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Sangaree with reporters in Laond

Burmese Regime Announces Sham Referendum- US

Daya Gamage - US Bureau Asian Tribune

The United States Department of State issued the following statement on Monday. "The Burmese regime’s insistence on proceeding with a referendum on a proposed constitution, which was drafted in a closed process by a hand-picked committee dominated by senior regime officials, is further evidence of its refusal to pursue a meaningful and time-bound dialogue with Burma’s democratic and ethnic minority representatives. - "

AP Photographer arrested in Colombo

By Leel Pathirana

Gemunu AmarasingheAn Associated Photographer in Colombo Gemunu Amarasinghe has been arrested yesterday, while taking a Photograph near Isipathana College Colombo. The collage located near to the office of Minister Douglas Devananda, leader of EPDP. Later Mr.Amarasinghe was released after questioning by the Narahenpita Police Station. Further details not known.

Tamil Nadu on High Alert to Arrest and Detain LTTE Infiltrators from Sri Lanka

By Our Political Correspondent

RajendranHardcore LTTE fighters and their supporters entering Tamil Nadu illegally will be immediately apprehended and detained according to P. Rajendran, Tamil Nadu Director General of Police. Rajendran told the "Asian Tribune" in addition, we have already tightened coastal area security and taken adequate measures to stop smuggling of goods and materials from Tamil Nadu by the Tamil Tigers agents to Sri Lanka. He added "We have strengthened our costal security area. There is a separate group known as 'Costal Security Group' working round the clock on the look out for infiltrators by sea and operating in the entire costal area of Tamil Nadu."

Burma: Proposed roadmap to democracy will rubber-stamp regime authority

Numerous international organizations including Christian Solidarity Worldwide (CSW) has called the ‘roadmap to democracy’ announced by the Burmese military regime on Saturday a sham, which will serve only to ‘rubber-stamp the authority of this brutal regime’. The announcement was made on the evening news for state radio and television on Saturday 9 February 2008, and outlined plans to hold a referendum on the proposed constitution in May 2008 and a general election in 2010. This is the first timetable that has been outlined for a constitution and elections.

Maldivian President will arrive in Sri Lanka

Sunil C. Perera in Colombo

Maldivian President Abdul Gayoom accompanied by Nasreena Gayoom and a delegation of senior Ministers and officials are arriving today on a two-day state visit to Sri Lanka on the invitation of Mahinda Rajapakse, President of Sri Lanka. During the visit, Maldivian President will call on the President of Sri Lanka. The two Presidents will conduct consultations to review and strengthen bilateral relations between the two countries.

Navy Commander commends Sailor who defused Time Bomb in Anuradhapura

The brave act and vigilance of Petty Officer NWSI Bandara of the Sri Lanka Navy, had averted a large-scale carnage and mayhem at the Sunday fair in Anuradhapura yesterday (10th February 2008). PO Bandara was commended by the Commander of the Navy for his brave act. Petty Officer Bandara had made use of the expertise knowledge imparted to him by the Sri Lanka Navy during his qualifying courses leading to his present rank to perform his brave act. Armed with the expertise knowledge and the discipline and self-confidence instilled in him by the Navy instructors, he had carried out the delicate operation of defusing the deadly time bomb with meticulous attention to detail and patient adherence to procedure.

‘Apologists!’ Your hands are tainted with blood!

By Palitha Senanayake

Carnivorous animals kill when they are hungry: because they know of no other food other than flesh and blood. Yet it is said that even those carnivores, when they hunt for food, spare the very young and the pregnant by premonition. Now we have this human version of the ‘Tigers’ whose killings are propelled, not by their pangs of hunger, but by their sadist delight to see spattered blood and mutilated bodies. Even barbarians don’t kill more than what they could consume! Any language would be lost for words to describe the type of murder and mayhem that was enacted during the past few days in public places in this country since it would be an insult to describe these either as a tiger hunt or plain barbarism.

Youth Sena attacks Mumbai ‘Bhaiyyas’

By Tukoji R. Pandit - Syndicate Features

Just where the pursuit of petty parochial politics can lead to was reminded by the deplorable violence that followed a diatribe against north Indians of Mumbai by the leader of Maharashtra Navnirman Sena, Raj Thackeray. The considerable north Indian population in Mumbai may have come under direct strain but others who are not Marathi-speaking could have spent equally anxious moments. A handful of followers of MNS may have picked on people they thought were ‘Bhaiyyas’ from UP and Bihar but they could well have come from other states.

Hiroshima Forum to Focus on Children Under Siege

By Thalif Deen, Inter Press Service

The world's 2.2 billion children are under siege -- battling poverty, hunger, military conscription, sexual abuse, labour exploitation and HIV/AIDS, according to the United Nations. The world body estimates that over 600 million children live in absolute poverty worldwide; about 218 million suffer the worst forms of child labour; over 2.5 million are infected with HIV/AIDS; and more than 250,000 to 300,000 are forcibly pressed into military service as soldiers. The U.N. children's agency UNICEF says that nearly half the estimated 3.6 million people killed in military conflicts since 1990 were children.

Gemunu Amarasinghe

P. Rajendran

Bush Endorses McCain: Clinton and Obama on War-path

By Philip Fernando in Los Angeles

Presumptive Republican nominee John McCain, former Vietnam prisoner-of-war and decorated Navy pilot secured a boost on Sunday, when Bush referred to him in a taped interview as a ``true conservative.'' Is it a kiss of death asked, a seasoned political observer. Bush urged McCain, a middle-of-the-roader, to do more to prove he is a true conservative. Bush's embrace would bring the right-wing of the party to McCain but it could prove troublesome if independents are turned off. Meanwhile, the democratic delegate count including the super delegates stood at 1,136 for Hillary Clinton and 1,108 for Barrack Obama. A total of 2,025 delegates are required to win the nomination. Clinton and Obama are vying to be either the first woman or black President.