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Asian Tribune is published by E-LANKA MEDIA(PVT)Ltd. Vol. 20 No. 105

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Ramalinggham Chandrasekeran

The challenges we meet

By Ven. Horowpothane Sathindriya Thera - Australia

Our duties, commitments and responsibilities have been clearly emphasised by the Supreme Master the Buddha twenty five centuries ago. In his particular discourse which was delivered to a young person named Sig?la, He has explained sixty one important duties that should be performed by parents, children, teachers, students, employers, employees, husbands, wives, devotees and holy persons.
The person, who mindfully and diligently performs his duties well, will achieve the inner peace and innermost happiness. Wise people and those who associate with wise make firm resolutions in every year to refrain from evil and to cultivate and practise good and wholesome deeds.

Tigers showcase for public viewing the bombed Voice of Tiger building

As another propaganda ploy, Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam has begun showcasing bombed and damaged buildings for public viewing in Vanni. Without destruction there is no benefit. Those who have willpower to convert the destruction into benefit only would emerge victorious said V.Balakumar, a top leader of the Tiger hierarchy. Voice of Tigers Radio building located in Kilinochchi, which was hit by Sri Lanka Air Force aerial bombing on 27 November and severely damaged has been opened up for public viewing on Saturday.

Rajapakse government turns to new directions, gets good dividends

By Mallika Wanigasundara

President Mahinda Rajapakse of Sri Lanka beseiged from many sides is unfazed. He has taken a bold and independent stance and is shifting away from old benefactors and in important financial partnerships is looking to Asia and West Asia. He is on the firing line of former colonizers, neo colonialists, media and multilateral bodies, sections of the UN, NGOs and INGOS, donors of aid, human rights watchers, advocates of peace talks, immediate political solutions, good governance, transparency and humanitarian issues.

Issue of granting citizenship to 28,500 Sri Lankan refugees in Tamil Nadu to be completed soon – R.Chandrasekaran MP

Ramalinggham ChandrasekeranA consensus is expected to be reached during the next Parliamentary Select Committee meeting schedule for January 2008, on the issue of granting citizenship to persons who are in the refugee camps for Sri Lankans in Tamil Nadu, South India. Reports revealed that in the refugee camps for Sri Lankans, situated in Tamil Nadu, there are at present nearly 28,500 persons, who though entitled to their Sri Lankan citizenship, have not so far been granted such status. Ramalinggham Chandrasekeran, Deputy Chairman of Committees and Member of Parliament representing Janatha Vimukthi Perumuna, when talking to Asian Tribune, expressed confidence that Act, No. 35 of 2003 would be amended in order to grant Sri Lankan citizenship to persons who are in refugee camps, for Sri Lankans in Tamil Nadu and to provide other facilities to them soon.