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Jaliya Wickramasooriya

EC condemns LTTE terrorism and reiterates support for Sri Lanka’s sovereignty

The European Commission (EC) has reiterated its unconditional support for Sri Lanka’s sovereignty and its firm opposition to secession. It has also strongly condemned LTTE terrorism in the island. This European Union (EU) policy on Sri Lanka was articulated by the leader of the EC delegation João Aguiar Machado , Deputy Director General for Relations with Asia and Latin America at the European Commission in Brussels, at the 17th session of the Sri Lanka – EC Joint Commission which concluded in Colombo on Tuesday (10 June 2008).

Sheikh Hasina released from jail on parole for better treatment in US

From our Diplomatic Correspondent

Sheikh Hasina Former Bangladeshi Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina Wajed was released from detention on corruption charges on Wednesday as part of an apparent political deal between her party and the Army-backed government. The leader of the Awami League party, who has been held on graft charges for almost a year, is to leave the country for the United States on Thursday, where she will be treated for hearing problems, officials said. "She has just been released from a special prison and she is heading to her home," additional deputy police commissioner Ruhul Amin said. Ms Hasina left her jail in a heavily-guarded SUV, and was greeted by thousands of supporters gathered outside. Many tossed flowers onto the vehicle, forcing the motorcade to slow to a crawl as it made its way through the crowds.

Jaliya plans to obtain international support to develop Sri Lanka as an investment and tourist destination

Sunil C. Perera in Colombo

Jaliya WickramasooriyaSri Lankan Ambassador [designate] for USA, Jaliya Wickramasooriya says he will build Sri Lanka’s image among the American Community when he resumes his office effective from 1st July. At present most of international elements make false allegations against the government of Sri Lanka and its activities. Due to this most Sri Lankan expatriates have different ideas about Sri Lanka, said Mr.Wickramasooriya at a special interview. "The International community is always concerned about Human Rights .I could educate them on terrorism in Sri Lanka, how we plan to destroy these barbaric terrorists and how to protect human rights even in uncleared areas, he said.

Rabukwella condemned Opposition leader’s statement

From our Colombo Correspondent

Government of Sri Lanka has condemned the statement made by opposition leader Ranil Wickremasinghe in India stating that the ongoing process of eradicating terrorism is unsuccessful. United National Party leader Ranil Wickremesinghe's comment that the Mahinda Rajapaksa government has failed in its war against terror has triggered sharp reactions in Sri Lanka. Wickremesinghe during his current visit to India told reporters that the recent series of blasts in Sri Lanka revealed that only a responsive government would be able to put an end to terrorism, indicating that the current dispensation has miserably failed to do so.

Foreign Secretary expressed displeasure over the failure of the UN to condemn LTTE for targeting and killing innocent civilians

Sri Lanka’s Foreign Secretary took up with the acting UN Resident coordinator, the issue of UN’s failure to specifically condemn LTTE for its deliberate and targeted bomb attacks, which have claimed the lives of dozens of innocent civilians. He pointed out with dismay that it was incomprehensible that UN condemning at the highest levels the killing of Kaushalyan, a terrorist leader.

Sri Lanka is giving India a run for its money in tea export – Indian business journal

By Walter Jayawardhana

Sri Lanka together with Kenya is giving India “a run for its money in tea export market “said Bombay’s Business Standard newspaper. “While China might have overtaken India as the largest tea producer couple of years ago, it is now Sri Lanka and Kenya that seem to be giving India a run for its money in tea export market,” the financial journal reported in a story datelined Ahamedabad by its own reporter. The newspaper said with a steady rise in tea consumption within India the country is losing its share in tea export markets to Sri Lanka and Kenya.

Attempts To Destabilize The GOSL: Patriotism With A Twist

By Darmitha-Kotte

With the steady forward march of our Combined Forces into terrorist territory and with systematic victories through which such territories are being taken over as “government controlled areas in the North”, there is one segment of our society that is becoming uneasy. They are now seen to be banding together - be they the opposition UNP, human rights activists in Sri Lanka and overseas, peace activists like National Peace Council here in Sri Lanka and their links overseas, NGOs( both local and international) which have been earning their living through the miseries civilians are facing at the hands of LTTE terrorism, as well as JVP which seems to be using the rising cost of living as their excuse, are directly or indirectly planning actions through strikes or anti-government protests & media coverage( both local and international) & naturally the objective is to overthrow the current GOSL.

What is happening to the gas pipeline with Iran…?

By M Rama Rao - Syndicate Features

On separate occasions in recent days our petroleum minister, Murli Deora, and Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad have expressed optimism about the future of the proposed $7.5 billion, 2700-km Iran-Pakistan-India gas pipeline project. The Iranian leader while on a brief stopover in Delhi, even set a deadline of 45 days for clearing the ‘obstacles’ in clinching a tripartite agreement. The time is running out. So it is natural to wonder aloud about the basis for the Iranian leader’s hope. Some doubts also arise because he does not speak much about an older project of interest to three countries, India, Iran and Afghanistan: development of southern Iran’s Chahhabar port with Indian help. It will act as a gateway to Afghanistan and Central Asia, even parts of Europe.

Mahinda Rajapaksa

Sri Lanka side led by Dr. Palitha Kohona

Sheikh Hasina Wajed

Mahinda Rajapaksa deserves Nobel Peace Prize

Asian Tribune

Mahinda RajapaksaMahinda Rajapaksa is a visionary with absolute commitment to the democratic rights and the well being of the people of Sri Lanka. He is determined to work relentlessly to ensure that the people of Sri Lanka – Sinhala, Tamil, Malay and Burgher – live as equal citizens enjoying democratic rights and freedoms in a peaceful and prosperous nation. Bellying all odds he has done the impossible in a matter of two and half years since assumption of the Presidency on November 19, 2005, by liberating the Tamil, Muslim and Sinhala people in the entire Eastern Province from the ruthless grip of the terrorists and restored democratic rights enabling them to live and prosper as equal citizens of the country.