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Rohitha Bogollagama

Sri Lanka: Small and Medium Tourist sector to receive financial and promotional assistance

Small and Medium Tourist sector in Sri Lanka will receive financial and promotional assistance to refurbish their properties and this credit facility is extended to them through the European Investment Bank. It will be disbursed through DFCC and Bank of Ceylon. The Plan of action for supporting the SME was recently approved by Minister of Tourism Milinda Moragoda after the industry members met the Ministry setup the eligibility criteria for sector.

Teachers organize sick note campaign: But Government decided to close schools for two days

Sunil C. Perera and Chithralal Jayasinghe

All government schools will be closed on 11th and 12 of this month. The Government said this step has taken to protect the school children due to the Teachers’ strike which is to be held on these days. According to the trade Union sources government school teachers have decided to not to report their duties due to non attendance of their salary anomalies by the ministry of education.

Hundreds of Sri Lankans converge in front of Marlborough House, to support Mahinda

By Walter Jayawardhana

Hundreds of Sri Lankan expatriates converged at Marlborough Palace in London where the Commonwelth Mini Summit was held to greet Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa and protest against the LTTE terrorism brazenly practiced against civilians. Assembled in front of the meeting hall members of nearly ten organizations were waving noisy slogans, waving colorful lion flags, and holding placards greeting the Presidents anti-terrorist activities.

Special security arrangements for forthcoming Poson week

Sunil C. Perera and Chithralal Jayasinghe

A special security arrangements will be in force during the Poson day in the Anuradhapura district. A comprehensive security plan is in place in addition to special railway and bus services, said a high official of the Poson Organizing committee. He said all vehicles entering the Anuradhapura district would undergo security checks. Separate places have been assigned to park vehicles and when parking vehicles here the telephone number and address of the driver has to be displayed on the vehicle.

American Politics, Terrorism and Islam

By Dr. Habib Siddiqui

These days Islam is equated with terrorism. There is little doubt that this mendacious campaign against Islam has gotten a tremendous boost after 9/11. Who can also forget the images of the "suicide bombers" in the Occupied Palestine? Then there were the bombings in Bali and Madrid, and hostage crises in Moscow and Beslan, the London Underground bombings and the car bombing in front of the Danish Embassy in Islamabad - enough to sideline root cause analysis in favor of dealing with symptoms.

Sri Lanka tea at top French chain outlet

As many as 23 different Sri Lankan flavored teas have made an impressive entry into E. Leclerc, a French super market chain with over 180 super markets across the country. A Sri Lankan tea service was held at the pioneer Leclerc super market at Brest in Brittany last weekend. It was organized by Les Saveurs de Ceylan (Taste of Ceylon), the French representative for Talawakele Tea Plantation Co Ltd of Hayley’s Group with active assistance from the Commercial Section of the Sri Lanka Embassy in Paris. Director of Les Saveurs de Ceylan Ranjit Calixtus said that he was confident of gradual inroads into the French market despite the French preference to coffee as the popular hot brew.

Fourth annual Tamil Studies Conference to be held in Toronto

The fourth annual Tamil Studies Conference titled "Home, Space and the Other" will be organized by the University of Toronto and the University of Windsor, 21-23 May 2009. The objective of the conference is to map the various ways in which the Tamil regions and their spaces - linguistic, cultural, political, economic, religious etc. - have been constituted by, interacted with or responded to influences from within and outside their cultural norms, conventions, or geographical boundaries.

UN should work directly with elected governments and not with NGOs exhorts Sri Lanka President at the Commonwealth Mini Summit

By Walter Jayawardhana

President Mahinda Rajapaksa of Sri Lanka said that United nations should work directly with governments that have been elected rather than with NGO’s and INGO’s that tend to pursue their own agendas that may be opposed to an agenda endorsed by the people. The Sri Lanka President has reportedly made this remark during the executive sessions of the Commonwealth Mini Summit held in Malborough House in London. The sessions were not open to the press, but according to some work related papers, the statements came to be known after the sessions.

