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Opening of USAID-Funded Roads and Drainage Systems in Pottuvil, Ampara

The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and the United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS) announced the opening of the newly-constructed eight km of low maintenance, durable roads and drainage structures throughout the Pottuvil division of the Ampara District. In the past, the roads flooded and became almost impassable; today, with the professionally-constructed roads and drainage structures, residents and visitors can travel with ease. The finished roads have had a major impact on the community in Pottuvil.

Shaheed Dhirendranath Dutta-”The Bangali Nationalist Leader of bygone days - Part-IV

Rabindranath Trivedi for Asian Tribune

At this great juncture of history we recall our leaders of bygone days. What they thought and where we are now? Our former leaders and generations in East Bengal began their lives in the peculiar political environment of communal hatred, distrust and disgrace. The historic Language Movement was conceived in the Constitutional Assembly in February 1948. It was the Hindu leadership (1947-54) as the leader of the opposition members in Constituent Assembly of Pakistan (CAP) and in the East Bengal Legislative Assembly that led the nation toward the definitive direction. There were no other party to oppose besides Congress and Communist Does the nation pay respect to those departed souls? Is there any space in the history of Bangladesh?

Sri Lanka Government plans to setup a FTZ at Godagama

Sunil C. Perera in Colombo

A separate free trade zone is to be formed for construction material in Godagama Homagama. Minister Bandula Gunawardena says 200 million rupees have been allocated from the budget for this purpose. Speaking at a media conference in Colombo today he said the formation of the zone would be completed by the end of next year. The Minister said all shops at Sangaraja Mawatha in Kotahena will be transferred to this new zone.

Whither democracy in America?

By Dr. Habib Siddiqui

The rise of Constantinian Christian power in American democracy has progressed in stages. As Professor Cornel West of Princeton has demonstrated in his must-read book – "Democracy Matters: Winning the Fight Against Imperialism" - first, the ecumenical groups who spoke in defense of the rights of "others" were targeted by the Christian fundamentalists. They were lashed out with vicious attacks and branded as "liberals." The Christian fundamentalists and evangelists cast liberal seminaries as "sinful" havens. For legitimacy of imperial rule, they recruited and financed minority (e.g., Blacks, Chinese and Korean) churches who parroted their views. The last stage was their consolidation of power by throwing their weight around with well organized political action groups and aligning themselves with Jewish neoconservatives.

UN agency for refugees has sought $ 18.6 million for Sri Lanka

By Walter Jayawardhana

The United Nations high Commissioner for Refugees has appealed for 18.6 million dollars to provide assistance to an estimated half a million people displaced within Sri Lanka by the separatist war waged by the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE), the agency said. The United Nation’s agency for refugees said as the two decades old war now shifts from the Eastern Province to the Northern Province of Sri Lanka they are now preparing to assist fresh displacements during the year 2008.

Millions of Donors Keep Contest Alive as Ohio and Texas Make their Choice

By Philip Fernando in Seattle for Asian Tribune

The drive to get money flowing into the campaign coffers seems at its highest now as both Barrack Obama and Hillary Clinton make a last ditch stand to get their messages heard over TV and media outlets. Obama’s mind-numbing invocations of the “American Dream” is second only to his ability to get donations-over one million donors have contributed $ 109 each to his campaign, making that the largest pool of money coming from individual donors to a campaign. Not to be out done, Bill and Chelsea Clinton had sent out mailers to millions asking for donations to match what is being spent by Obama over the air waves. This groundswell of support is hard to beat.

U.N. Inaction Threatens "Mass Killings" in Africa, Asia

By Thalif Deen, Inter Press Service

The international failure to respond aggressively to the killings in Sudan, and more recently in Kenya, is threatening the spread of genocide and ethnic cleansing in other parts of Africa, a London-based human rights organisation warns. Mark Lattimer, executive director of Minority Rights Group International (MRG), predicts that "mass killings" will continue in 2008 -- if the international community refuses to take decisive action. He says that over half of the 20 countries in the world where people are most under threat of genocide are in Africa, including Somalia, Sudan, Ethiopia, Chad and the Central African Republic.

