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LTTE is targeting the innocent civilians in Sri Lanka, charged the widely circulated London Observer magazine

By Walter Jayawardhana

The widely circulated Observer magazine distributed with the Observer newspaper said, in a four page in-depth article, by targeting innocent civilians the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) is fast losing whatever sympathies they had earlier. The magazine in an article entitled, “Lost in Paradise” said, the Tamil Tigers “are going for the softest targets of all, the impoverished working people of Sri Lanka.”

Washington Times - on the last days of Ambassador Bernard Goonetilleke

Bernard GoonetillekeDespite a civil war that has claimed 70,00 lives over 30 years, the island the size of West Virginia is especially popular with Israeli surfers, and the government is planning to install cameras along the best beaches so surfers can monitor the waves over the Internet. All this is good news to Ambassador Bernard Goonetilleke, who served as Sri Lanka's envoy in Washington for the past three years and is retiring to his homeland after a 40-year diplomatic career. At 63, however, he is not planning to hit the surf, but he sees its potential for tourism.

U.N. Investigator Blasts U.S. Justice System

By Thalif Deen, Inter Press Service

After a two-week fact-finding tour of U.S. prison and detention facilities, a U.N. human rights investigator has blasted the administration of President George W. Bush for a rash of shortcomings in the country's flawed justice system and continued violations of the rule of law. Unleashing a stinging barrage of attacks, Professor Philip Alston, the U.N. special rapporteur on extra-judicial, summary and arbitrary executions, singles out the existence of racism in the application of the death penalty in the United States, and the lack of transparency in the deaths of prisoners in the Guantanamo Bay detention facility housing suspected terrorists.

Indian PM plays down Left threat, pins hopes on new allies

By M Rama Rao India Editor, Asian Tribune

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh is not out of the woods though he played down on Monday the Left parties threat of withdrawing support to his government and declared his intention of facing Parliament before operationalising the controversial nuclear deal with the United States. "There is nothing new in their stand", he said prompting a quick retort from the four Left parties that have been providing life line to his coalition government from outside declared that they would withdraw their support (59 law makers) sooner than later. Immediately they have gone into a huddle to zero in on the timing for their action.

A Muslim Sermon in a Christian Church

By Muqtedar Khan

I was once again reminded of the amazing degree of religious tolerance that many Christians in this country display habitually. Last Sunday, on the 29th of June, I had the rare honor of giving the sermon in a Christian service at the St. Thomas Episcopalian Church in Newark, Delaware. I have given the Islamic sermon (Khutbah) at mosques but giving one at a Church was an extraordinary ecumenical experience. Quran, the holy book of Muslims, teaches that diversity has a divine purpose. God could have created us all the same if He chose to, but in his infinite wisdom he created us as people of different ethnicities, races and beliefs in order that we get to know each other, and compete in doing good (Quran: 49:13, 2:148). It was in this spirit

Veteran diplomat Bernard Goonetilleke– and diplomatic postings

Bernard Goonetilleke, Sri Lanka’s Ambassador to USA has completed his tour of duties in Washington and has left for Colombo on 29 June. It is still not clear how Sri Lanka Government is planning to make use of this veteran diplomat, who has served as Sri Lanka’s Ambassador to many countries, and later as Secretary to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Sri Lanka Peace Secretariat was the brain-child of Bernard Goonetilleke and when he was the Secretary General of the Peace Secretariat, six rounds of talks were held between the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam and the Government of Sri Lanka.

Bruce Fein – The Great White Hope

By Stephen Long of Los Angeles

I just saw the Bruce Fein interview on Canadian ITV Live that has been posted on YouTube. This is a must-see for all who are interested in the Tamils for Justice push to grab international media attention for their primary cause: a separate Tamil country in Sri Lanka. First of all, I think the interviewer did an excellent job; he was unemotional, centered, well-informed, and poised. I find it very interesting that the overseas Tamil community has chosen Bruce Fein, Esq. to represent them. Why has the Tamil Diaspora picked him to be their hero, and why are they expected to rally around him as their Great White Hope? Why also are they expected to provide him with the huge amount of funds he is seeking to “unify” the Tamils and get them their independent state? And lastly, why did they choose Bruce Fein over the countless numbers of qualified Tamil attorneys around the world who could have been selected?

Anti- terrorism protest rally in Italy

Sri Lankans and other nationalities participated in a huge anti-terrorism protest rally in Milan, Italy. The demonstration against terrorism was held on 29 June, at Piazza Castello, Milan. The aim of the demonstration according to the organizers was to invite people all over the world to get together to defeat terrorism. More than 5000 Sri Lankans - Sinhalese, Tamils, Muslims, Italians and other nationalists who live in Italy participated in the anti-terrorists rally. “We are” Sri Lankans, we live in Italy" was the theme of the demonstration. The demonstration was organized by various Sri Lankan committees and organizations in Italy.

Sri Lanka & India’s Insecurity?

BY Shenali Waduge

Is India insecure by nature or should India have reasons to be insecure even after expansions in its military, diplomatic & economic energies far beyond Nehru’s Non-Aligned times? It is this aspect of insecurity that necessitates a closer review of India’s role in Sri Lanka. Does India need to be insecure of Sri Lanka? Or is it that India wishes to see Sri Lanka wriggling with "uncertainties" that will eternally leave a "vulnerable" country to which India can always remain bound to as "big brother" so that no other nation can or should touch (an indirect silent colony of India)?

NAPM opposes the Indo-US Nuclear deal

By Bobby Ramakant

Amidst protests against price rises of essential items throughout the country, the Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has again started harping on the issue of the Indo-US Nuclear Deal. Activists of National Alliance of People's Movements (NAPM) - the largest network of people's struggles in India - opposed the deal. "The Deal has been pushed forward in India in an anti-democratic manner without approval of the Parliament - in fact in the teeth of opposition by a large majority of parliamentarians" said Dr Sandeep Pandey, who is a Ramon Magsaysay Awardee (2002) and a convener of NAPM.

Sri Lanka: Jayantha Wickremaratne the New Inspector General of Police

Senior Deputy Inspector General of Police Jayantha Wickremaratne will assume duties as the new Inspector General of Police by taking over the reins from the outgoing IGP Victor Perera who retires today. In the meantime the outgoing IGP Victor Perera met President Mahinda Rajapakse at Temple Trees to bid farewell before going on retirement.

World Bank agrees to support Sri Lanka Tourism

World Bank has agreed to allocate funding to assist the Sri Lanka Tourism. Minister of Tourism, Milinda Moragoda, concluded his recent visit to Washington DC with very productive meetings involving the leadership of the World Bank, where he presented his vision for Sri Lanka tourism & possible ways the Bank could support a pioneering project involving all the stakeholders, including the rural communities & small entrepreneurs.

Bernard Goonetilleke

Protest rally in Milan, Italy.

Protest Rally in Italy 3

Protest rally in Italy 2

Protest rally in Milan, Italy

Openness, Dialogue, Fraternity and Peace highlighted in Sri Lanka Expatriates’ Festival in California on July 4

Daya Gamage – US National Correspondent Asian Tribune

Fourth of July is America’s Independence Day, and 231 years ago in 1776 the British colony unleashed a rebellion with a slogan “No Taxes without Representation”. It was the beginning of the establishment of a representative government in the Western Hemisphere that sent a very strong message to the rest of the world about the wide benefit of the representative government, rule of law and democracy.