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Ambassador Bernard Goonetelleke

LTTE Terrorism Faced by Sri Lanka Is a Global Problem: Ambassador Bernard Goonatilake

Ambassador Bernard GoonetellekeSri Lankan Ambassador Bernard Goonetelleke interviewd by Masha Wickremasinghe of WCCA TV Massachsetts, expressed the view that the global community has done many things. In the first instance, they have recognized the LTTE for what it is, recognized the Tamil Relief Organization (TRO) and front organizations for what they are, and banned or curtailed their activities that contribute to death the destruction in Sri Lanka. He added that one has to be vigilant, and one has to be mindful, of the fact that a problem, that is taking place 10,000 miles away from the coast of the USA, is not a problem of Sri Lanka alone. It could visit us in the United States or any other country, sometime or later. Terrorist groups feed on each other. It is the same with the LTTE today. They will establish links with other terrorist groups, which plan to harm the interests of, for example, the U.S. Therefore, you cannot say this problem is not a global problem. We live in a global village and we have to work together to eliminate terrorism.

Warren Buffet is the World Richest Man, Bill Gates slipped to third position

By Philip Fernando in Seattle for Asian Tribune

The richest man in the world is Warren Buffett of Berkshire Hathaway Inc. USA. Bill Gates co-founder of Microsoft had been the top most billionaire for 13 years is now third in the list. Second to Buffet is Mexico’s techno-Mogul Carlos S Helu. Indian steel entrepreneur Lakshmi Mittal was fourth and one of four Indians in the top ten. Buffett's wealth grew $10 billion, to about $62 billion, in the 12 months through February, mostly because of a gain in his company's shares, Forbes said Wednesday. Indian steel entrepreneur Lakshmi Mittal was fourth, the richest in Asia.

TNA MP Sivanesan was summoned to Kilinochchi by LTTE for secret meeting

Tamil analysts in Sri Lanka believe that K. Sivanesan, Member of Parliament (MP) of the LTTE-backed Tamil National Alliance (TNA) was killed by the Tamil Tigers. The LTTE has summoned Mr Sivanesan and another TNA MP for a briefing on Wednesday. According to political circles only Mr Sivenesan was free to go to Mankulam. The LTTE summons TNA MPs from time to time and instruct them on the stands they should take in Parliament debates and media interviews. Mr Sivanesan who received the LTTE summons on Wednesday, 24 hours before his death on Thursday afternoon in a claymore explosion inside the LTTE controlled area. Analysts say that the LTTE while claiming that the group has the total control of areas beyond Vavuniya issues a statement immediately after the killing that an Army Special Forces unit blew up Mr Sivenesan’s vehicle.

Sri Lanka Navy not involved in shooting down of the Tamil Nadu Fisherman

Sri Lanka Navy has denied that it was not involved in the killing of the Tamil Nadu Fisherman Christy from Thankatchimadam. In a statement, Sri Lanka Deputy High Commission said that while denying the allegation, emphasised that Sri Lanka Navy was not involved in any shooting incident. The Deputy High Commission Office statement also revealed that Navy wishes to remind that the LTTE has been known to carry out such attacks to tarnish the image of the Sri Lanka Navy which has been acknowledged by Tamil Nadu fishermen for helping them in times of distress, even as recent as in February 2008.

Independence of Kosovo Sets No Precedent Anywhere Else in this World – US Secretary of State

Daya Gamage – US Bureau Asian Tribune

The Government of the United States of America strongly believes that Kosovo makes a special and unique case and that the situation that existed Kosovo to gain independence does not exist anywhere in the world today. In a resolution moved in the United States Senate last year (carried in Asian Tribune) and confirmed by its Foreign Relations Committee, while supporting the independence of Kosovo, categorically stated that the Congress recognized the situation led to the freedom of Kosovo was unique to its territory and that it cannot be substituted in other situations anywhere in the world.

CIMA Student Society geared to deliver the best

By Quintus Perera – Asian Tribune

Ms Kusum Silva was elected the President, CIMA Students’ Society (CIMASS) at its 15th AGM held recently while Dinushika Dissanayake was elected as Vice President. CIMASS plans a series of events for the year to be bigger and better than the previous years in keeping with the CIMASS ideology of continuous improvement. It operates with the key objective of providing its’ student membership a means of gaining access to knowledge and skills beyond the CIMA curriculum, that are essential to create a well-rounded CIMA professional.

