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Terror in East Timor

Professor Laksiri Fernando, University of Colombo

Jose Ramos-HortaThe menace of Terrorism is now hitting East Timor (Timor Leste). Early morning today and already afternoon in East Timor, it was sad to hear that the President of East Timor, Professor Jose Ramos-Horta, was shot by a gang of so-called rebels led by actually a gang leader Alfredo Reinado. It was obviously a desperate attempt of coup to overthrow the democratically elected government, the former President and the longtime independence leader Xanana Gusmao, now serving as the Prime Minister in the Horta Government.

Obama Almost "Unstoppable": Clinton Down-plays Losses and Calls McCain - "Another Bush"

By Philip Fernando in Los Angeles

Senator Barack Obama His momentum snow-balling and crowds throbbing to see him in large numbers, Senator Barrack Obama won Maine without any difficulty and had a field day on Saturday and Sunday. I had covered many election campaigns up-close; this is easily the most enthralling. Senator Hillary Clinton is still hanging on doing her Town Hall meetings quietly. Most believe, however, that she may need the super delegates to clinch the nomination.

Eight days left to save lives of three migrant workers - two Sri Lankans and an Indian, sentenced to be beheaded

Lives of three migrant workers, two Sri Lankan and an Indian, hanging on a thin thread, as their final date for appealing against their death sentence imposed by a High Court in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, expires in another 8 days – on the 19 February. A Sri Lankan mother, Halemma Nissa Cader, K.M.S. Bandaranaike and Naushad, an Indian national, were found guilty and condemned to death by the High Court of Jeddah on charges of armed robbery and murder of an old woman in Jeddah. Halemma Nissa Cader is a mother of an eight year old son. She is from Trincomalee and married to Naushad an Indian national from Tamil Nadu, who is also condemned to death in the same case. She lived with her husband and child in Jeddah at the time of arrest. K.M.S. Bandaranaike another Sri Lanka migrant worker from Kurunegala is married to Henelle Menike, living in her native village in Kurunegala.

Scotland Yard Report, Hardly a Shocker!

By Adnan Gill

Alas, the Scotland Yard released its report into the assassination of Benazir Bhutto. It was more of speculative narration of events, rather than an evidence-based statement of facts. Not of Scotland Yard's fault, the report did not answer more important questions, like who was the killer, who masterminded the attack, and how the security cordon around Ms. Bhutto collapsed? Scotland Yard didn't go over these questions because it was mandated to investigate only the cause of Ms. Bhutto’s death and nothing else. As expected, it corroborated what the Pakistani government had already stated.

US Election: Why is Barak Obama the favourite of the rich and the powerful democrats?

By Raj Gonsalkorale

Recent US Polls indicate that Barak Obama has drawn considerable support from the upper classes in the States where primaries have been held and they also show he continues to receive that support throughout the country. These same polls indicate that Hillary Clinton on the other hand is supported largely by the poor and the disadvantaged. Is it possible that the rich and the powerful think that Obama is easy to deal with to serve their interests because of his inexperience?

Navy Sailor Defuse a bomb at Anuradhapura Public Fair; Another Terror Plan Averted

By Ravin Edirisinghe

A naval sailor who was on leave while marketing in the Anuradhapura public fair defused a bomb weighing around 1.5 Kg which was fixed to an oil can toady (10) around 11.30 am. Reports reaching from Anuradhapura stated that a "timer" too had been fixed to the bomb at the time of recovery. The oil can has been kept in a bag and on suspicions of the consignment, people at the fair have alerted. A naval sailor named WSN Bandara who was nearby have taken the initiative and defused the bomb taking a risk on his life.

De-mining activities in the N/E further continues

Sunil C. Perera in Colombo

De-mining activities in the north and east will be further expedited. A separate center to coordinate these activities will be set up in Colombo. Chairman of the Operational Committee for De-mining M.S. Jayasinghe said these decisions were taken during a meeting held in Colombo yesterday with the participation of representatives of donor countries to the de-mining process. The Ministry of Nation Building and United Nations Development Programme jointly organized this meeting. Representatives of donor countries such as Japan, Sweden, Britain, US, Norway and India attended the meeting. These countries have already provided 3.2 billion rupees for the de-mining programme.

An Elegy: Anandasangaree laments over the demise of Tamil Nadu veteran politician. K. Rajaram

A Former Speaker of the Tamil Nadu Assembly and Minister in Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam and Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam K. Rajaram, died in Salem on Friday 08 February. He was 82. Septuagenarian Rajaram was born in 1926 in Dharmapuri, then in Salem district. While he was a student in Salem Municipal College, he was drawn towards Dravida Kazhaga leader and founder E.V.Ramasamy’s ’s ideology and toured various countries along with him. He joined the DMK when it was formed by Annadurai and was instrumental in the growth of the party at the initial stage in Salem district.

Lighting for John de Silva Memorial Theatre, Japan again donates funds

By Quintus Perera - Asian Tribune

Japan has granted Rs 3.3 million (US $ 30,906) to provide new stage lighting equipment for the John de Silva Memorial Theatre. Previously in 1999 too Japan has provided Rs 29.2 million to John de Silva Theatre under the Scheme for audio and lighting equipment. A function was held at the Japanese Embassy to sign the Grant Contract by the Japanese Ambassador in Sri Lanka, Kiyoshi Araki and the Director, Cultural Affairs, E M Abhayaratne. Speaking at the occasion Japanese Ambassador Araki said that under Cultural Grant Assistance Scheme Japan since 1979 has provided grants for various such activities in Sri Lanka

Moving Towards Peace in Kashmir

By Gurmeet Kanwal

Despite sporadic incidents of violence and occasional encounters between the security forces and terrorists, militarily the situation in Jammu and Kashmir (J&K) is now better than it has been since insurgency first reared its ugly head in 1989. A sense of normalcy has returned to the Kashmir Valley with schools, colleges and hospitals open, commerce flourishing and tourists thronging the scenic spots. Over three lakh pilgrims completed the Amarnath Yatra in 2007. Janmashtmi and Dussehra were celebrated with traditional fervour after almost two decades. In the Jammu region too violence is at low ebb.

Are polls so crucial for Pakistan’s survival…?

By J.N. Raina - Syndicate Features

Now Pakistan President General (Retired) Pervez Musharraf is without uniform, which he wanted to retain and keep close to his chest, till he desired. He is no more a top dog in the Army. His status is somewhat akin to that of the Israeli leader, Samson, who was famous for his strength, which was rooted in his hair. Musharraf without uniform is what Samson was without long hair. Intrinsically, he is gripped with ‘fear’ ahead of the February 18 general elections to the National Assembly and four Provincial Assemblies. These much-awaited elections are very crucial for Pakistan’s survival.

Tamil Nadu would become a second Jaffna, if LTTE activities are not quelled - warns Sangaree

Sangaree with reportersSri Lanka’s biggest Tamil democratic party leader V. Ananda sangaree told London based Indian reporters, if India does not act fast and quell pro-Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam activities in India’s Sourthern state of Tamil Nadu, it would become a second Jaffna soon. Tamil United Liberation Front (TULF) leader, Sangaree warned with leaders like Vaiko of the Marumalarchi Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam, P. Nedumaran of the Tamil National Movement and Thiru Mavalan of the Dalit Panther Party the South Indian state could become a second Jaffna easily.