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Pakistani Elections: New Slogans, Same Players - Same Game

By Adnan Gill

First time in Pakistan's history a democratically elected government finished its constitutionally mandated time of 5 years. First time in Pakistan's history people are about to elect a successive civilian government without the interruption from the military. For his part, President Musharraf has fulfilled his promise of bringing ‘true democracy’ to Pakistan, a self-professed 3-phase process he started after October 1999 coup. So would it seem that way! However, reality begs to differ with what Musharraf government would love everyone to believe. President Musharraf, then the army chief, unconstitutionally mounted a military coup against a democratically elected prime minister, Nawaz Sharif. Angels of mercy smiled on the much castrated General and he became the poster boy of the Americans in a post 9/11 era. 9/11 which brought pain and sorrow to the Americans became a saving grace for the general.

Sri Lanka has not endorsed Unilateral Declaration of Independence by Kosovo

Unilateral Declaration of Independence by Kosovo from Serbia could set an "unmanageable precedent" and threaten world peace. Sri Lanka while strongly objecting and not endorsing Kosovo’s unilateral declaration of Independence (UDI) from the Republic of Serbia, pointed out that it could set an unmanageable precedent in the conduct of international relations, the established global order of sovereign states and could thus pose a grave threat to international peace and security. Furthermore, Sri Lanka has underlined that this action by Kosovo is a violation of the Charter of the United Nations, which enshrines the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Member States.

Lamentation of a slain female LTTE cadre

By Ruwan Weerakoon in Colombo

JennyThis is a lamentation of a female Tiger cadre Jenny, who died in a recent battle with the Sri Lanka Army in Parapakandal, located in the Mannar district. After her death letters were recovered from her. The letters reveal the mentality of the female cadre who was recruited forcefully by the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam to be a cannon fodder in a meaningless battle which kills so far more than 20,000 LTTE cadres alone. In one of the letters found in the body of the female cadre reveals that she did not join the LTTE voluntarily. She was forcefully conscripted. She knew very well that she will never be able to leave from the grip of the Tamil Tigers. But she was longing to be reunited with her father, mother, sisters, brothers and others in the family. Unfortunately her yearnings did not materialize. “When will I be able to get out of this hell? I am not sure whether it might ever happen,” she writes with frustration.

'Nazi' German Minister threatens Sri Lanka

By Janaka Perera

Any rational mind would expect Germany - with her bitter experiences of the Hitler era – not to tolerate any such a racist tyranny anywhere in the world. But strangely it is not the case. There is no better proof of this puzzle than the German government trying to equate Sri Lanka's legitimate Government with a 'black Nazi' despot fighting for a mono-ethnic rogue State in the island's North-East. Sri Lanka has every right to recover territory that it has lost over the years to the LTTE separatists.

Sri Lanka Institute of Architects passes Golden Jubilee

By Quintus Perera - Asian Tribune

Sri Lanka Institute of Architects (SLIA) marks its first annual sessions after celebrating its golden jubilee last year and the Architect 2008 is to be held on February 20, a the BMICH with Ratnasiri Wickramanayake, Prime Minister as the Chief Guest. A Press Briefing was held to announce the Exhibition - Architect 2008 and the Annual Architect Conference which will be held simultaneously with the Exhibition. Architect 2008 Exhibition will be a mega exposition of Architects' work and trade and will be held from 20 - 24 February covering the BMICH, Sirimavo Banraranaike convention Centre.

Low level incidents of violence reported in Batticaloa after filing nominations for local government elections

Sunil C. Perera in Colombo

The number of violence in the Batticaloa district is reported to be low after the filing of the nominations for the Batticaloa Municipality and for the 9 other local government bodies. According to report released by Centre for Policy Alternatives Election, monitors, who have become active over the last week, are therefore recording a relatively violence-free lead up to elections in terms of the number of election-related incidents of violence. The CPA reports further revealed, "The low-level of violence is a positive development, reported in both the Tamil majority and Muslim majority areas. The reasons for this low-level of violence are not clear."

Dr. Palitha Kohona

The Letter

Prabhakaran Damned if he Stays and Damned if he Leaves Sri Lnaka

Palitha KohonaPrabhakaran's options are numerous. He is surrounded and has a back to the wall fight. India wants him extradited no sooner we capture him. He also has the Idi Amin option of leaving Sri Lanka-like Idi Amin and he might be able to fade into the sunset. Some say that even Norway might provide him a safe haven. Some want us to encourage Prabhakaran to leave Sri Lanka. We are now in a position to bring about finality to this crisis. It is also good to know that Australia is thinking seriously about banning the LTTE. Those were some of the thoughts Dr. Palitha Kohona Secretary to the Ministry of External Affairs expressed when 'Asian Tribune', interviewed him.