Russian Presidency: Medvedev for Continuity

By Dr.Abdul Ruff Colachal

The March 02 poll in post-Communist Russia to elect the successor to President Putin, but in essence to enable Putin’s nominee Dmitry Anatolyevich Medvedev, 42, to assume the mettle of custodian of the Kremlin as the new Russian president, is over. With nearly 100% of the ballots counted final results showed that Medvedev had received 70.23 percent of the vote, the head of the elections commission said. Up to 109 million registered voters took part in the election in the world's biggest country, including reindeer herders in the far north east near Alaska, ice swimmers in Siberia and troops at military bases in Moscow.

Terrorism Wrongly Labeled as an Ethnic Issue by Western Democracies: Reply to The German Minister of Economic Corporation

Sri Lankan Alumni of German Universities/Institutions comprising academics and highly placed professionals in private and public sector responding to German Minister of Economic Corporation Frau Heidemare Wieczorek-Zeul expressed disappointment about her statement regarding the ethnic situation in Sri Lanka. They have noted that most of the western democracies have failed to understand the terrorist problem in Sri Lanka. They called it an ethnic issue whereas it is not. Experience has shown that it hasn’t been unusual for parliamentarians to see the world through the eyes of their constituents, who sometimes comprise vocal ethnic minorities. Many of them have found residency in the west using political refugee status, as a cover for economic migration.

Clinton Wins - Has Sanity Been Restored?

By Raj Gonsalkorale

Present polling indicates that neither Hillary Clinton nor Barak Obama will be able to beat John McCain to the White House. This is very likely due to the divided and sometimes acrimonious Democratic camp, where voters perhaps feel they are better off even with a Republican who could unify the Nation. What the Democrats perhaps do not realize is that John McCain is a liberal and he could attract disgruntled Democrat and independent liberals, and win the election. It is interesting to note what some analysts are saying as to who, as the Democratic candidate, would precipitate such disgruntled liberal voters to vote for John McCain. Would it be Hillary Clinton or Barak Obama?

Board Room Challenges

By Quintus Perera – Asian Tribune

Sri Lanka Institute of Directors, SLID is organizing an evening group discussion at Taj Samudra Hotel on such matters like: Balance of Influence Between Executive & Independent Directors; Role of the Chairman vis-à-vis the Chief Executive Officer ; Composition of the Board; and Executive Committee’s Accountability to the Board Each group will be led by one of Sri Lanka’s most eminent business personalities and will provide the opportunity for participants to interact and share knowledge with their experienced counterparts.

Another Sri Lanka Rupavahini Corporation victim

Sunil C. Perera in Colombo

An unknown thug cut the neck of Mrs. Ranjanee Aluthge, Librarian of Sri Lanka Rupavahini Corporation (SLRC), with a razor while she was returning from duty by bus. She was admitted with two razor cuts in her nape to national hospital. She was in shock although her condition was not serious. Earlier, Mrs.Aluthge was reportedly captured in video recordings of Minister Mervin Silva incident at SLRC. Meanwhile Free Media Movement condemns razor attack on another SLRC staffer Mrs. Ranjani Aluthge . The FMM said these attacks and threats are creating a fear psychosis especially among the journalists who participated and covered the 27th December SLRC protest against the minister. This in turn will obstruct them performing their duty of informing people.

Enforced Disappearances Not LTTE Style – Sri Lanka State Should Take All Responsibility says Human Rights Watch Report

Daya Gamage – US Bureau Asian Tribune

The resumption of major military operations between the government of Sri Lanka and the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) in mid-2006 has brought the return of a haunting phenomenon from the country’s past—the widespread abduction and “disappearance” of young men by the parties to the conflict. With the de facto breakdown of the 2002 Norway-brokered ceasefire between the parties, and its formal dissolution in January 2008, it is likely armed conflict will intensify in the coming year. Unless the Sri Lankan government takes far more decisive action to end the practice, uncover the fate of persons unaccounted for, and prosecute those responsible, then 2008 could see another surge in “disappearances” says March 2008 report of New York-based Human Rights Watch on ‘disappearances’ and ‘abductions’ in Sri Lanka.