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Bruce Fein – Panhandling in Canada

By Stephen Long, Los Angeles

Bruce Fein, former US Deputy Attorney General – what an embarrassment you are to all Americans! As if you haven’t already proven to the world that you’re nothing but a Beltway prostitute – selling your legal/lobbying services to the highest bidder, even if it’s a client who allegedly deals in terrorism, death, and destruction. Have you no shame for taking your “Tamils for Justice”/”Bruce Fein Project” on the road – to Canada, no less – to collect funds to pay your own legal fees! You’ve stooped pretty low this time, Mr. Bruce Fein. This is just about as low as a bottom-feeding lawyer can get. You stepped into the basement of morality when you crossed the Canadian border, Bruce Fein, and you have degraded not only your profession, but the Government of the United States, your former boss Ronald Reagan, and the good Tamil people you are scamming – all for lousy money for your own pocket.

Mugabe Dilemma

By Atul Cowshish - Syndicate Features

Despite the West’s long crusade for democracy there are countries where one-man or one-party rule looks to be in no danger of going into oblivion. One such country is Zimbabwe where the autocratic regime of President Robert Mugabe has reduced the once fairly prosperous country into abject poverty. One unique—or dubious—distinction of his over two decade rule is that inflation in Zimbabwe has run into six figures. Though most people in Zimbabwe are jobless the few who are lucky enough to have some job are paid in ‘billions’ of local currency—actually no more than a few dollars in value. With its currency so heavily devalued, Zimbabwe has reverted to the ancient barter system. Here in India even eight per cent inflation has become a political foot-ball.

Oh, India, why this Global mischief?

By Dr. Abdul Ruff Colachal

Indians are proud of calling themselves great principled guys. Both in India and abroad Indian Hindus seek everything to themselves, equality and better provisions for Hindus in their own ways. In India they argue that they are the masters hence they decide every thing; Muslims have to obey the Hindus if they want to survive. Abroad they argue they deserve preferential treatment because India is a great country where democracy, secularism, equality, broadmindedness and justice, etc, are flourishing and Muslims and other minorities are better placed in India than the Hindus who are even denied minimum, if not everything, in their own country.

A British fashion chain cancelled exports from Indian manufacturers employing child labor from Sri Lanka Tamil refugee camps

By Walter Jayawardhana

Primark, one of the biggest chains of low cost fashion stores in the United Kingdom had to drop three of its suppliers in India as a BBC Panorama programme exposed the supplying factories were employing Sri Lankan Tamil children in South Indian refugee camps. In the program it was exposed the subcontractors for Primark’s suppliers were employing the refugee children as slave labor to complete embroidery work. 'The Guardian' newspaper published photos of the working children attaching sequins to a T-shirt and a model wearing a similar T-shirt.

US $ 5 billion bilateral trade between Sri Lanka and India is expected by 2010

By Quintus Perera - Asian Tribune

A communiqué issued by the Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry of Sri Lanka indicated that its Secretary General/CEO Samantha B Abeywickrama has said that still there is immense potential left to further expand bilateral trade between India and Sri Lanka and since the signing of the Indo-Sri Lanka Free Trade Agreement in March 2000 trade has grown rapidly between the two countries, at the occasion of signing the Memorandum of Understanding between the Federation of Andhra Pradesh Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FAPCCI) and FCCISL.

New Sri Lanka High Commissioner for United Kingdom

Retired Supreme Court Judge Chandra Nihal Jayasinghe is expected to take over, as Sri Lanka’s High Commissioner of United Kingdom from 1st of July. Shenuka Senivaratne, the outgoing High Commissioner has completed her tour of duty and has gone back to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Colombo on the 19th of this month. Supreme Court Judge Chandra Nihal Jayasinghe retired from judicial service on 01 March, after serving in the legal profession for 37 years.

LTTE claim of sole representative of Tamils shattered once Chanthirakanthan appointed Chief Minister - Ambassador Goonetilleke

By Walter Jayawardhana

Writing an op-ed piece in the ‘Washington Times’ newspaper , Bernard Goonetilleke said the appointment of S. Chandrakanthan alias Pillaiyan , breakaway leader of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam has shattered the myth that the LTTE is the sole leader of the Sri Lanka Tamils and it is the sole party to represent the same. "This development is tangible proof that democracy is a viable alternative to Tiger hegemony," created by the concept of calling the outfit the one and the only representative of the Tamils, Ambassador Benard Goonetilleke pointed out. Sri Lanka is one of South Asia's oldest democracies, but the LTTE loathes democracy. It intends, through terrorism, to establish a monoethnic, monopolitical state in the north and east, encompassing approximately 30 percent of the country's landmass, ostensibly for Sri Lankan Tamils. Tamils comprise 12 percent of the population, with the majority of them living outside the two provinces, Goonetilleke said.