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Basil Rajapakse

If Elected, Obama Wants Al Gore in Cabinet Level Position

By Philip Fernando on LA for Asian Tribune

Sen. Barack ObamaDemocrat candidate Barrack Obama would most likely want former Vice President and Noble Peace Prize winner, Al Gore in a key Cabinet position in the Obama administration, according to all major news sources today. A supporter asked Obama the question at a town hall meeting that if elected president, whether he would consider getting Gore into his team or an even higher level office, to address global warming? Obama straight away said “I would, not only will I do that, but I will make a commitment that Al Gore will be at the table and play a central part in us figuring out how we solve this problem. He's somebody I talk to on a regular basis. I'm already consulting with him in terms of these issues but climate change is real."

Sri Lanka Calls for Better Trade and Market Access to Achieve UN's Development Goals

Prasad KariyawasamThe 192-member General Assembly held a two day thematic debate on the UN's Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) -- focusing on its successes and failures. The meeting also consisted of panel discussions on poverty, hunger, education, and health-- four of the eight MDGs. Addressing the General Assembly, Ambassador Prasad Kariyawasam, Permanent Representative of Sri Lanka to the UN, while reflecting on progress made so far by Sri Lanka in reaching the targets set by the MDGs and steps being taken by the Government of Sri Lanka to ensure that Sri Lanka achieves the MDG targets by 2015, called for better terms of trade and market access for products and services of developing countries. He also stressed the importance of greater coherence and predictability in global financial and commodity markets for developing countries like Sri Lanka to reach the MDG targets.

UN Poverty Goals Face New Threats

By Thalif Deen - Inter Press Service

The U.N.'s Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), aimed primarily at reducing poverty, hunger, disease and illiteracy, are being undermined by a rash of new problems threatening to cripple the ongoing efforts by developing nations to reach their targets by 2015. With less than seven years to meet the deadline, the failures seem to far outweigh the limited successes achieved so far.

Muslim Congress MPs Resigning Their Seats, Sure Indication of Government's Success in Liberating the East, Basil Rajapakse

Basil Basil Rajapakse, a senior Presidential advisor and Member of Parliament speaking to “Asian Tribune” said that Rauff Hakeem, Basheer Segu Dawood and Hassan Alili from the Sri Lanka Muslim Congress by resigning their parliamentary seats and coming forward to contest in the provincial Council elections has vindicated the position of the Government. He added, that shows that the liberation of the east is now working in the way government expected and democracy has dawned in the East. That is why Rauff Hakeem and his other two party members resigned the parliamentary position and came forward to contest in the provincial Council elections. Basil Rajapakse pointed out that this shows people believe that provincial Council has real powers and that to be a member of the Provincial Council seems more powerful than to be a Member of Parliament.

Infant Girl Forcibly Exploited as a Suicide Bomber, Main Attraction at Durham Film Festival: LTTE’s Sinister Plot

By Philip Fernando in LA for Asian Tribune

This is outrageously sinister: Exploitation of the freedom of speech guaranteed by the First Amendment, the LTTE has brazenly portrayed a 12-year old Tamil girl’s path towards becoming a suicide bomber, trained and brained washed by the terrorist organization described as the most vicious in the world by the FBI. LTTE website has unashamedly admitted how she was forcibly kidnapped as an infant for the ignominious role of being a suicide bomber. The movie has no qualms about glorifying suicide bombing in all its gory details. The Full Frame Film festival in Durham is now using this film as an attraction for viewers to enjoy the Film Festival at Durham, North Carolina.

Teenage Maid Rizana Nafeek in Death Row Still Awaiting Justice

The plight of the teenage Sri Lankan maid, Rizana Nafeek, a daughter of humble woodcutter Mohammed Sultan Nafeek from Muthur seems desperate. Indicted and found guilty of alleged death of an infant while bottle feeding. Rizana is languishing in a death row in Saudi Arabia with no tangible progress reported in her case, while people all over the world has shown keen interest in the outcome of her appeal from the cassation Court. But the Cassation Court endorsed the verdict of the Dawadmi. High Court and send it to Supreme Judicial Council. Thereafter the Supreme Judicial Council has referred it to the original courts which earlier sentenced Rizana to the death row.

Delivery of Prabhakaran film to its owners denied as pro-LTTE Dalit Panthers of India obtains a temporary restraining order

By Walter Jayawardhana

The popular Sinhala language daily, the Divaina, reported that Chennai’s Gemini Color Laboratory refused to hand back the Sinhalese and Tamil language negatives robbed from the Director of the controversial film entitled Prabhakaran. Pro-Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam political activists robbed the negatives of the full length feature film named after the LTTE leader Prabhakaran when the Director of the film Thushara Peiris was there at the Color laboratories attending to the processing of the film.

Bangladesh's next destination

By Sunita Paul

Some people say it is the next terrorism gator. Some say, a future land of Taliban and extremist Islamists. Some say, a failed nation. Some even say a country possibly under the greedy eyes of neighbors. What fate waits really for this second largest Moslem populated country in the world? Bangladesh became independent in 1971 after a nine-month war with the then mighty Pakistani army. To my knowledge, it is the shortest ever war of independence in the world history for any nation to get independence. There are not many arguments that the independence of Bangladesh was almost impossible, if India would not get involved in the war of 1971.

25 per cent of Burma's Karenni Stateinternally displaced

Higher percentage of population displaced than in Sudan, Iraq, Uganda, Colombia or the Democratic Republic of Congo(Over one quarter of the Karenni population of eastern Burma has been forced from their homes due to years of military oppression, a figure expected to increase as militarisation of the state continues unabated, according to a new report from Burma Issues. In Karenni State, located in eastern Burma, 81,000 villagers are currently internally displaced, representing 27 per cent of the state's population. Between 70 and 80 per cent of those displaced are women and children.

Gilani’s Emergency Plan for a Future Pakistan

By Dr.Abdul Ruff Colachal

Upon winning the confidence vote in parliament on March 29, 2008, new Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani's’s policy speech came as a long-awaited beacon of hope for the people of Pakistan who seemed to have lost all faith in the politicians and the so-called democratic process which only means elections. Not only the entire National Assembly unanimously reposed its confidence in the leadership of Prime Minister Gilani, but perhaps for the first time in Pakistan’s history, the opposition members too voted for the Leader of the House. The opposition leaders did all this just to proclaim their solidarity with the new government and to support and strengthen democratic norms. Gilani enumerated his policy decisions for the next 100 days after getting a unanimous vote of confidence in parliament.

Ambassador Prasad Kariyawasam

Haditha Massacre in Iraq and Muttur Massacre in Sri Lanka: Putting US/Sri Lanka Investigations in Proper Perspective

Daya Gamage – US Bureau Asian Tribune Analysis

Two brutal incidents, one occurred in Haditha, Iraq and other in Muttur, Sri Lanka, the former in November 2005 and the latter in August 2006, can now be connected to ascertain how official investigations are conducted on such brutal massacres done in two countries. At one end of the scale is the United States a country that has assumed the global responsibility of passing judgments to the rest of the world on human rights practices. At the other end of the scale is the small South Asian island-nation Sri Lanka which is militarily battling a ruthless separatist/terrorist organization to safeguard the nation’s territorial integrity, sovereignty and democracy while endeavoring to strike a delicate balance between national security and civil liberties/rule of law.