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Sripathy Sooriyarachchi dies in a raod accident

Sunil C.Perera in Colombo

Sripathy SooriyarachchiParliamentarian Sripathy Sooriyarachchi and two of his body guards died due to a road accident, a short while ago. According to an eye witness, who wishes to remain anonymous, the jeep they were traveling was driven at a high speed and collided with a tree at the Medagama,Galgamuwa. The witness attributed the accident due to rain and slippery condition of the road they were traveling.

Sripathy Suriyaarachchi dies in a road accident

Sripathy Suriyaarachchi killed at a road accident at Galgamuwa around 2:30 PM(Sri Lanka time)today. Details will follow.

No tears for children of D.S.?

By Janaka Perera in Colombo

The Jaathika Hela Urumaya has put up posters (size 2X3) all over Colombo with the following words in English:
Ban Ki Moon, Arbour,
Blake, Chilcott, Akashi,
Have you no tears
for the children of D.S.?

McCain Looking for Vice President, Clinton and Obama Fiercely Competitive

By Philip Fernando in Los Angeles

The final four contenders Republican Senator John McCain and Governor Mike Huckabee, as well as Democratic Senators Hillary Clinton and Barrack Obama campaigned in several states this week. Arizona Senator McCain who already won 707 delegates to Governor Mike Huckabee’s 195 (1,000 are needed to get the nomination), seemed to be hunting for a "charismatic" Vice Presidential candidate. He congratulated Former Massachusetts Governor Romney for running a good campaign hoping for an endorsement.

U.N. Challenges Sudan on all-African Force for Darfur

By Thalif Deen, Inter Press Service

The U.N. Secretariat is challenging an implicit demand by the government of Sudan for an all-African peacekeeping force in politically-troubled Darfur. The issue of force composition is "one of the lynchpins to the success" of the U.N.-African Union Mission in Darfur (UNAMID), Under-Secretary-General for Peacekeeping Operations Jean-Marie Guehenno told the Security Council Friday. The government of Sudan, which insists on an African force, has already rejected troops from Norway and Sweden. At the same time, it has expressed reservations over military units from Thailand and Nepal.

21 Sri Lankan Refugees languished in Nauru are accepted and transferred Australia

Twenty one Sri Lankan refugees that left Nauru yesterday, bound for Brisbane as Australia closed its offshore detention centre on Nauru. United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) has welcomed the closure of an offshore detention centre on the tiny island nation of Nauru and the transfer of the remaining refugees to Australia, marking the end of the latter's so-called "Pacific Solution" for asylum-seekers. Twenty one Sri Lankan refugees who left Nauru yesterday bound for Brisbane were among 83 asylum-seekers intercepted on their way to Australia in February 2007. They were taken first to the Australian territory of Christmas Island and then transferred to Nauru in March to have their refugee claims assessed. All were determined to be refugees.

Eighth SAARC Trade Fair in Colombo in August 2008

BY Quintus Perera - Asian Tribune

The 8th SAARC (South Asian Association of Regional Cooperation) Trade Fair was launched on 5th February 2008 at Colombo Cinnamon Grand Hotel with two Ministers – Rohitha Bogollagama, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Prof G L Peiris, Minister of Export Development and International Trade attending the function.The Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry of Sri Lanka (FCCISL) has got the opportunity of hosting this prestigious SAARC event for the second time that will be held from 28th to 31st August 2008, the first occasion was the organizing of 2nd SAARC Trade Fair in Colombo from 8th to 15th September 1998.

Sixtieth Independence Day Celebrated at Oxford University

The Sri Lanka Society at the University of Oxford officially celebrated the 60th Independence Day on Sunday the 3rd of February. The event was organized to coincide with the dawning of Independence Day in Sri Lanka. It was held at the Goodhart Room of University College, the oldest of the Oxford Colleges, amidst a large gathering comprising of both Sri Lankans and distinguished foreign guests. Arosha Gunasekera, Founder President of the Society delivered the welcome address and emphasized the importance of the occasion. A two-minute silence was then observed in honor of the fallen heroes of the Independence movement and the valiant tri-forces and the police who sacrificed their lives to protect the Motherland.

Navy Gun Down Kumburupiddi LTTE Claymore Group Leader

By Ravin Edirisinghe in Colombo

In PeraruSri Lanka Navy's Special Boat Squadron and Patrolmen units in a special operation conducted in deep hideouts in Kumburupiddi area (in the Peraru jungles North of Trincomalee) shot and killed the LTTE Claymore Group leader on day before yesterday (07) around 8.00 pm. Two LTTE bodies along with arms and ammunitions were recovered by the naval troops during the search operation.

Sri Lanka’s Failed Overseas Public Diplomacy Manifested Through her Foreign Minister

Daya Gamage – US National Correspondent Asian Tribune – An Analysis

Up to now, the near 1 million Sri Lankan Tamil Diaspora that live particularly in the West have heard only one point of view – that of the LTTE. In fear of being harassed by LTTE agents in their host countries the level of interaction between our expatriate Tamil population and missions abroad has sadly declined, and as a result our ability to get across our message to them has been obstructed”, Sri Lanka’s foreign minister Rohitha Bogollagama made this discovery known to his parliament during the State of Emergency extension debate 06 February.

Another fund raiser by LTTE despite watchful French sleuths

By Senarath Sugath in Paris

The Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) is planning several fund raising activities using the TRO, which known in France as ORT Paris, and other front organizations as watchful French security services are determined to clamp down on terrorist activities in the country. As the French authorities will not allow any LTTE activity to take place since the proscription by the EU, the Tigers use front organizations for fund raising events. Latest fund raiser is "Salangai 2008," to be held on February 10 at Les Eurosites under the ORT France, which has its office at 26 rue du Department 75018, Paris.

Smaller States

By Allabaksh - Syndicate Features

After agreeing to consider the demand for division of some states during the last (2004) Lok Sabha poll campaign the Congress cannot wriggle out easily from the predicament that it faces now over the issue. It seems to have led to sharp divisions within the ruling party. But while some of its allies have opposed the setting up of another states reorganisation commission, there is an equally strong support for the idea of division of some large states in many political parties across the country.

Sripathi Sooriayaarachchi

Sripathy Sooriyarachchi dies in a raod accident

In Peraru

Sripathi Sooriayaarachchi – the tragic end of a fighter

Sunil C.Perera in Colombo

Sripathi SooriayaarachchiLatest reports reveals that Sripathi Sooriayaarachchi has been killed in a fatal road accident that took place at Madagama, in the Galgamuwa area this afternoon, February 09. According to the police sources, the vehicle carrying Sripathi Sooriayaarachchi crashed into a tree around 1.15.p.m., when it slipped off the road due to high speed. The vehicle was travelling from Anuradhapura to Colombo eroute via Thambuththegama, sources said. Sooriyarachchi was rushed to the Thambuttegama Hospital where he was pronounced dead on admission. The driver of the vehicle, Priyantha Samarasinghe and a close friend of the MP, S.K.R. Silva (Chief Executive Officer of Isura FM), died on the spot.