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Bernard Goonetilleke

Prabhakaran and His Cohorts will be Destroyed - Army Commander

By Ruwan Weerakoon in Colombo

Sarath FonsekaWhat is described as a revealing close-up of the battle front in the north, Sri Lankan Army Commander Lt. General Sarath Fonseka vividly answered the question ‘is Prabhakaran dead” thus: “Though Prabhakaran is alive, he is merely like a dead person,” he added “We launched attacks on accurate information. But we do not know whether he was directly hit. I need not lie. We have not received adequate information to confirm his death. But we can see that somewhere he is facing serious problems, although we do not know whether he’s injured or dead,” Army Commander emphasized. Lt. General Sarath Fonseka added that the LTTE has been weakened and is on the verge of collapse. There are also those killers who are around Prabhakaran and they will also be destroyed.

CFA Abrogation: A Most Compelling Necessity - Ambassador Bernard Goonatilleke

By Philip Fernando

Bernard GoonetillekeThe abrogation of the cease fire agreement was a most compelling necessity, stated Sri Lankan Ambassador in Washington, Bernard Goonetilleke making an in-depth analysis before a Washington discussion group. He added that the past twenty odd years are testimony to the fact that Tigers only agree to negotiate as a mere ploy; to buy time to regroup, to replenish and to strengthen their fighting capability. When adequately ready to fight, they walk away from negotiations, as they have done at each series of talks. That was not all; they were brazen enough to take the lives of those who initiated two rounds of talks viz. the former Indian Prime Minister Gandhi and President Premadasa and very nearly took the life of President Kumaratunga, in all three instances employing suicide bombers. When things were no going their way, they blamed the international community as being partisan and unjust.

The Lankan Tragicomedy

BY Tisaranee Gunasekara

In Sri Lanka surreal is normal. Last week, the APRC ceremoniously presented President Rajapakse with a ‘consensus’ document advocating the full implementation of the 13th Amendment. The week before the President had given the APRC a document advocating the full implementation of the 13th Amendment, with instructions to present it back to him as that long suffering body’s own recommendation. The APRC acquiesced. The ‘consensus’ imposed by the President was presented to the President with a straight face and was accepted by the President with a straight face.

More Sri Lankan women faces jail terms and death sentence in Saudi Arabia

Two Sri Lankan migrant workers including a Muslim woman and her husband, a migrant worker from India, have been sentenced to death in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Along with them five more Sri Lanka migrant workers, the list includes two Sri Lankan women, were sentenced to 5 years imprisonment with 500 lashes each. The High Court of Jeddah confirmed its sentence delivered on 11 June 2007 and handed over the written verdict to the accused persons on 20 January 2008. These persons were arrested in November 2005, accused of armed robbery and killing an elderly Saudi Arabian woman called Mariam, in Jeddah. A Sri Lankan mother, Halemma Nissa Cader, K.M.S. Bandaranaike and Naushad, an Indian national, were found guilty and condemned them to death by the High Court of Jeddah on charges leveled against them of armed robbery and the murder of an old woman in Jeddah.

Entry of Sovereign-wealth Funds into World’s Financial Empires: Gulf States Are New King-Makers

Sunday Discourse by Philip Fernando in Los Angeles

Cash rich Gulf States have become kingpins of financial success. The totality of sovereign funds available for investment is estimated to be between 2 to 7 trillion U S dollars. Some are flowing west to keep western banks afloat. How rich is the Middle East? “Stinking rich,” said one Wall Street financier. This is the last pot of gold lying dormant. Singapore, South Korea and Kuwait also showed how the funds can be used when they gave over $ 20 billion to Citigroup and Merrill Lynch in October 2007.

LTTE Commemorates "Col" Kittu and nine others tomorrow

By a Special Correspondent

Defying British laws on terrorism and the ban on the LTTE, the Tigers are planning to commemorate the death anniversary of "Col" Kittu and nine others who died in mid-sea when they blew themselves up when confronted by the Indian navy several years ago. Sathasivam Krishnakumar, known as Col Kittu was a senior commander of the LTTE and one time Jaffna commander. The 14th death anniversary is scheduled to be commemorated today at 5pm at the Waltham Forest Theatre in Walthamstow in east London.

Sri Lanka’s APRC: Hijacked by the Trotskyites !

By Palitha Senanayake

It is indeed an irony that when the nation expects the All Party Representatives Committee (APRC) to formulate a balanced and acceptable solution to the vexed problem in our country and APRC, at this crucial juncture is headed by Tissa Vitharana, a Trotskyite. Trotskyism in Sri Lanka has a drawn out history of being anti Sinhala and worst, anti Bandaranaike. It is a Political Party that finds itself in the political wilderness today for its inability to understand the aspirations of the local population in relation to the imported political theories it’s leaders propounded in the 1930’s and 40’s.

FCCISL hard at providing skilled training in the building construction industry

By Quintus Perera - Asian Tribune

The dearth of skilled cadre in the building construction industry is very much felt as the estimates according to surveys show that there are more than 40,000 vacancies in this industry in Sri Lanka, while if trained personnel in this industry are available, they could also obtain foreign employment and skilled personnel could earn higher salaries than just labors. In a bid to help increase these much needed skilled personnel, Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry of Sri Lanka (FCCISL) has now teamed up with Handwerks Kammer Koblenz Germany and the Sri Lanka National Construction Association to train in large numbers in varied skills in the building construction industry. The investment on this training programme is Rs 200 million.

Role of religion in Peace Building

By Oscar E V Fernando

There has been turmoil in the Sri Lankan nation for decades past: what may be the basic reason; is it that the majority in the country tries to make this a Sinhala Buddhist Nation? Buddhism came to Sri Lanka from India and some of the then inhabitants took to Buddhism, indeed a pristine philosophy; and now Sinhala Buddhists are a majority in the country! However, individuals surrender their power of governing themselves to a politician in turn to govern society; where individuals, as in Sri Lanka, are so grouped into diverse ethnic and religious persuasions; wouldn’t the act of bestowing this power to a politician get ruptured if and when politicians look after the interest of the majority only?

Obama in South Carolina

Sarath Fonseka

Huge Win for Obama: Clinton and Edwards Continue the Fight into 22 States on Super Tuesday

By Philip Fernando in Los Angeles

Obama in South CarolinaIntense campaigning electrified South Carolina where Illinois Senator Barrack Obama scored a big win as well as momentum. Obama won 58 percent to 27 percent over Hillary Clinton. Obama will take it a notch higher now as several southern states poll next on the February 5th. The campaigns will shift to 22 states on Super Tuesday, when the generality of American voters as well as Blacks, Hispanics, Asians and Native Indians show their preferences in several large states like California, New York, New Jersey and Illinois. There are also close to 800 super delegates outside the voting booths, eligible to be counted at the democratic Convention.Candidates are trying to win them over as contests become very close. Edwards will also continue with is campaign vying for delegates as he goes along.