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Locally built FAC sunk due to Sea Mine Explosion

A locally built Fast Attack Craft of the Sri Lanka Navy caught in an explosion and sank later as it started to take water in the wee hours today (22). Two Fast Attack Craft were deployed for routine patrol in the Eastern Seas off Nayaru. The locally built FAC which caught in the explosion made it difficult for the crew to maneuver it to a safe area. The crew later abandons the craft as it was not possible to maneuver the craft further. Six crew members have been reused so far by the Navy.

Opinion Poll of Western and Asian Publics Finds Criticism of Chinese Policy on Tibet

Daya Gamage - US National Correspondent Asian Tribune

An opinion poll of three western and three Asian countries finds widespread criticism of Chinese policies toward Tibet. This critical view is held by large majorities in all three western countries--the United States (74%), France (75%) and Britain (63%). Views are more varied among the Asian countries. An overwhelming 84 percent of South Koreans are critical, as is a modest majority of Indonesians (54%, with only 12% endorsing China's position). However among Indians views are nearly evenly divided, with 37 percent siding with critics, 33 percent siding with China and 31 percent not taking a position.

Condoleezza Rice Apologizes to All Three Presidential Candidates for Security Breach

Philip Fernando in Los Angeles for Asian Tribune

US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice apologized to the three presidential candidates, Senators Barrack Obama, Hillary Clinton and John McCain for the security lapses that had occurred when unauthorized personnel working for the State Department had accessed their passport files recently. Rice called the three candidates to apologize. McCain was the most outraged when he thought that three influential senators, running for the presidency, all arguing about national security had been so treated by the State department. McCain said any breaches of passport privacy called for an apology and a full investigation. He said "corrective action should be taken".

Not Sinhala Terrorism: Clarification by Mano Ganesan Leader of Western Peoples Front

Mano Ganesan Leader of the Western Peoples Front has clarified his statement made to the Asian Tribune yesterday as follows: "while thanking you for publishing statement sent from my office, I wish to bring one error in your print. My statement does not refer to 'Sinhala Terrorism" . I was only giving the meaning that (Sinhala) fundamentalism has given birth to Tamil extremism and Tamil terrorism. I am aware of the fact of the functioning of Sinhala state terrorism while there is Tamil terrorism. One is state and other is non state. I stand by my positions as I always do.

Who will pay US$ 80 billion to halve the number of people without basic sanitation?

Bobby Ramakant

How will Thailand and other countries in the world achieve the millennium development goal (MDG) target to reduce by half the proportion of 2.6 billion people who have no access to basic sanitation by 2015? On this year's World Water Day (22 March 2008), to put the spotlight on sanitation the United Nations General Assembly declared the year 2008 as the International Year of Sanitation. The goal is to raise awareness and to accelerate progress towards the MDG targets to halve the number of people without access to basic sanitation by 2015.

India’s dreaded RAW infiltrates into Sri Lanka’s London High Commission and Bars Diplomats from meetings

By a special Correspondent

The Sri Lanka High Commission in London has been infiltrated by agents working for India’s Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) and managing powerful person’s working in the High Commission to run affairs in the mission according to an agenda of the dreaded intelligence service, it is alleged. “The purpose of the infiltration is to impose India’s plan of devolution of power fully through so called peace agitators and bar this information from the defense services of Sri Lanka so that accurate counsel regarding these matters will not be available to the President of Sri Lanka,” an insider of the High commission told the "Asian Tribune." The RAW operatives were fully successful in barring the Defense Counsellor Brigadier Prasad Samarasinghe from few meetings they took part with High Commissioner Mrs. Kshenuka Senewiratne and her confidants although the normal practice is to invite all diplomats at the High Commission for such meetings. Few other diplomats were also barred from the meeting.

