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Aung San Suu Kyi

Eleven MPs follow Weerawansa: "Party fallen to imperialism" he says

Wimal WeerawansaThe former Leader of the Parliamentary Group of the JVP Wimal Weerawansa, in a press conference, a while ago said that the JVP has fallen to forces of imperialism. Weerawansa this morning said in parliament that "JVP has planned to remove me from the membership of the party which is equal to assassinating me" and added "I have been suspended by the party."

Wimal Weerawansa cofirms his suspension in an emotional speech in the Parliament

Chitralal Jayasingha and Sunil C. Perera in Colombo

Wimal WeerawansaWimal Weerawansa Leader of the Parliamentary Group of the Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna, in a speech to Parliament this morning said that his party has planned to remove him from the membership of the party amounts to assassinating him. He admitted that he has been suspended by the party. He in his emotional speech added that the JVP had decided to officially announce his suspension after the conclusion of the Eastern Polls. Speaking further, he alleged that a conspiracy within the party by Western Agents led him to be sidelined.

After Jeyaraj

By Dayan Jayatilleka

The assassination of Minister Jeyaraj Fernandopulle is the second killing of a government minister for this year, but only the latest of many dozen politicians, government and opposition, Sinhala and Tamil, Buddhist, Hindu and Christian, slain over the years by the Tamil Tigers. The Tigers kill civilians in shops, trains, buses and villages. They kill troops and policemen, in the battlefield and off duty. They kill members of the political elite. In the name of a minority they lay claim to a large area of land on a small island, for the purpose of an independent country.

US Condemns Attack on Minister: How Tragic “My Daughter the Terrorist” Movie Glorified Suicide Bombing

By Keith Amarasiri in Long Beach

The United States has strongly condemned the terrorist attack on April 6 in Weliweriya, Gampaha. Ironically, it allowed the showing of the Norwegian movie “My Daughter the Terrorist” at the Durham International Film festival the very day that Minister Jeyaraj Fernandopulle was attacked by a LTTE suicide bomber. Norwegian Producer Beate Arnestad’s movie openly glorified the greatness of suicide bombing. Time was uncanny and sickening, said an American observer. Billed as an apogee of enchanting weapon by the LTTE, the organizers are now eating their own words which ignored the protests of thousands.

Fake Tears from Terrorist LTTE for Safety of Madhu Church

Tamil Tigers who have occupied the hallowed Madhu church grounds for years as a military base, are now accusing the government of using it to attack them - a blatant lie propagated by the LTTE for additional political mileage. In a letter addressed to Norwegian International Development Minister Erik Solheim, B. Nadesan, Head of the Political Wing of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam has urged the Royal Norwegian Government to take steps to immediately end the military assault on the Holy Madu shrine in Mannaar district. This letter has come at the heels of the assassination of Minister Jeyaraj Fernandopulle, a Christian Leader who is well respected and liked by all except the Tamil Tigers. As Sri Lankan armed forces are on the verge of surrounding, thrusting, harassing them and threatening to enter into the Vanni District under their control, suddenly the Tamil Tigers are exploiting an issue connected with Christianity to attract the attention of the international community, after slaying one of the most reputed and charismatic Christian leader of Lanka only on last Sunday in the Gampaha district.

My Daughter the Terrorist : Can brain-washed child soldiers resist coercion to become suicide bombers?

By Rizana Gazzali

“Terrorists are not terrorists without victims”, was an insightful comment made by a member of the audience, during a brief discussion at the Full Frame Documentary Film Festival in Durham, North Carolina, on April 4, 2008, following the screening of, “My Daughter the Terrorist,” a documentary on LTTE suicide bombers. Hundreds of Sri Lankan expatriates in the U.S., who read the news of the screening of the documentary a few days before the event, reportedly bombarded the organizers of the film festival with protest emails, faxes and telephone calls, for promoting LTTE propaganda. This time around, the screening of the film was not a cake walk for the promoters of terrorism and suicide bombers.

U.N. Peace Missions Falter in Africa

By Thalif Deen - Inter Press Service

The United Nations remains virtually crippled as two proposed peacekeeping missions -- one in Darfur and the other in Somalia -- are making little or no progress. Since 2004, the Security Council has adopted seven resolutions related to Darfur, where the ongoing conflict has claimed the lives of more than 200,000 civilians, and reduced over 2.2 million to the status of refugees or internally displaced persons. In Somalia, the civil war, which began in 1991, has destabilized the country despite 14 peace agreements.

