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Japan hopeful of Sri Lanka’s economy

Japan hopes improved and better economic relationship between Sri Lanka and Japan and the agreement to establish a Government-Private Join Forum between Sri Lanka and Japan augurs well for Sri Lanka’s economy, said Kiyoshi Araki, Japanese Ambassador In Sri Lanka at a meeting of the Sri Lanka-Japan Business Co-operation Committee (SLJBCC). He said that there are about 60 Japanese companies operating in Sri Lanka and they are engaged in various industries such as services, manufacturing, construction sectors etc. They have contributed immensely to the development of the entire Sri Lankan economy in terms of creation of employment opportunities, promotion of export from Sri Lanka, transfer of advanced technology and so forth

Catholic Church Must Condemn LTTE’s Contemptuous Attack on Thalladi Church or Acquiesce To LTTE Terror - SPUR

The LTTE's unabated contempt for human rights and even religious places of worship surfaced once more with their latest barrage of artillery attack launched towards the highly venerated Thalladi St. Sebastian’s Catholic Church in Mannar, according to a statement from SPUR. Dr. Dasarath Jayasuriya of SPUR commneing further added that according to media reports, six soldiers from the nearby army camp deployed to clean the Church for a Valentine Day’s sermon were killed due to this artillery fire. A further 10 soldiers had sustained injuries. What is most disturbing is that the attack took place after Rev. Fr. Thevaraja and four other priests had visited the location on Monday and made the request from the army for assistance. The desperation of the Tamil Tiger Terrorists knows no bounds. Nothing is sacred to them any more. Prabhakaran and his men have indulged in an orgy of violence for too long.

World's Children Have Progressed and Regressed - Interview with Reverend Keishi Miyamoto

By IPS U.N. Bureau Chief Thalif Deen

Most of the world's 2.2 billion children are languishing in extreme poverty, ignorance and exploitation, according to Reverend Keishi Miyamoto, who is described as the guiding spirit behind the Tokyo-based Global Network of Religions for Children (GNRC). "In this era of global prosperity, and scientific and technological breakthroughs, this is inhuman and unacceptable," Miyamoto told IPS U.N. Bureau Chief Thalif Deen. "At the same time, we must also recognize that great progress has been made for children in recent decades," said Miyamoto, who heads the Arigatou Foundation, which established GNRC in May 2000.

"Its Enough We Want to be Free" - Says Civilians from Tiger Territories

By Ravin Edirisinghe

It is true to say that majority of innocent Tamil civilians today suffered due to the present conflict. Some blame the Government, Security Forces and Police for issues such as killings, human rights violations, abductions etc against the Tamils. Those individuals as well as organizations up-to-date have failed to highlight the real reasons behind the sufferings of these innocent civilians. LTTE leadership and terror activities can be termed as the main reason behind for those sufferings of the Tamils in this country or for that matter in any other country.

US Elections: Finally, Face to Face with a Post-Bush Era

By Philip Fernando in Los Angeles

The dialogue has changed and the electorate in the US is now bracing for a series of debates between John McCain and the Democratic challenger, either Barrack Obama or Hillary Clinton. How best to rid the country of Bush’s legacy seems to be one of the main points of the debate. The need to promote a more humane and flexible approach to foreign policy and end the war in Iraq are the other aspects of the debate. McCain who supported more troops in Iraq-the so called “surge” is sticking to it during the campaign in order to win over the traditional conservative block vote, now not very happy with McCain’s stance on immigration and finance reform. Post Bush era has already arrived.

Muslims worldwide condemn reprinting of Danish Cartoons

The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community strongly condemns news from Denmark that a series of caricatures which caused a great deal of controversy two years ago have been reprinted. Such caricatures are extremely hurtful to all peace loving Muslims and not just those fanatical extremists who have tarnished the image of Islam. London based international Headquarters Ahamadiya Muslim Association pointed out, "Let there be no doubt that such caricatures are extremely provocative and inflammatory." Ahamadiya Muslim Association further pointed out, "The Danish newspapers have allegedly justified their actions on the basis of defending their right to 'freedom of speech'.However such vulgarity regarding any sacred person of any religion can never be justified. Freedom of expression is not a license to forget about the heartfelt sentiments of people."

Leading A Buddhist Life

Ven. K. Sri Dhammananda

To know the purpose of life, you will first have to study the subject through your experience and insight. Then, you will discover for yourself the true meaning of life. Guidelines can be given. but you must create the necessary conditions for the arising of realisation yourself. There are several prerequisites to the discovery of the purpose of life. First, you must understand the nature of man and the nature of life. Next, you keep your mind calm and peaceful through the adoption of a religion. When these conditions are met, the answer you seek will come like the gentle rain from the sky.

Bush approves shoot-down of falling satellite by Navy missile cruiser

By Philip Fernando in Los Angeles

President Bush has authorized the US Navy to shoot down a US spy satellite that is falling out of orbit and due to collide with the Earth any time now. A Navy cruiser is expected to fire a single missile from its Aegis weapons system as early as the end of next week, according to Pentagon officials. Peace activists have already condemned this anticipated action Bush’s entry into space wars. If the first missile fails to destroy the satellite, the Navy will go at it again after evaluation of the resulting trajectory of the falling satellite. Additional ships are in position to fire two more missiles, if that is deemed necessary.