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A Tank from the Army's Mechanized Brigade

Kelaniya flyover declared open

The Kelaniya flyover was declared open today by Sri Lanka President Mahinda Rajapakse. Jayaraj Fernandopulle, Minister of Highways and Road Development was also associated with the President. The Kelaniya flyover, the first of 222 bridges to be constructed countrywide was declared opened for traffic this morning. The length of the Kelaniya flyover is 325 meters. Two lanes have been constructed under the first phase of the project. The second phase of the project is due to commence next month for constructing additional two lanes. The total estimated cost of the project is Rs. 2.1 billion.

Violence and intimidation threaten to undermine Nepalese polls – UN report

Daya Gamage – US Bureau Asian Tribune

Nepal's political parties should stop intimidating voters during the campaign for next month's elections for a Constituent Assembly, the United Nations said March 23 in a new report which warns that an upsurge of killings and acts of violence in the Terai region and daily clashes between party supporters are threatening to undermine the historic polls. The joint report of the UN Mission in Nepal (UNMIN) and the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) – the first in a series ahead of the 10 April vote – urges armed groups to pursue dialogue with their political opponents and to refrain from violence, intimidation and other activities against the election process.

Muslim Congress Will Not Coalesce: Pre-emptying A Muslim Chief Minister in the East

By Our Political Correspondent

Sri Lanka Muslim Congress will do it alone and will not coalesce with any other party, the Government or the Opposition. It will contest the East Provincial Council Elections without having any truck with the ruling party. They announced that they will not contest the election under betel leaf symbol of the United People’s Freedom Alliance. The resulting division of the Muslim vote would mean a lost opportunity to have a Muslim as the Chief Minister of the East. The Muslims failed to find a consensus formula to contest under UPFA or under any other common Alliance. A representative meeting organized by the Muslim United UMMA yesterday failed to arrive at a consensus and went their separate ways.

Berlin temple to attract Germans to Sri Lanka

BY Janaka Perera

The Buddhist Vihara at Berlin could play a major role in attracting German Buddhists to Sri Lanka, according to Tourism Deputy Minister Faiz Mustapha. The Deputy Minister told this the Venerable Wilachchiye Dhammavijaya Thera during a visit to the temple this month. Mr. Mustapha who visited the temple with a ministerial team said that the Vihara could provide Germans with basic knowledge of Buddhist meditation and related topics before sending them to Sri Lanka for further training on the subjects.

Where are Pakistan’s Heroes?

By Adnan Gill - for Asian Tribune

A nation's path to success and maturity can be measured by its performance in Olympics. More importantly, its character can be judged by how it treats its heroes. However, the nations determined to leave their mark on history turn their ordinary citizens into idols. India seems to have mastered the art of turning their zeros into the heroes. Regrettably, in a stark contrast, Pakistanis have mastered the art of disowning their genuine heroes. The Loin of Kargil, Capt. Karnal Sher Khan and Pakistan’s father of nuclear bomb, Dr. A. Q. Khan are only couple of examples of Pakistan’s knack for dishonoring its heroes.

Inclusiveness, Coupled with Pragmatism and Consensus Building, Key To Bring Country Back - Dr. Palitha Kohona

Dr. Palitha KohonaDemocratic inclusiveness is the foundation for Government’s efforts to bring the country back to normal. Inclusiveness, in that sense of the word, signifies the spirit of pragmatism and consensus building of President Rajapaksa’s style of governance. It was earlier thought a conflict that dragged on for over a quarter of a century could not be solved overnight. However it has been emphasized that any solutions to the conflict needed the widest endorsement from the Sri Lankan political spectrum. The errors and the omissions made by successive governments in the past had also to be taken into account in formulating a solution. Dr. Palitha Kohona was Speaking at the regional conference on Pluralism in South Asia held on Monday in Colombo.

Sri Lanka Army Mechanized Brigade in Action in the Jaffna Front Line

By Ruwan Weerakoon in Colombo

Army's Mechanized Brigade, will soon reach Elephant Pass as the war front readies to confront the LTTE head-on. Mechanized Brigade was formed in the year 2006, a brain child of Sri Lanka Army Commander Lt Gen. Sarath Fonseka. The Brigade comprised of Armor tanks with unique modern warfare related equipment, which is unknown to others except for the brigade commander and rest who are in the brigade. The main objective of establishing’ Mechanized Brigade is to minimize the causality to soldiers and maximize damage to LTTE. Brigade Commander Colonel Ralf Nugera said our Brigade will reach Elephant pass and beyond as we would adopt new military strategically approach and tactics to surprise the LTTE.

Development of Organic Agriculture Sector in Sri Lanka

Organic production has considerable potential in our agriculture sector in Sri Lanka. However, the term organic has been widely misused in Sri Lanka without having very clear understanding about it. Ecological farming systems, applying compost on crops, natural home garden practices, neglecting lands without applying natural and artificial inputs can not be defined or termed as organic. Organic chemistry has no direct relationship with organic agriculture. Organic is a kind of labelling system that is granted for ecological production when the whole process is certified by an accredited third party organization.

Muhammad (S) – The Prophet of Islam – Part 5

By Habib Siddiqui

It is said that true Prophets of God performed miracles that defied natural laws. Jews believe that Moses (Ar. Musa alayhis salam) performed a number of miracles (no less than 32), the most important one (probably) being the parting of the Red Sea (Exodus: 13:17-15:12). Christians believe that Jesus, son of Mary (Ar. 'Isa ibn Maryam (AS)), performed 46 miracles that included curing the leper (Mark 1:40-45), healing the blind (Mark 8:22-26, 10:46), driving out evil spirits (Mark 16:9), feeding thousands with few loaves of bread and fish (Mark 6:30-44) and raising Lazarus from death (John 11:1-44). They ask: did Muhammad (S), the Prophet of Islam, perform any such miracle? As a matter of fact, they are not alone in their probing. The pagan Arabs of Muhammad's (S) time demanded miracles from Muhammad (S) to prove to them that he was a true Prophet of Allah (see, e.g., Qur'an 21:5).

Simmering Tibet

By Tushar Charan - Syndicate Features

The highhanded manner in which the Chinese authorities dealt with the anger of the Tibetans in Lhasa has probably made sure that its echoes will be heard right till the Beijing Olympic due in August. That is an embarrassment that the Chinese comrades did not want to face. But instead of doing something to prevent it they are actually making sure that their mulish attempts to discredit the Dalai Lama, a Nobel peace laureate, will keep the Tibetan issue in focus till the Olympic games, if not much longer.

After declaring open the flyover

Flyover being declared opened

The Kelaniya flyover

Deputy Minister in a temple in a Berlin

Dr. Palitha Kohona

Fight Terrorism, Don’t Capitulate To It - says Israeli Prime Minister

By Walter Jayawardhana

"Do not give in to terrorism because it will only bring destruction to your country. Terrorism must be fought; one must not capitulate to it," said Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert to visiting Sri Lankan Prime Pinister Ratnasiri Wickramanayaka. A statement issued by the Israeli Prime Minister’s office quoted Olmert as saying to the Sri Lankan leader during the first day of the Sri lankan leader’s four day visit to Israel that terrorism has to be fought against severely. The visiting Prime Minister of Sri Lanka said in Jeruselam that the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam is maintaining strong relations with internationally accepted terrorist groups like PKK and some affiliates of the dreaded Al Qaida.