International Human Rights Monitors Shouldn’t Base Their Reports on Hearsay and Unverified Findings: Sri Lanka’s EPDP

Half of Sri Lanka’s trouble with the international community and its principal players like the United States can be attributed to periodic reports by internationally recognized human rights organizations findings on human rights practices and civil liberties based on hearsay, media reports which are not supported by cogent evidence, and observations and facts written by persons not domiciled on Sri Lankan soil which give distorted versions. These periodic reports with exaggerations, half truths and blown out of proportion released by reputed and internationally recognized civil liberties organizations mostly based in western capitals are taken seriously by the European Union and the United States on whom Sri Lanka depends heavily on trade and investments

Holy Bible on the Mission of Jesus

By A. Abdul Aziz

The subject of the Second Coming of Jesus is so important not only to the Christians but for the Muslims as well. For the benefit of the readers, as a Muslim, I need to expose some truths from the vary sayings of the Holy Bible so that they should know what really happened. It is evident from the Holy Bible that the moving prayers of Jesus on the night before the day of crucifixion (Matt 26:39; Luke 22:42; Mark 14:36; Matt 27:46) had been the main source for his escape from the accursed death on the cross. For it is utterly unbelievable that such earnest prayers from no less a personage than Jesus Christ should go unanswered.

What really is Capitalism?

By Oscar E. V. Fernando

Is it opium for masses like how some want us to believe? There are a lot of terms defining an economy that be-fuddle the average reader; there are three broad categories; Capitalism or Free Enterprise; Communist or socialist State Enterprises; Enterprises managed by Statutory Boards.In capitalism as an economic system, the means of production are privately owned; it is operated for profit; investment of capital is determined privately; decisions regarding production, marketing, and prices for goods, services and labor are determined by forces of supply and demand.

Muhammad (S) – The Prophet of Islam – Part 3

By Habib Siddiqui

It is said that a man's real essence is known only by those who are close to him and had interacted with him on a regular basis. Let's meet some of these individuals. "Companions: Ali ibn Abi Talib (RA), was ten years old when Muhammad (S) received revelations from Allah at the age of forty. In his childhood, he was raised by the Prophet (S) and his wife Khadija (RA). He later married their youngest daughter – Faimah (RA). This is how Ali (RA) described Muhammad (S):

Wisdom dawns with the birth of Prophet Mohamed (Sal)

M.C.A. Hameed - President - All Ceylon Thareekathul Mufliheen

The commentators and reformists have used regular prayers as a shield in their efforts to submerge them in this fashion. In short, asking an acceptable question to clear doubts arising from a matter itself was considered a big sin, and the people were made to believe so. If we do not have the freedom to question and clarify doubts, what use is there for our common sense? One who says not to analyze and doubt, is a thief who is robbing your common sense, says Ingersol. Recitation, education and study mean getting to know about what we do not know. It is bounden on us to inquire from the knowledgeable what we are ignorant of.

Adieu Indian Hockey!

By Krishna Mohan - Syndicate Features

In a matter of just a few days the headline writers in the country have exhibited a full range of emotions. The victory in the triangular one-day cricket international series in Australia sent them into ecstasy with some gloating headlines raising visions of a ‘resurgent’ youthful Indian cricket team becoming number one in the world! Even before this euphoria had died down came the abysmal news of the defeat of the Indian hockey by Great Britain in Olympic qualifying round matches in far way Chile. The defeat eliminated India from participating in the hockey event at the Beijing Olympics. It was an unprecedented humiliation for Indian hockey.

TMVP Leader Pillaiyan Refutes Cock and Bull Gibberish of UNP Leaders Facing Certain Defeat at PC Elections

PillaiyanTamil Makkal Viduthalai Pullikal leader S. Chanthirakanthan alias Pillaiyan refuted the UNP Leaders audacious comments that TMVP was interfering in the security affairs of Sri Lanka. Facing certain ignominious electoral defeat in the forthcoming Provincial Council elections, they are spewing out some ‘cock and bull’ gibberish. Pillaiyan strongly denied Opposition Leaders canard that TMVP has requested the withdrawal of STF camps in the East. When the "Asian Tribune" contacted him, S.Chanthirakanthan alias Pillaiyan, he said that this was the most childish comment he had ever read or heard. It is unfortunate that the United National Party which was in power for more than 31 long years in this country has come with such shameless tactics for their political gain. Having not said a word about the great bravery of the Sri Lankan armed forces, they are now resorting to false allegations.