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Vesak celebrated in Los Angeles

USAID Gives Dairy Farmers in Batticaloa New Livelihood Opportunities

A high-ranking official from the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) inaugurated on Tuesday a milk chilling center in Vellaveli, Batticaloa, on the site where the original structure was completely destroyed in 1990. As part of the project, through a grant to international NGO World Concern and in partnership with Milco Private Ltd., USAID constructed 40 cattle sheds and five milk collection points, provided 300 milk cans and trained 160 farmers in feeding technologies, animal health and business planning. In all, nearly 2,000 households in the area have benefited.

Vesak Celebrates Children at Dharma Vijaya Buddhist Vihara in Los Angeles

Reported by Stephen Long

Vesak in Los AngelesVesak was celebrated at Dharma Vijaya Buddhist Vihara in Los Angeles this last Saturday and Sunday, and the focus was on children. Ven. Walpola Piyananda, Abbot of Dharma Vijaya and President of the Buddhist Sangha Council of Southern California, said that the Buddha always emphasized the importance of educating and training children, and that he consistently showed his compassion to the innocent young. Vesak, of course, is the anniversary of the Buddha’s birth and passing away – as well as his enlightenment – a fitting occasion for emphasizing the importance of the children who will carry on the Buddha’s legacy, and live the Dhamma in their daily lives.

Humanitarian Vultures Circle Again

By T.B. Tennekoon

Oh what joy to the global flock of humanitarian vultures. Just as things were looking bleak and the offal train was emptying for these hoards who pray on human misery, Nargis lashed recalcitrant Myanmar and the violence of a restless earth rocked the Sechuan Province of China. Thousands died. Many more were left homeless. Hopeless eyes stared sadly from countless newspaper cover pages. The numbers being quoted by the international humanitarian brigade, readily repeated by the global media, kept growing although they had no verifiable access to the affected areas to determine actual figures. Prospects of feeding on the trail of misery left behind by nature's rage brought back joyful whoops to the global humanitarian brigade, including sadly, at the UN.

Malaysia's Rice Diplomacy

By Dr.Abdul Ruff Colachal

Kuala Lumpur has been hard put these days on account of scarcity in essential commodities, particularly rice. As a result, Asian commodity and currency markets could be plunged into chaos after the Malaysian government threatened to abandon standard trading channels in favor of bartering palm oil for rice. Annoyed with the alarming situation in the country, Peter Chin, Malaysia’s minister for plantation industries and commodities, said that Malaysia would swap palm oil for rice with any nation willing to make the trade, as it struggles to shelter its people from record rice prices as well as expand its diminished “buffer” stockpile.

American Politics, Terrorism and Islam

By Habib Siddiqui

In the last century very few world leaders could be compared with Winston Churchill of the Great Britain for his stand against appeasement. And yet he is famously quoted as saying, "To jaw-jaw is always better than war-war." So what is wrong in talking with Iran? After all, President Nixon and Secretary Kissinger did speak with their counterparts in China, Soviet Union and Vietnam at the height of tension with those countries.

LTTE planning to launch surprise offensives in the South of Pottuvil in the East

Latest reports emerging from South of Pottuvil in the Eastern Province reveals that the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam, who were chased out of the Eastern Province last year by the Sri Lankan armed forces has managed to infiltrate and bring in a large number of their armed cadres. According to the latest information, LTTE has at present a strength of 1,500 armed cadres minus the big guns and planning to launch soon a surprise attack in the Eastern Province. Earlier when the LTTE was defeated and chased out of the East, a small contingent of nearly 100 cadres under LTTE’s Colonel Ram managed to infiltrate into the East and were hiding in the Yala National Park and were involved in guerilla attacks.

Senator Obama: Don’t settle for what is but Fight for What Might be

By Philip Fernando in LA for Asian Tribune

Senator Barrack Obama addressing a massive crowd in Iowa, the state that marked his entry with a bang in January, made it clear to everyone that he was certain of the delegate count to be the party nominee. Only three primaries remain with 86 delegates to be won, putting the race out of reach for Senater Hillary Clinton. She had a great win in Kentucky today and Obama was winning Oregon big.

