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Colonel Charles

New Hampshire: Frenzied Confrontation for Obama, Clinton, Edwards, McCain, Huckabee and Romney

By Philip Fernando in Los Angeles

It is crunch time for all the candidates as the second U S primary takes place on Tuesday, January 8th in the small New England state known as New Hampshire, where underdogs may become contenders overnight or just disappear. Bill Clinton showed in 1996 how a candidate can blossom into a star overnight by just coming second in a crowded field. New Hampshire may also be the burial grounds for many of the contestants for lack of staying power and perish instantaneously. It is frenzied atmosphere for Barrack Obama, John Edwards and Hillary Clinton of the Democratic Party as well as Mike Huckabee, Mitt Romney, John McCain, Mitt Romney and Fred Thompson of the Republican party this election is a major milestone in their path towards the presidency. New Hampshire is a bell-weather polling sample. The candidates are determined to make a sizeable showing in order to gain momentum for the Super Tuesday election on February 5th. New Hampshire voters never had a problem shaking up the status quo. It might be so again.

Indian PM Goes to China

By Atul-Rama - Syndicate Features

The success of India’s ‘Look East’ policy, it may not be wrong to say, depends a great deal on New Delhi’s relations with Beijing. So far, they have looked to be moving in the direct direction despite some disturbing media reports--denied by the government---of Chinese incursions into Indian borders. But then the border dispute was for years the main hurdle in improving relations between the two giant Asian neighbours, till they decided some years ago not to let that stand in the way of their efforts to become bhai bhai’ gain. The pace of cultivating good bilateral relationship may have been slow but the two sides have stuck with that resolve for close to three decades.

Pakistan's Curse

By Adnan Gill

Pakistan is cursed in many ways; rampant corruption, religious and ethnic divisions, religious extremism, feudalism, social disparity, frequent military rules, corrupt bureaucracy, and the worst, most corrupt politicians. The purpose of this column is not to pin blame on any one politician; rather it's to highlight the inefficiencies of seemingly rudderless Musharraf government and the rest of political leadership. Their torpid inefficiencies range from opening Pandora’s Box by needlessly igniting cover-up theories, to failing to protect public and personal properties throughout the Pakistan.

Jayantha Dhanapala resigns as senior advisor

Jayantha DhanapalaJayantha Dhanapala resigns as senior advisor to Sri Lanka President. Dhanapala, who was appointed to the post of Senior Adviser to Sri Lanka President Mahinda Rajapakse on December 1, 2005, has submitted his resignation for personal reasons. Dhanapala, a former Ambassador of Sri Lanka and a former Secretary-General of SCOPP, had served as Senior Adviser in an honorary capacity.

spy-wing leader Charles given a heroes cremation by Tamil Tigers

By Ruwan Weerakoon - in Colombo

Colonel CharlesShanmuganathan Ravishankar alias Colonel Charles, the most ruthless militant, who was the Head of Liberation Tigers Military Intelligence, was killed on Saturday evening around 3.30 PM. He was said to be killed in a Claymore attack by Sri Lanka Army Deep Penetration Unit in Pa'l'lamadu in Mannaar. His funeral took place on Sunday afternoon in Kilinochchi and his body was taken in for cremation to LTTE’s Heroes cemetery located in Puthukkudiyiruppu. The self styled Colonel Charles was killed while he was riding in a van between Iluppaikkadavai and Pa’l’lamadu while on his way to inspect his regular forces in Mannaar.

Human Mind, Individual Capabilities and the Need to Think Beyond the Box

Dr. Siri Gamage - University of New England, Australia

There is a tendency in societies around the world to recognize individuals on the basis of paper qualifications obtained in various fields of expertise -often disregarding the full profile and potential of individuals possessing these qualifications (Or indeed the individuals who don't possess such qualifications). School qualifications, University qualifications, technical and professional qualifications obtained via a formal education process are among these. However, in this period of advanced globalization, there is a growing belief that the paper qualifications and the experience obtained in a given field of study cannot circumscribe an individual's full capabilities, interests and expertise.

Army Five Times Stronger Today and Its Morale at its Highest: Army Commander Sarath Fonseka

By Philip Fernando in Los Angeles

Army Commander Lt. General Sarath Fonseka’s bold claim that the Sri Lankan armed forces are five times stronger today than they were few years ago is borne out of a realistic assessment of the military scene in the north. Three crucial indicators support that view, namely: the reported instances of constant reverses suffered by the LTTE in the last nine months as well their cadres killed in battle, the intensity of intelligence gathering considered increasingly relevant to that success and the highest morale of the armed forces in battle. A fourth dimension to this scenario is the increased instances of desertions suffered by the LTTE in the Wanni. Sri Lanka has successfully taken the battle to LTTE territory instead of waging a tit-for-tat offensive. Now no quarter is given and no quarter asked for said a senior army source.

Jayantha Dhanapala

the funeral ceremony was held in Kilinochchi.

"Nordic Ministers Silent About LTTE Violations and Claim of 10,000 Lives Saved, Dubious" - Sri Lanka Peace Secretariat

By Our Political Correspondent

Sri Lanka Peace Secretariat has debunked the seemingly dubious claim of the Nordic Monitoring Mission that as many as 10,000 lives may have been spared by the Cease Fire Agreement (CFA). The Secretariat also stated that the Nordic Mission was regretfully ignorant of the reality that occurred while the CFA was in operation, and sadly enough, the Nordic conglomeration never saw it fit to make any statement when, in August 2006, the LTTE engaged in flagrant violation of the CFA through two massive military assaults that went far beyond the 3000 odd individual cases of CFA violation that the SLMM had previously recorded.