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BJP procession

UN Security Council Deadlocked Over Kosovo

By Thalif Deen, Inter Press Service

When the United States and some of the members of the European Union (EU) expressed admiration for Kosovo’s "patience" in its longstanding quest for a new nation state in the Balkans, Russian Ambassador Vitaly Churkin dismissed their "naivety" with a degree of political sarcasm. "They sound as if they had never heard of the Palestinians, or let’s say, the West Sahrawi," he told the Security Council. Churkin’s contention was that Palestinians in the Israeli-occupied territories and the Polisario in Western Sahara have remained more "patient" than Albanians, and have more urgent claims for statehood than the newly- created Kosovo, Serbia's breakaway province.

Kalasoori Shelton Premaratne created a new era for Sri Lankan music in Australia

KKalasoori Shelton Premaratnealasoori Shelton Premaratne presented his first Australian musical concert in the Murranji Theatre, Hawker College, Canberra last Saturday with a packed audiences. His musical presentation was a blending of eastern and western music with variety of performances. 74 years old musical legend Shelton Premaratne was given the highest reception by Canberra audience including his past music students visarad Rukmalie Kulatilaka, Ravi Kulatilaka , Hiran Kulatilala and Janaka Banagala who are pioneers of eastern music in Australia. Premaratne also boosted morale of more than fifteen upcoming musicians by including them in his orchestra after two days intensive training.

Sea sand alternative for river sand for construction

By Quintus Perera – Asian Tribune

Chamber of Construction Industry Sri Lanka promotes the idea of using sea sand instead of river sand in the construction industry. CCI believes that in view of the initiatives for the exploitation of offshore oil and gas and extraction of other mineral deposits from our ocean territory and also the unparalleled port development projects that have been launched and are on the drawing board, there should be a well coordinated approach that assures transparency and good governance to avoid over exploitation, pollution and to prevent harmful waste being disposed into the ocean system and to optimize the economic gains to the country.

Catholics should rise!!!

By Palitha Senanayake.

The recent attack by the LTTE on Thaladdy Catholic Church in Madhu area, killing 6 soldiers and injuring more, has brought the Catholic factor in the LTTE equation to the fore again. The Parish priest of Mannar, issuing a press statement captioned ‘Mannar parish Priest disputes army claim ’, certified by Reverend Rayappu Joseph, does expresses his condolences to the bereaved families of the dead: but yet the issue he had sought to stress through the public press was that, the Army was present in the Church and was engaged in ‘cleaning the holy shrine for the upcoming festival’ on their own volition, and not at the request of the church.

Polosi, Gore and Democratic Party Seniors trying to Defuse Volatility

By Philip Fernando in Los Angeles

A key group of Democratic super delegates is being organized to try to forestall a volatile party convention in August. According to press reports over the weekend, former vice president Al Gore, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and three former candidates in the current contest, Senator Joseph Biden, Governor Bill Richardson of New Mexico and former senator John Edwards, have held talks on the danger of allowing the nomination fight to continue into August. Neither barrack Obama nor Hillary Clinton would most likely get the 2,025 deegate votes needed to clinch the nomination even after all the primaries are concluded.

Dr TM Lotha takes out unprecedented BJP procession in Wokha, confident of winning more BJP seats this time

Oken Jeet Sandham – Asian Tribune

A mammoth BJP procession took out in the entire Wokha Town here on Monday with former DAN Minister and BJP Official Candidate of 38 Wokha A/C Dr TM Lotha leading it in an open vehicle. Soon after the nomination papers of all the five official Candidates of the 38 Wokha A/C---Dr TM Lotha (BJP), A Yentsao Odyuo (NPF), Khyothungo (RJD), Mhao Humtsoe (INC) and Dr Chumben (NCP) ---were accepted in the scrutiny by the District Returning Officer, Mikha Lomi in his office on Monday, Dr TM Lotha, the BJP Official Candidate in an open vehicle led an unprecedented mammoth BJP procession throughout the Wokha Town.

Participate in international trade fairs to promote exports

By Quintus Perera - Asian Tribune

Participation in trade fairs is the forerunner to develop exports and promoting exports is one of the key factors to boost the economy in creating jobs and to obtain foreign exchange which would offset the imports bill of the country. With globalization there is heavy competition in the export market and for a country like Sri Lanka which has not been fully geared with modern technology in par with some of the competitive countries and also shortfalls in productivity; Sri Lanka has to make an extra effort in promoting exports.

Indurani Liyanage and Bandula Hewage

Janaka Banagala and Indurani Liyanage

Ambassador Kusumsiri Balapatabandhi

Kalasoori Shelton Premaratne

Prabakaran urged to give up separation and agree on a reasonable solution - Anandasangaree

V. Anandasangaree, President – TULF in another letter to V.Prabakaran has pointed out the seriousness of his policies which caused death and destruction over a quarter of a century in Sri Lanka. The TULF leader has rendered his advice to give up his demand for separation of the country and urged to agree for a reasonable solution based on the Indian Model for which the International Community will give you full backing. He has alleged that Prabakaran should be held responsible for the present state of affairs.