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SL government condemns killing of UNP MP

Sunil C. Perera in Colombo

President Mahinda Rajapakse has strongly condemned the killing of MP T. Maheshwaran. The president recalled how the late MP frequently exchanged views with him regarding the needs of the Tamil people. He identified the death of the MP as a great loss to all. President Rajapakse stressed that no one who values democracy will approve of the killing of politicians or their representatives so as to silence their convictions. President Mahinda Rajapaksa addressing employees of the President’s Office this morning (Jan 1) on the occasion of the New Year expressed shock and grief over the killing of Parliamentarian T. Maheswaran this morning by unidentified gunmen at Ponnambala Vaneswara Hindu Temple at Kotahena, Colombo. A Security Officer of the MP was also killed and 12 others were injured in the incident.

SL Police launch a massive investigation on Maheswaran’s assassination

Sunil C. Perera in Colombo

MaheswaranSri Lanka police have started investigations into the assassination of UNP parliamentarian T. Maheshwaran this morning. Several teams of police have been deployed to probe the incident. The Kotahena police are conducting a separate investigation. The police have found a pistol at the scene. The MP and another person were shot dead by an unidentified gunman inside the Shivan Kovil in Kotahena around 10.00 this morning. Mr. Maheshwaran who was seriously injured in the shooting succumbed to his injuries soon after admitting the accident service of the national hospital. The shooting took place when the MP was returning from the Kovil after attending a service. Director of the Accident Service Dr. Anil Jasinghe says ten persons who were injured in the shooting have also been admitted to the hospital.

Government must take responsibility of Maheshwaran’s case- UNP

Sunil C. Perera in Colombo

The United National Party condemns killing of UNP parliamentarian T.Maheswaran and said the government must take responsibility of this case. Secretary General of the UNP Tissa Attanayaka said the government reduced Mr.Maheshwaran’s security after the MP criticized the government affairs and arrest of innocent Tamils. During the Parliament a heated debate was erupted between United National Party (UNP) MP, T. Maheshwaran and government's Chief Whip Minister Jeyaraj Fernandopulle at the parliament today on the arrest and detention of Tamil people during the search operations conducted recently.

Lanka opposition Tamil MP Maheswaran shot dead

T.MaheswaranThe former Sri Lankan Tamil cabinet minister and opposition UNP MP Thiyagarajah Maheshwaran, also called 'Kerosene Maheswaran,' was shot dead this morning in the capital city of Colombo. He was shot near Sri Ponnambala Vaneswara Hindu Temple in Kotahena, Tuesday around 10:00 a.m., while he was paying homage at the shrine and died upon admission to the Colombo General Hospital. Six persons were injured. Mr. Maheshwaran's bodyguard too died in the incident. The UNP Colombo district MP T. Maheswaran has been one of the most vociferous Tamil legislators who found himself opposing Sri Lanka's war effort against LTTE.

Lanka opposition Tamil MP Maheswaran shot dead

The former Sri Lankan Tamil cabinet minister and opposition UNP MP T.Maheshwaran was shot dead this morning in the capital city of Colombo. He was shot near Sri Ponnambala Vaneswara Hindu Temple in Kotahena, and died upon admission to the Colombo General Hospital. Six persons were injured. Mr. Maheshwaran's bodyguard too died in the incident.

Unkown gunman kills Tamil Parliammentarian T. Maheshwaran

Sunil C. Perera in Colombo

UNP parliamentarian T.Maheshwaran was killed due to a shooting held at a Hindu Temple , Kotahena this morning.

Conflicting reports emerges from Vanni – What is happening over there?

By K.T.Rajasingham

Vanni is shrouded with mystery. What is happening over there? We only get conflicting reports, but unable to authoritatively even confirm or deny those news reports appearing in the Sri Government news media. Vanni is a jungle terrain consisting of Kilinochchi, Mullaithievu and a half of Mannar districts. This region is under the control of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam. According to Vanni sources LTTE Leader Prabhakaran is holed up somewhere in this region. Unlike in the earlier military campaigns, Sri Lanka Defense Forces has an upper hand in the on going confrontation with Tamil Tigers. In July 2007, Tamil Tigers lost their control over the Eastern Province.

LTTE ordered several INGOs to leave Vanni

By Ruwan Weerakoon in Colombo

Reports reaching Colombo reveals that LTTE has ordered some of INGO"s located on Kilinochi and Mulathivu to vacate. It is said that LTTE believes that vital information's are leaked to Sri Lanka Air Force by INGO"s located in Kilinochi. Intelligence reports and information provided by civilians in the area confirm that the misery brought upon the Tamil community by the LTTE living in the Visvamadhu area in Wanni has made them physically retaliate against them.

