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Asian Tribune is published by E-LANKA MEDIA(PVT)Ltd. Vol. 20 No. 106

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People of the East now enjoy the benefits of freedom and democracy now says, Sri Lankan President

Sunil C. Perera and Chithralal Jayasinghe

Mahinda RajapakseSri Lanka President, Mahinda Rajapakse says the benefits of the development activities enjoyed by the masses in the South will reach the people in the East. The people of the East now enjoy the benefits of freedom and democracy now. The President further said many; including religious leaders lost their lives in the hands of LTTE. The security forces were able to liberate the whole Eastern Province after the operations held at Maavil Aaru. The President was speaking at a meeting with the people of three villages in the Eastern Province through satellite.

Mahinda Rajapakse

Bangladesh-Malaysia Ties

By Dr. Abdul Ruff Colachal

Like Malaysia, Bangladesh, a predominantly Muslim country with around 87 per cent of its 140 million population being Muslim, has also earned international recognition for its moderate religious and cultural ethos, social tolerance and ethnic cohesion, which characterizes Bangladesh as a liberal, tolerant Muslim country. Being co-members of OIC, NAM Commonwealth, D-8 and ARF and as strong proponents of the multilateralism, the two countries share common perception on major Regional and International issues and have been working closely in the International arena to promote peace, stability, and development. About 200,000 Bangladeshis work in Malaysia and people to people contacts between these two nations have been excellently maintained, occasional irritations notwithstanding.

Bush food talks

By Atul Cowshish & M. Rama Rao - Syndicate Features

India has unanimously condemned the remarks attributed to the outgoing US president, George W. Bush, that rising prosperity of Indians was one of the causes of spiralling food prices all over the world. Days earlier the US secretary of state, Condoleezza Rice, had spoken on similar lines. Their views are not just ill-informed and highly objectionable but betray a mindset that should be worrying. The Bush-Rice duo also lead the chorus heard in all the rich western countries that energy-starved India (and China) is also responsible for the rocketing price of petrol. Being the world’s two most populated countries—combined population of more than 2.5 billion out of about 6 billion people on earth—India and China are also mainly responsible for global climate deterioration.

Police face more gold fraud complaints

The network members, who lost their money in the Quest Net, a multi-level marketing company, are continuing to storm the Chennai Police Commissioner’s office with complaints. According to sources, the police who sealed the company’s office is planning to freeze its bank accounts and arrest its founder Vijayendran who is in Hong Kong. The case is likely to be transferred to Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) for further investigation. Meanwhile, Quest Net officials forwarded SMS to the network members requesting them not to file their complaints against the company, as they were innocent.

Government rejects UNP allegations

Sunil C. Perera and Chithralal Jayasinghe in Colombo

Government rejects UNP allegations that there is a delay in the distribution of official poll cards for the Eastern Provincial Council Election. According to the records of the Post Master General, 95 percent of the distribution of poll cards is now complete. The Post Master General has already stated that individuals who have not received their poll card can prove their identity and obtain it from post offices. Speaking at a press briefing at the parliamentary complex today minister Dallas Alahaperuma said in any election about 10 percent of poll cards remain undelivered.

Sri Lanka Parliament prorogued

Sunil C. Perera and Chithralal Jayasinghe

The president has decided to prorogue Parliament from midnight May 06th, and sittings will resume on June 05th.

Srisena Cooray a new Sri Lanka’s Roving Cultural Ambassador

B. Srisena CoorayFormer Minister and the UNP stalwart B. Srisena Cooray has been entrusted with the promotion of cultural tourism in Sri Lanka. The Minister of Tourism in consultation with the Sri Lanka President Mahinda Rajapakse has indicated his intention to appoint Sirisena Cooray to handle an important project of great cultural significance in the Ministry of Tourism. Cooray will assist the Ministry in developing a Buddhist Pilgrim Travel Trail initially between Sri Lanka and India and later extending this to encompass SAARC, South East and East Asia.

Sri Lanka Consul General Jaliya Wickramasuriya Given Rousing Farewell in LA

By Philip Fernando in LA for Asian Tribune

A record gathering of Sri Lankans in LA agreed in unison that Consul General Jaliya Wickramasuriya had united them in no uncertain manner. Said one Angelino “he came, he saw and he conquered our hearts”. President of the Sri Lanka Foundation and respected community leader said it best “he revolutionized the concept of diplomacy. This man, plucked from the business world in Atlanta Georgia by the Sri Lankan President showed how a government office should be run”. We have no doubt his congenial winning ways would earn him success as our new ambassador in Washington, he added.

Mahinda in Oluvil

B. Srisena Cooray