LTTE instead of killing, could have made use of Jeyaraj Fernandopulle to achieve anything other than a division of the country

In a statement, V. Anandasangaree, leader of the Tamil United Liberation Front has alleged that the LTTE had foolishly targeted a person whom they could have made use of to achieve anything other than a division of the country for which he was totally opposed. He added that it was a pity that a gentleman who had proved himself as a great son of the soil and an asset of the Nation had been snatched away prematurely depriving the country of his contributions for peace He added that Jeyaraj Fernandopulle had been championing the cause of the minorities without fear. "He loved all and worked hard to bring normalcy back to our People. On the ethnic question his views were very fair and acceptable to the right thinking people. He was a gentleman par excellence," Anandasangaree said.

Australian Chief Government Whip expresses his sadness on the death Jeyaraj Fernandopulle

By Sumane Liyanaarachchi - Sydney

Roger PriceAustralian Chief Government Whip and Federal Member for Chifley has expressed his great sadness about sudden death of Hon Jeyaraj Fernandofulle, the Chief Government Whip of Sri Lankan parliament and the Minister for Highways. In a media release Roger Price further said “ It is a tragedy to loose anyone in such a way and ask that our thought be spared for the families of this terrible crime”. Roger Price was in the process of organising a meeting with Minister Fernandopulle later in this year for establishing links between parliaments of Australia and Sri Lanka.

Manipur’s toothless chief minister

Oken Jeet Sandham – Asian Tribune

We keep hearing about the worse law and order problem of Manipur and in fact chief minister O Ibobi has been summoned every now and then to Delhi to explain as to why he failed to contain the lawlessness in the state. His second inning as chief minister has not augured well as he was never given a peaceful atmosphere to run the administration by a handful of their own Congress MLAs trying to replace him. These Congress MLAs had been camping in national capital for months pressurizing Congress high command to replace him with Th Devendra. Interestingly, Devendra declined to take on Ibobi’s leadership.

LTTE are not the representatives of the Tamil people, but only cold-blooded terrorists - Nesan Shankar Raji

In a statement of condolence, Nesan Shankar Raji Senior Leader, EROS pointed out that Minister Fernandopulle was a great Tamil-Catholic leader and respected politician who had committed so much his life for the benefit of all our communities living in Sri Lanka. It is a great loss to our nation to have lost him as a result of the deadly action taken by the Black Tiger suicide squad of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE). He further added in his condolence message that, It is precisely because the continued killings of our national leaders by the LTTE that the Government of Sri Lanka has no other alternative but to deal with the LTTE and treat them as terrorists ought to be treated. Nesan Shanker Raji also said, “The LTTE deserve no mercy and this is something that should have been understood a long time ago.

New Myanmar constitution keeps military dominant

Aung San Suu KyiLeaked copies of Myanmar’s new constitution secretly circulating in Yangon, shows that the military will receive sweeping powers that ensure its dominance even after elections. Ms Aung San Suu Kyi, the detained pro-democracy leader who is junta most formidable foe, is barred from the presidency and she would be unlikely to qualify even for a parliamentary seat, the document shows. Suu Kyi, 62, was married to British academic Michael Aris from 1972 until his death in 1999, and as such was entitled to hold a British passport. Therefore, the detained Nobel laureate and opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi will not be allowed to stand for election in the army-ruled Myanmar because she was once married to a foreigner the draft of the proposed constitution says

Forum of Chartered Institutes to promote integration among professional bodies

By Quintus Perera – Asian Tribune

The Forum of Chartered Institutes (FCI) was formed an year ago with the aim of promoting networking and camaraderie among the members of the various disciplines within commercial and public sector that would in turn contribute to the mutual benefit of the members as well as the economic benefit to the country.

Dawn of a new parliamentary era

By Wajid Shamsul Hasan - Syndicate Features

Prime Minister Yusuf Raza Gilani, who has been elected as the 24th Prime Minister of Pakistan, has promised dawn of a new era that will be manifested in the new parliament by its assertive role as the sole arbiter of power. Suave and soft-spoken Gilani fits in a description for a man who is considered good in a world where deceit is the order of the day. Whatever contact I have had with him ever since I met him first in 1988, I have found him to be a perfect gentleman. Why not—he has a Sufi background and comes from a well-reputed political lineage.

Wimal Weerawansa

Wimal Weerawansa

Roger Price

Drama at Breakaway JVP Press Conference: One rebel MP returns to fold

Unexpected drama took place at the breakaway JVP press conference in Colombo as one rebel MP blasted the other rebels before returning to the party fold. Anuradhapura JVP MP Ranaweera Pathirana who scolded the 'Weerawansa & Co' was seen escorted by police to JVP headquarters. Now the rebel MP numbers have come down to ten.