoon between the UNESCO Director General and Sri Lanka’s Ambassador Chitranganee Wagiswara.

Sri Lanka to celebrate 90th birthday of 'Space Guru' Arthur C. Clarke

Arthur C. ClarkeA former astronaut from United States is expected to participate on 16th December, in the 90th birthday celebrations of Arthur C. Clarke, one of the grand masters of science fiction. 'Asian Tribune' learns that Sri Lanka Government is making arrangements to celebrate the 90th Birthday of Aurthur C.Clarke on a grand scale. It is reported that Sri Lanka's Ministry of Foreign Affaires is making all the arrangements and the celeberation is expected to be held under the patronage of President Mahinda Rajapakse. It is expected that either a former astronaut or an official from NASA would participate in the celebrations on behalf of the United States of America.

Sri Lanka : Critical northern crossing point under pressure

The Omanthai crossing point 190km north of the Sri Lankan capital, Colombo, is the only gateway currently open between areas controlled by the Sri Lankan government and those controlled by the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE), and traffic through this key transit point falls off sharply each time the security situation deteriorates. For example, in the aftermath of two Colombo bombs on 28 November that killed 21 civilians, security was quickly tightened throughout the island. At the Omanthai crossing point civilians in Tiger-controlled areas were not allowed through, although government officials and humanitarian workers have continued to travel in both directions. “It is not a new restriction, but only those with a legitimate need will be allowed into government-held areas for the time being,” Sri Lankan military spokesperson, Brig Udaya Nanayakkara, told IRIN. There were also no restrictions on supplies moving north, he said.

FCCISL led trade delegation to Iran successful

By Quintus Perera - Asian Tribune

Parallel to President Mahinda Rajapakse’s visit to Iran, a powerful trade delegation arranged by the Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry of Sri Lanka (FCCISL) headed by its President Nawaz Rajabdeen was also visited Iran. The trade delegation to Iran was highly successful and they were able to sign a Memorandum of Understanding with the Iran Chamber of Commerce, INdustry and Mines. The delegation represented the sectors such as rubber and rubber based products, gem & jewellery, infrastructure development, coir & coir based products, manufacturing of vehicle accessories, civil construction, tea & spices and travel & tourism.

U.S. Embassies worldwide to upgrade biometric technology to issue visas

On December 10, 2007, the U.S. Embassy in Colombo will begin collecting ten fingerprints from all immigrant and non-immigrant visa applicants, implementing a procedure being put into place at all U.S. visa-issuing facilities worldwide. This builds on the collection of two fingerprints that began in 2004, and represents the latest evolution in using biometric technology to enhance the security of travel to the United States. Fingerprints will be collected electronically on the day of interview. The process only takes about 30 seconds.

India Tests Supersonic Interceptor Missile

Single Stage Interceptor MissileIndian Defence scientists yesterday successfully carried out the second launch of a Single Stage Interceptor Missile against an incoming ballistic missile target of enemy represented by a modified Prithvi Missile at the Wheeler Island near Bay of Bengal, close to the Dhamra coast in Orissa. The endo-atmospheric Interceptor intercepted the missile at 15 Km altitude exactly as designed at high supersonic speed at 11 this morning. All the elements of Ballistic Missile Defence System such as Long Range Tracking Radar, Multi-function Fire Control Radar, Mission Control Centre, Launch Control Centre, Mobile Launcher, Mobile and Multi Layer Communication System, Data Links to Interceptor participated in the mission.

Sri Lankan commerce development historically reviewed

By Quintus Perera - Asian Tribune

"The Ceylon Chamber of Commerce 1839 - 2004, A Historical Review" is the commemorative volume that was printed in September 2005 to mark the 165th Anniversary of the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce and copies of review are available at CCC at Navam Mawatha and in all Vijitha Yapa Book Stalls. The Review is a prestigious luxury limited edition in hard cover consisting more than 200 pages.

Emergency Here and There

By Allabaksh - Syndicate Features

Many people all across the world believe that Emergency in Pakistan, now slated to be lifted by the will of ‘Mr’ Pervez Musharraf by the middle of December, was clamped mainly for the purpose of getting rid of unfriendly judges in the country’s Supreme Court. That establishes a link between the state of Emergency imposed by Indira Gandhi in India in the 1970s, which of course had lasted 19 months against the (hopefully) six weeks of Pakistan’s Emergency.

Arthur C. Clarke

Director General Matsuura to convey his decision today on UNESCO Press Release on attack on VoT

No decision has been taken when Sri Lanka’s Ambassador Chithranganee Wagiswara met Director General of UNESCO, Koichiro Matsuura yesterday. Pierreboulg Murrel , spokesperson of the UNESCO Director General told 'Asian Tribune,' that Koichiro Matsuura listened to the presentation by Ambassador Chithranganee Wagiswara and decided to meet her again in the afternoon to convey his decision. Yesterday, Koichiro Matsuura has assured Sri Lanka’s Ambassador in France and Delegate to the UNESCO, that he will “ re-examine the entire issue” on the UNESCO press release issued earlier this week regarding the attack on the Voice of Tigers (VoT) Station.