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Asian Tribune is published by E-LANKA MEDIA(PVT)Ltd. Vol. 20 No. 84

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Democracy will Flourish after Fascism is Defeated in the North, Foreign Minister Bogollagama Tells BBC

By Walter Jayawardhana

Sri Lanka’s Minister for Foreign Affairs Rohitha Bogollagama predicted that before long Sri Lanka would wipe out Fascism from the island nation’s Northern Province and re-establish democratic institutions there. Sri Lanka’s visiting Foreign Minister told British Broadcasting Corporation’s Asia Today TV channel that similar to our flushing out terrorists from the island's sprawling Eastern Province and re-establishing democratic institutions there, the North will also see the dawn of freedom from terrorism. Our goal is to establish a pluralistic society by defeating Fascism.

Congress, Samajwadi party cozying up in Uttar Pradesh

By M Rama Rao, India Editor, Asian Tribune, Delhi

The Congress and the Samajwadi party are not feeling shy of admitting their new found coziness but they are not rushing into a formal alliance. This is no consolation to Mayawati, the BSP supremo, who only a month ago was on cloud nine after she made an unscheduled visit to 10 Janpath and remained huddled with Sonia Gandhi for several hours. Some clarity in the Congress-SP-BSP equation is expected only by around August, according to observers of the Delhi power circuit. But already requiem is being said for the UNPA, the third front floated by Chandrababu Naidu. Third option idea of CPI (M) General Secretary, Prakash Karat's is a pipe dream in the present circumstances, says Marxist veteran Jyothi Basu.

De-Classified US Torture Memo Justified Inhuman /Degrading Treatment for Captured Enemy Combatants in War on Terror

Daya Gamage – US National Correspondent for Asian Tribune

United States Federal laws prohibiting assault and other crimes did not apply to military interrogators who questioned ‘enemy combatants’ in America’s Global War on Terror because the president’s ultimate authority as commander-in-chief overrode such statutes, according to a newly declassified 2003 Justice Department memo released Tuesday, April 2. The memorandum was ordered to be released by the judiciary under the Freedom of Information Act. The memo–which was rescinded just nine months after it was issued–provides an expansive argument for nearly unfettered presidential power in a time of war, contending that numerous laws and treaties, domestic and international, that forbid torture or cruel treatment should not apply to the interrogations of enemy combatants overseas.

Veteran journalist passes away

Janaka Perera – Asian Tribune

Veteran Sri Lankan Journalist Mallika Wanigasundera passed away early Friday April 4 after a prolonged illness. She was 81 and single. Mallika who passed out as a arts graduate from the former University of Ceylon, joined Lake House in 1956 after working briefly as a press officer for the then Health Minister A.E. Nugawela. She first joined the Sinhala language "Janatha" when Esmond Wickremesinghe was Lake House Chairman. She later started writing for the Ceylon Observer and Daily News on politics, economics and current affairs and also did film and drama reviews Nurtured in the journalistic tradition of Lake House founder Chairman D.R. Wijewardena, Mallika wrote the "Daily News" editorials for 10 years.

Patience is key word in India-Pak dealings

By Asian Tribune India Correspondent

There is a new mood in Pakistan – the new government in Islamabad, has buried the destructive old rivalries that had once patterned the behaviour between the two main political parties and its leaders during the brief interregnums of democratic rule in the country. The long delay engineered by President Pervez Musharraf in forming the government did not alter the mood and, a broad coalition of political parties came to office without much difficulty, despite a bitter public tussle for the post of Prime Minister within the Pakistan People's Party. For the new Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gillani vote of confidence in the National Assembly was a mere formality and he completed this last week without any opposition.

Delhi was never serious on Naga issue: Dr Shurhozelie

Oken Jeet Sandham - Asian Tribune

Nagaland Minister for Urban Development and Higher Education Dr Shurhozelie said “if the Government of India thinks Nagaland is part and parcel of the Union of India, the problem of Nagaland should be a national problem.” Talking to "Asian Tribune" here at his private residence today, the senior Minister said the problem in Nagaland was not the problem confining to the Nagas alone. “It is a national problem, if the Government of India thinks that Nagaland is part and parcel of the Union of India,” he said adding, “Once this problem is solved, one of the national problems is solved.” They had lost many golden opportunities where Delhi could have settled the issue, he pointed out.

Dhaka suppresses fact

By Sunita Paul

Despite the fact that Bangladesh is under acute food shortage and a number of reports evidently prove that silent famine has already breaking in various parts of the country, an advisor to the military backed interim government in Dhaka declines to accept the fact of famine, rather he said that the country is experiencing 'Hidden Hunger. While talking to the media, advisor AMM Shawkat Ali admitted that the country was exposed to a 'hidden hunger,' but claimed the prevailing food shortage could not be labeled as 'silent famine.'

NATO for Compromise on Expansion

By Dr.Abdul Ruff Colachal

The crucial 02- 04 April three-day summit of leaders from the 26-nation NATO alliance in the Romanian capital, Bucharest, billed as the biggest in the alliance's 59-year history, concluded in a compromise solution that allowed all competing sides to claim victory. The Nato enlargement and efforts to rally support for the Nato-led force in Afghanistan dominated the agenda. Taking a balancing course on its expansion move and getting more troupes for Afghanistan with Russian help for its operations in the troubled Afghanistan, NATO told the two former Soviet republics that they were not getting immediate MAP status but could be sure of membership at some point in the future.

Madhu Church

Our Lady of Madu

LTTE Terrorists Desecrate Sacred Shrine with their Military Moves: Madhu Statue Removed to Safety by Bishop

Our Lady of MaduLTTE terrorist have ordered the priests in the Madhu church to leave church premises with immediate effect facilitating Tigers’ apparent move to turn the Madhu Shrine premises into a war camp, according to Sri Lankan Army sources. Orders had come with the full backing of an influential terrorist supporter in Mannar, in order to ready the church premises for terrorist activities. Earlier, LTTE had positioned its heavy mortar and artillery guns at close range to the church in order to take cover from the civilian refugees at the church, said the sources. However, as the priests and the refugees started to protest against the cowardly tactics of LTTE, the terrorists have ordered the priests to leave the church premises.