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Asian Tribune is published by E-LANKA MEDIA(PVT)Ltd. Vol. 20 No. 72

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Maheswary Velayutham


M.L.A.M Hisbullah

Sri Lanka President Mahinda Rajapakse at Oxford

Sri Lanka President being recieved

Mahinda Rakjapaksa presents souvenier

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Wahab vs Pilot

By Allabaksh - Syndicate Features

Correspondents who wrote to various newspapers after a spat between a Rajya Sabha member from Kerala, K.P. Wahab, and Rajat Rana, an Indian Airlines (now called Air India) pilot, found fault with the MP. That was hardly surprising. But the real surprise will come if in the end the pilot is not made to suffer in whatever form, whether or not he was at fault. In India when two elite sections fight the verdict is generally in favour of the one who is comparatively lesser privileged. The MP will surely continue to fly smilingly in machines run by people he contemptuously calls ‘glorified drivers’.

Indo-Western Psychological Warfare Threat

Asif Haroon Raja

India’s RAW strictly abides by tactics taught by Chanakya 2500 years ago. Arthashastra gives copious lessons how Chanakya used to overcome his foes through deceit, guile and hypocrisy. Having reaped rich harvest in 1971, RAW is continuing to follow the same themes and techniques against all its neighbours. Strategically, India supports and spreads the idea of secessionist bodies in Pakistan. She is leaving no stone unturned to promote dissension and animosity among different communities inhibiting Pakistan and thus destabilise Pakistan politically and make it economically and militarily weak. Her psychological experts employ themes for Sindhi, Punjabi, Pathan, Mohajir, Baluchi and Saraiki audiences separately.

Tamil Nadu minister resigns trying to 'save a relative in corruption case

By Asian Tribune Special correspondent

Tamil Nadu Social Welfare Minister Poongothai Aladi Aruna resigned May 14 in the wake of accusations that she had tried to influence a vigilance probe 'to save her relative' involved in a corruption case. She submitted her resignation to Chief Minister M Karunanidhi even as Janata Party president Subramanian Swamy and other opposition leader demanded her scalp. Swamy released two days back an audio CD with a recording of a telephone conversation allegedly between Poongothai and the vigilance chief S.K.Upadhyay.