Thaslima Nasreen found refuge in Sweden

By Leel Pathirana

Thaslima NasreenThaslima Nasreen, the controversial Bangladeshi writer who was in exile India, landed in Stockholm in Sweden last week and the Swedish authorities have granted a two-year safe haven in the Swedish town of Uppsala, a small City located 70 kilometers north of Stockholm. Thaslima Nasreen has been offered a safe haven in town," spokeswoman for the Swedish chapter of the 'Pen Club' (the worldwide association of writers) Maria Modig said. For the next two years she will also get an apartment and a monthly allowance of about € 500. The writer had to leave from India from her safe house in New Delhi last March due to her health conditions and the increasing threat coming from the extremist Islamic fundamentalists in India.

Commonwealth Leaders Statement on Reform of International Institutions

The Commonwealth Heads of State who met in London over the last two days to discuss the reform of international institutions such as the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund issued a 15 point statement outlining the essence of their deliberations and positions taken thereafter. Commonwealth Heads of Government, representing one third of humanity and more than one quarter of the world’s sovereign governments, collectively expressed the concern of our 53 member states at Kampala in November 2007 that the current architecture of international institutions no longer responds adequately to the challenges of the 21st Century.

Obama and McCain Struggle to Get Traction among Traditional Supporters

By Philip Fernando in LA for Asian tribune

Senator Barrack Obama and Senator John McCain have not been able to win over wide-scale support in their respective parties. Most polls indicate that Americans are truly apprehensive of both candidates. A third of the electorate has not decided which one to chose. This was similar to election contest of Clinton-Bush 1992 when Third Party candidate Ross Perot got 17 percent of the vote and also like in 2000 campaign of Bush and Gore when Ralph Nader and Pat Buchanan took away crucial votes in Florida to give Bush the victory. Both Obama and McCain are now campaigning hard to win over the hard-core support of their respective parties.

SL government troops attack LTTE hideouts and acquired large haul of military ware

Sunil C. Perera and Chithralal Jayasinghe

Government troops continue its operations against the LTTE and acquired a large amount of military hardware and weapons during the recent confrontations. According to the local military experts troops have a clear direction and continuous leadership from the government and the public. According to recent confrontations between Government troops and the LTTE, the LTTE lost its area in Muhamali and Mannar.

British Minister of State Lord Malloch Brown expresses sympathy to Sri Lanka President over terrorists’ attacks

By Walter Jayawardhana

Mahinda with Lord Malloch BrownThe British Minister of State and Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs with special responsibility for Asia, Lord Malloch Brown told President Mahinda Rajapaksa at Dorchester Hotel in London that they “feel huge sympathy for President Rajapaksa, people of Sri Lanka and the victims of terrorist bombs in the island nation. We wish that this type of violence would end soon,” he said. The State Minister discussed a wide range of bilateral issues and the need to continue high level engagement between the two countries.

2007 electoral list will be used for the North-Central Provincial Council election

Sunil C. Perera and Chithralal Jayasinghe

The electoral list of the year 2007 will be used for the North Central provincial council election which is to be held in future. According to the District Secretary of Anuradhapura H.M.K.Herath that the preparations of the electoral list have already been completed. The district secretary said that more youth will have the opportunity to vote in the election. The provincial councils of North-Central and Sabaragmuwa were dissolved last midnight. The date for the acceptance of nomination is expected to be announced within one week after the dissolution.

Finland to continue assisting Sri Lanka

Jayasooriya with Tarja HalonenFinnish President expressed her country’s desire to continue assisting Sri Lanka. Tarja Halonen, the President of the Republic of Finland said that Finland expects a peaceful settlement of the on going conflict in Sri Lanka. This was revealed by the Finnish President to Ambassador Jayasooriya. Sri Lanka’s Ambassador to Sweden R.P.Jayasooriya who is concurrently accredited to Finland, presented his credentials to Tarja Halonen, the President of the Republic of Finland on 05th June, 2008 at a ceremony held at the Presidential Palace in Helsinki.

Media Crime

By M Rama Rao - Syndicate Features

Given its shoddy record of investigating crime, the police in India deserve to be divested of this onerous duty. Instead, the bright reporters and anchors of the TV channels should be asked to take over that responsibility as part of their professional obligation. It will boost the channels’ TRPs and save the exchequer millions of rupees that could be better utilised for the welfare of the ‘aam admi’, who in turn will be saved all the harassment that comes in the wake of so-called police investigation.