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Disappearing Tiger

By Chandramohan - Syndicate Features

Despite protests like that from the government of Orissa there are reasons to believe that the latest figures about the tiger population in the country, released by the National Tiger Conservation Authority, closely resemble the actual numbers of the wild cats in India—1411—than the previous figure of over 3000 being touted since 2002. The latest tiger census is a result of a two-year survey. It was more scientific too unlike in the past when pugmarks were the sole guide. After it became known that the tiger has disappeared from the Sariska reserve in Rajasthan’s Alwar district a drastic downward revision of the country’s tiger population was to be expected. Rampant poaching, fragmentation of tiger habitat, frantic ‘development’ activities, ill-equipped staff that often lack motivation are only some of the factors that were ruining the efforts, even if not sufficient, made by the government to preserve the country’s tiger population.

Clove prices stabilizes

By Quintus Perera - Asian Tribune

Gulam Chatoor, Chairman, Media Sub Committee and a past Chairman of Spices and Allied Products Producers' and Traders' Association (SAPPTA) in a statement indicated that after clove prices falling from over Rs. 600 to Rs. 475 per Kg, the clove market has strengthened and stabilized at Rs. 525 per Kg). With a steady demand from India and a good crop in Sri Lanka, large exports are taking place to India, where Sri Lankan Cloves enjoy a zero tariff under the Free Trade Agreement, added Chatoor.

Fate of Muslims and Sinhalese inside a Separate State does not Concern Bruce Fein

By Rizana Gazzali

In an open letter to Attorney Bruce Fein, Attorney for Tamils for Justice, Rizana Gazzali reminds him that since the 1980s, the LTTE has systematically resorted to ethnic cleansing of Sinhalese and Muslims from the Northern Province, so that a province which had a significant mix of the communities in its demographic composition, is now mono-ethnic, comprising only Tamils. The last expulsion was in 1990 when the LTTE drove away 90,000 Muslims from the north within 24 hours, including some of my family members, allowing them to take nothing except the clothes on their backs. Many of them are still languishing in camps for displaced persons. A reasonable human being will take a step back to ponder a crucial issue. The ground reality is that the combined percentage of Sinhalese and Muslims in the East is greater than the percentage of Tamils. What would be their fate, if the LTTE achieved its objective of a separate state called “Tamil Eelam” in the North and the East?

Tamils Face Threats from Two Sides: Sinhalese Communalism and Tamil Fascism

S. Ratnajevan Hoole replying to Sri Lankan Ambassador to Washignton , Bernard Goonatilkae’s article "Tamil homeland fantasy" in the "Washington Times," states that Sri Lanka's real story is the more complex oedipal unfolding of inexorable Sinhalese nationalist communalism meeting its ugly little baby, Tamil fascism. We ordinary Tamils struggle under the two. Also stated that there is the suggestion that Tamils prefer living under the government to living in Tiger territory: I for one loved living in the Tamil neighborhoods where I grew up. But my ancestral house (Nallur) was destroyed, and innocent locals disappeared. Tamil shopkeepers visited by soldiers for cigarettes and public servants have been murdered by the Tigers. Few dare to live there in these circumstances.

Sri Lanka – Russia Business Council

By Quintus Perera - Asian Tribune

Fifth AGM of the Sri Lanka – Russia Business Council (SLRBC) was held at the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce with Alexey Shebarshin, Russian Ambassador to Sri Lanka as Chief Guest. SLRBC functions under the aegis of CCC with the objective of promoting trade, investment, joint ventures, services and tourism between the two countries. At the AGM the following office bearers were elected for the year 2007/2008: President -.Nimal Cooke (Maharajah Org.); Vice Presidents: Mohammed Shabbir (Delta Shipping); W. P Hapuarachchi (George Steuart)

Chief Female Instructor of the "Kiranchi" Sea Tiger Training Camp among those Killed

By Ravin Edirisinghe

Following the Air Force fighter jet attack on the Sea Tiger Base in Kiranchi, West of Killinochchi around 8.15 in the morning of last Friday (22), naval intelligence uncovered further details regarding the damage to the female sea tiger training base and to the cadres. As per the gathered intelligence, the chief female instructor of the Kiranchi sea tiger training base named Lieutenant Colonel (self styled) Kalai Arisi, Major (self styled) Thuwarika and Lieutenant (self styled) Senthamanai were among the ten (10) sea tiger cadres who were killed in the aerial attack while nine (09) suffered injuries.

Sri Lanka Confident of UN Sanctions Against LTTE

The Sri Lanka government is confident that the Security Council will eventually impose targeted sanctions on the LTTE, Foreign Secretary Palitha Kohona told Asian Tribune. He admitted it is not easy to impose sanctions on such a shadowy group as the LTTE and its leadership. As an example, he cited the bans and sanctions imposed by the US, Canada and the European Union. "But the LTTE and its front organizations still operate with impunity," said Kohona, who was in New York last week to meet with several senior UN officials. Kohona, the former chief of the UN Treaty Section and a onetime Australian diplomat, said: "We are confident that the Security Council will adopt a practical way to impose sanctions on the LTTE, including restrictions on fund-raising and money transfers."

Bruce Fein, LTTE Attorney has Still Not Replied to Asian Tribune

By K T Rajasingham

The Asian Tribune send 25 questions to Attorney Bruce Fein, the moment we heard that he had been retained by the tottering LTTE hierarchy in a new garb calling themselves "Tamils for Justice" to pump new life into the dying movement for an illusive “Eelam”. For reasons known only to Fein, it seems that answers to our questions have been sent to various publications except the "Asian Tribune." Bruce Fein repeatedly informed us that he would reply to our questions. As our readers have waited for the same, and now we are compelled to give the facts: how we wrote to Fein, what we asked of him to explain and why LTTE is now trying their best to get them de-banned as a terrorist organization proclaimed by the Government of United States of America.