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Sri Lankans protest in front of UNESCO in Paris

Large number of Sri Lankans in France held a demonstration in front of the UNESCO headquarters in Paris on yesterday afternoon to protest against the statement made by Koichiro Matsuura, Director General of UNESCO, condemning the air strike on LTTE radio station, Voice of Tigers. Coordinator of the protest, Manel Gunaeardane of the French Committee of the Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna (JVP) handed over a letter addressed to Mr Matsuura demanding immediate retraction of his statement. The letter was accepted by the Deputy Security Chief of UNESCO. Braving the bitter winter cold winds, many Sri Lankans in Paris continued the two hour long protest until such time the employees left the UNESCO headquarters in late afternoon. “Director General of UNESCO has no business interfering in our legitimate right to fight terrorism," Mr Gunawardane said.

LTTE frontman under French Police scrutiny

The French police closes in on a LTTE frontman in Paris who is posing as an independent businessman. The latest reports reveal that alleged LTTE benami a Sri Lankan Tamil businessman Thavavinayagam Chandrakumarm who owns several shops in La Chappel, popularly known as ‘Little Jaffna’ has come under police scanner in Paris, after revelations by the LTTE members who were arrested earlier and still held in custody. The detained LTTErs spilled beans when the police confronted them with documentary evidence recovered from several LTTE front organisations including ORT (TRO) in Paris. The police investigations have put the other Tamil businessmen and traders who knowingly or unknowingly supported the Tamil Tigers in France in a quandary and an unenviable predicament.

Is There a Human Rights Double Standard? US Policy toward Saudi Arabia, Iran, Uzbekistan, and Pakistan

US Bureau Asian Tribune presents for reader scrutiny

“The United States is most effective in promoting liberty and human rights when people around the world believe it is rising above narrow self interest to defend universal ideals. If, instead, the U.S. government’s rhetoric about democracy is seen as a weapon it uses only against its enemies, people around the world become cynical about everything the United States does in the name of freedom. Under such circumstances, dictators in countries like Iran or Cuba can deflect U.S. criticism by arguing that it’s selective. Dissidents in places like Egypt and Saudi Arabia doubt that the United States is really on their side; they suspect it is using its freedom agenda to mask other ends, and they're less willing to be associated with U.S. democracy programs”.

University for Dhamma School Teachers

A University is to be set up shortly to provide higher education to Daham Pasal Teachers, disclosed Enterprise Development and Investment Promotion Minister Dr. Sarath Amunugama, at a meeting held at the Hataraliyadda T.B. Ilangaratne National School on Sunday. The meeting was held to mark the distribution of sewing machines among a group of women for self employment under the Jathika Saviya Programme and books and educational equipment among daham pasalas and pre-schools under a programme sponsored by the Amunugama Foundation.

Annual General meeting of the German Alumni Association of Sri Lanka

German Alumni Association of Sri Lanka(GAASL), formed an year ago is to hold its second annual general meeting on 28 December, at the Goethe Institute, located at 39 Gregory’s Road, Colombo 7. This association has been formed by Sri Lankan qualified in the Federal Republic of Germany and there are now 67 members, out of which 61 life members. According to a press release, during the year 2006/2007, the GAASL was able to conduct several activities to help to improve few aspects of our environment.

Sri Lanka: Mr. P M Leelaratne - Secretary Tourism, passed away

P M LeelaratneMr. P M Leelaratne Secretary Ministry of the tourism passed away on Wednesday night after a brief illness. He was a senior officer in the Sri Lanka administrative service and has served as secretary to several other Ministries including Railways and Transport, Environment and Natural Resources and Home affairs.

Bio Force Sri Lanka plans to upgrade Maharagama hospital

Sunil C. Perera in Colombo

Bio Force Lanka began it's operations in Sri Lanka by assisting the Maharagama Cancer Hospital to upgrade the children ward. This project will continue for another 12 months and BioForce Lanka hopes to donate medicine and disposable medical equipment for the hospital. The Bio Force's Country Co-coordinator Fabien Audoin, accompanied by Ms.Shriani Ramukwella and Amy Fernando, donated the first batch of the equipment and medicines on Thursday at a simple ceremony. Mr.Audoin said, the hospital, specially the Children's ward needs donors to contribute medicines on a regular basis due to the acute shortages. Bio Force is a well known Training Institute for Professional Training and Human resource Management, specializing in International Aid, in France.

Global Animal Holocaust – the Countdown has begun

By Janaka Perera

Every year this festive season heralds the commencement of an animal holocaust. It is a period of terror and agony for the millions of innocent, defenceless animals who go unwillingly to their deaths so that man can feast on their flesh and make merry. This savage bloodbath is allowed to continue world-wide for the sake of celebrating two main religious traditions with hardly a whimper of protest. In contrast, the Jain and Buddhist festive events are harmless and blessing for all living creatures. In the old days in civilizations such as that of the Incas in South America, human beings were sacrificed to please the gods. The hard fact is that neither human nor animal sacrifice washed away anyone's sins.

Mahinda Rajapakse

Mahinda Rajapakse

JVP Protest march in Paris 2

JVP Paris Protest March


P M Leelaratne

Sri Lanka President on Muslims of the North get united with their families in his Hajj message

Mahinda RajapakseWhile expressing his warm wishes to the Muslims of Sri Lanka on the occasion of Hajj celebrations, Sri Lanka President expressed his desire for the Muslims of the North are able to get back to their homes and get united with their families on Hajj day. President Mahinda Rajapakse added in his Hajj message “Undoubtedly all Muslims throughout the island would celebrate this occasion with pride and wish for Sri Lanka the much desired peace. I wish to extend my warm wishes to the Muslim community and hope that their spiritual advancement would be realized on this Hajj festival day,” Sri Lankan said on the occasion of Muslim community in Sri Lanka celebrating Hajj.