Media Awards to Focus on Water, Sanitation & Hygiene

The Water Supply and Sanitation Collaborative Council (WSSCC) and the Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI) are calling for entries for the WASH (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene) media awards, which was first launched in 2002. The awards aim to highlight the impact of the media on increased public awareness of issues relating to water supply, sanitation and hygiene. They are open to journalists from developing countries, who write or broadcast original investigative reports on WASH issues. The second in a series, the awards also aim to reward those journalists whose work has a proven impact on improving WASH services in their country or locality. Deadline for entries is 15 May 2008.

US Congress does not Support Repeat of Kosovo: Holds Back any Support for Unilateral Secession

Daya Gamage – US National Correspondent Asian Tribune

Despite the Government of the United States and leading influential members of both the Senate and the House including the current contenders for the Democratic and Republican Party nominations for the November 2008 presidential election overwhelmingly recognized the birth of the independent state of Kosovo there is also a consensus in the United States that the Kosovo’s status does not establish a precedent for resolutions of other conflicts. In a resolution brought before the United States Congress and accepted by the Senate Foreign Relations Committee reiterates that Kosovo situation as unique. The March 29, 2007 resolution pronounces the following:

Ex Thai Prime Minister Thaksin arrives home: vows to remain out of politics

Thaksin Kneeling down Thailand's former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra returned to Thailand amidst tight security Thursday morning, ending 17 months of self-imposed exile since the September 2006 military coup that ousted him from the country's leadership. Once stepping on the Thai soil, Thaksin knelt down, placed both his hands on the ground and bowed down. At least 600 policemen were deployed at Suvarnabhumi airport where a large crowd of Thaksin supporters, many of them carrying placards welcoming him back, waited anxiously for his arrival. Repeating his intention to stay out of politics, he announced that he would spend his time back in the country fighting charges against him and restoring his tarnished reputation.

Our Diplomatic Missions Focused on Representing Sri Lankan Policy Effectively - Hussein Bhaila Deputy Foreign Minister

By K T Rajasingham

Hussein BhailaIn an interview with the Asian Tribune, Hussein Bhaila, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, who overseas consular affairs in the Ministry, stated that the Sri Lankan embassies round the world were enforcing a policy of countering the propaganda of the LTTE and that government’s position that the Tamil people were viewed differently from the ruthless terrorists known as LTTE. He was satisfied that our diplomatic missions were on their toes to give a true picture of what is being done internationally by the government. He encouraged the diaspora to write to the Ministry pin pointing any shortcomings and grievances which need immediate attention. “We are open to a dialogue with the expatriates and you can quote me, we want them to let us know how we are doing, Minister said. He emphasized that the Diplomatic Missions, especially in Europe are doing their utmost to bring forward the country’s point of view on the question of LTTTE and the Tamil people.

Castro fades out

By Chandra Mohan - Syndicate Features

When the Cuban leader, Fidel Castro, was taken to hospital for an emergency operation in the summer of 2006 the United States immediately began to envision a Cuba without him. Frustrating US hopes he survived a major intestine operation. The Americans, counting on man’s mortality, are probably encouraged again on hearing that after running the affairs of his country for 49 years Castro has decided that he would no longer lead Cuba, just 90 miles off the southern tip of the US.

Ranaviru Cultural Troupe Feted in L A

Ranaviru Cultural troupe that toured the US attracting thousands were felicitated by the Consular General and Mrs Jaliya Wickramasuriya to a dinner on Sunday February 17th 2008. Dr. Mohan Kumararatne, President of Ranaviru Foundation USA and members of the Foundation as well as over 150 guests were present. The Los Angeles crowd honored the Cutural Troupe of Tri-Services Army, Navy and Air Force whose performances received applause every where they went. The cultural troupe was headed by Lt. Col. Ampe Mohotti, who is also a physically challenged veteran. Other physically challenged veterans were represented by Warrant Officer M.A.U.A.W.M. Upali.

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