The Right to Food is a Fundamental Human Right, Says Sri Lankan UN Envoy

Prasad KariyawasamAddressing special meeting of the UN Economic and Social Council on the current food crisis, Ambassador Prasad Kariyawasam siad the right to food is a fundamental human right. Food is a primary necessity for the very survival of the human race. It is our common responsibility to ensure that no human being is denied this basic right. But as manifested in any crisis affecting the global community, the food crisis too will mostly affect the approximately one billion of the world population living in poverty, and the most vulnerable sections – women, children, old people, and those with disabilities.”

Heading for Myanmar, Ban Ki-moon pledges to do ‘utmost’ to speed aid efforts

Daya Gamage – US Bureau Asian Tribune

As he prepared to leave for Myanmar Tuesday, United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said he will do all he can to reinforce the immediate relief effort in the cyclone-devastated country and will also draw attention to the need for long-term reconstruction and development. “I will do my utmost for the people of Myanmar,” Mr. Ban told reporters at UN Headquarters in New York. “I want to see the conditions under which relief teams are working and I intend to do all I can to reinforce their efforts in coordination with the Myanmar’s authorities and international aid agencies.”

Desmond Tutu on the receiving end for his mistaken comments on Sri Lanka

By Walter Jayawardhana

A well-respected Church of England priest and a British citizen told Archbishop Desmond Tutu in a hard hitting letter that it was matter for utmost regret that the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) described as the “the most evil terrorist organization in the world” was possible to secure the Archbishop’s apparent support to denigrate Sri Lanka. Rev. Tony de Alwis of the Church of England Diocese of Southwell and Nottingham replying about Tutu’s alleged campaign against the re-election of Sri Lanka to the UN Human Rights Council of the UN told the Archbishop that his action has become “a matter of the utmost regret that such an organization has found it possible to secure Your Grace’s apparent support in its unrelenting propaganda campaign to denigrate Sri Lanka on the international stage.”

Peace Rallies Held All Over Nagaland

By Oken Jeet Sandham – Asian Tribune

The Joint Forum of Nagaland GBs and DBs have on Tuesday, successfully organized massive peace rallies throughout the state. The rallies were organized state district headquarters to register their string resentment against the recent unprecedented heightened factional violence in the state. Large number of people including large number of school students turned up for the rallies. A massive peace rally was held here at local ground with thousands of students and publics joining it. Minister for Home, Imkong L. Imchen addressing the occasion said that a cease-fire agreement should be initiated immediately among the Nagas.

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Vesak celebrated in Los Angeles 3

Vesak celebrated in Los Angeles 4

Vesak celebrated in Los Angeles 5

Amabassador Prasad Kariyawasam

Zardari fails to honour his commitment

Asif Haroon Raja

The president, PML-Q and the MQM were in a state of euphoria when a deadlock occurred between the two major coalition partners on the judges’ issue and Shahbaz Sharif led team returned back from Dubai empty handed on 28 April. Indications were that the PML-N would part company with the PPP thereby paving the way for the PML-Q and MQM to fill the vacuum. The President led team had predicted such a scenario soon after the elections which had given heart to the losers that the coalition would not survive beyond three months after formation of national and provincial governments. Reasons proffered for such optimism were decade old antagonism, ideological differences, divergence on judges’ issue and sharing of power with MQM.

The Asian Institute of Technology pledges $45 K to assist Myanmar cyclone victims

Sunil C. Perera for Asian Tribune

The Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) has launched a multi-phased international funding initiative to aid victims in Myanmar of Cyclone Nargis, which includes an initial cash pledge of US$ 45,000. The launch of the ‘AIT-Myanmar Fund’ was announced on 15 May, by AIT President Said Irandoust, who stressed the institute’s financial contribution would fund immediate relief efforts in areas most devastated by the recent disaster. "AIT will respond immediately by sending water, food, medicine and clothes to disaster affected people via our alumni network in Myanmar," President Irandoust said.

How does the country grapple with terrorism…?

By Allabaksh - Syndicate Features

As one who has a sentimental attachment to the Pink City (Jaipur) the news of terror strikes of May 13th resulting in the death of more than 60 persons had brought a sinking feeling. Inevitably, one empathised with the unknown families of the innocent victims. But even when no familiar name had figured in the casualty list there was an overpowering urge to heap curses on the perpetrators of the inhuman crime.