Second Construction Trade Mission will visit Qatar in Feb 2008

By Sunil C. Perera in Colombo

Chamber of Construction Industry Sri Lanka (CCI) will facilitate the visit of the second trade mission to the State of Qatar during the second week of February 2008 consequent to the satisfactory results in terms of Business Leads acquired by members of the delegation who visited Qatar during the period 2nd to 5th November 2007 and in view of the prevailing high demand for professional services and contracting capacities from Sri Lanka. Since CCI has entered into a Memorandum of Understanding with the Qatar Chamber of Proposed Commerce and Industry mission will seek the collaboration of the Qatar Chamber.

Who let the dog out?

By G. Godabanda

Several years ago a politician walked into the Divaina editorial and threw his weight around. Back then he was no doc and his canine credentials were hardly known. The following day the Diavaina ran an editorial titled ‘me ballavath vaha benda thabanu!’ (Tie this dog also immediately). A couple of years later the said ‘dog’ was given a dubious doctorate, he became ‘Doc’. Dr. Mervyn De Silva. Since then we’ve heard a lot of barking. Since then we’ve heard about a lot of biting too. Emboldened naturally by a master or a set of masters/mistresses who were wont to look the other way, the creature became even more ferocious. His bite, we all know, is potent enough, but the potency is probably best indicated by the fact that his bark was actually worse than his bite. What’s even worse is that his master’s voice is and has been virtually mute.

APRC turned down the constitutional proposal submitted by EPDP

Prof. T. Vitarana, Chairman, All Party Representative Committee, has turned down the interim solution presented by Minister and Secretary General of the Eelam Peoples Democratic Party. On 24 September, Minister Doglas Devananda presented a memorandum submitted by the Eelam People’s Democratic Party (EPDP), on the document submitted by the then government to the Parliamentary Select Committee on constitutional reform dated 14th October 1997, to the APRC Committee for necessary perusal and adoption. In a statement released yesterday by the Secretariat for Coordinating the Peace Process (SCOPP) informed “The APRC discussed a proposal regarding the implementation of an interim solution to the situation in the North and East presented by the EPDP leader, Douglas Devananda, at its meeting on 17th December 2007."

Airlines suspend Flights to Myanmar

By Leel Pathirana

Qatar Airways, one of only 15 foreign airlines operating in and out of Myanmar, is suspending its weekly four flights to the military-ruled former Burma in January, a company official said on Saturday. "Our last flight on this route will be on 9th January 2008," a member of staff, told adding that the reasons for the route cancellation were "just commercial". However, one Yangon-based travel agent said the flights from Doha were nearly always full. "We don't think the true reason for their suspending is commercial viability. Seat occupancy on their flights is very good," said the travel agent, who asked not to be named.

Solidarity for Unity in Diversity

By Oscar E V Fernando

Solidarity in a country is at its height when cultural values of diverse communities in society are shared and reciprocated. Stemming from politics it may be construed as a dictatorship from the top to bind a group of people together-comparable to containing a heap of sand with separable grains intact. It can also arise from a societal psyche to act altruistically for the common good in recognition of each others’ human dignity-comparable to water contained in an invisible bond. Solidarity is best exemplified in the attitude of members of a society to the plight of refugees who have fled the country of origin to new frontiers or are housed in camps in their own country, due to internal clashes.

Pakistan burns after Bhutto

By Atul Cowshish - Syndicate Features

To blame Gen (retd) Pervez Musharraf for the assassination of former prime minister and the PPP leader Benazir Bhutto may be a bit immature but it can hardly be doubted that the policies pursued by the Pakistani president were largely responsible for that great tragedy. Any stock taking of his rule will show that it was his rule that has pushed closer to the edge of disaster than any other previous military or civilian leader in Pakistan. It is a situation that should require some reassessment of its Pakistan policy by the country’s biggest benefactor, the United States, and should see India increase vigil on the borders, though fears of a massive influx of militants from across the border into India would appear to be misplaced.


Mahinda Rajapakse


Let us dedicate this year to achieve peace – President

Mahinda RajapaksePresident Mahinda Rajapakse addressing the public servants at the President's Office on the occasion of the New Year appealed to everybody to work together to achieve peace, to safeguard the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the country and to liberate it from the clutches of terrorism. He called for more dedication on the part of public servants and requested them to uphold the dignity of the public service. Our foremost wish this New Year is success in the efforts to defeat terrorism in all forms, bringing more freedom and democracy to all Sri Lankans; and beginning new processes for the sharing of power within a single, undivided country, assuring equality to all said President Mahinda Rajapakse in a New Year message.