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Nimal J.B.Mamaduwa CEO of the bank

Bruce Fein – A Rose by Any Other Name is Still the LTTE

By Stephen Long, Los Angeles

I just noticed that the Tamils for Justice Website has been renamed "Justice for Thamils." I’m assuming the organization has also been renamed. Please note that now there’s an "h" in the word "Tamils." I’m not sure if the new spelling is to emphasize the difference between the old and the new, or just an attempt to throw us off track. Bruce Fein, the arrogant Washington D.C. mercenary lawyer/public relations maven representing this dubious, alleged LTTE front organization, must think we’re all stupid. There is a "disclaimer" on the home page of the new website that says "Tamils for Justice has been renamed 'Justice for Thamils' in the interest of representing the true aspirations of the Tamil Diaspora, and to prevent it from falling prey to ulterior motives."

Sudan Genocide Charges Split Global Community

By Thalif Deen, Inter Press Service

A move to indict Sudanese President Omar Hassan Ahmad Al-Bashir for genocide and war crimes in Darfur -- the first against a sitting head of state -- is threatening to split the international community. The Western powers, led by the United States, Britain and France, want him prosecuted, but China and Russia, who maintain strong political, economic and military links with Sudan, are opposed to the possible indictment. The prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (ICC) in The Hague, Luis Moreno-Ocampo, Monday presented evidence showing that Al Bashir committed crimes of genocide in Darfur. The evidence came three years after the Security Council asked him to investigate the charges.

Tamil Nadu advocates burnt the effigy of Sri Lanka president

In Chennai, a group of advocates, around 50 of them, burnt the effigy of Sri Lanka President Mahinda Rajapakse, yesterday morning, at NSC Bose Road located near the Chennai High Court. They shouted slogans against the killing of Tamil Nadu fishermen by the Sri Lanka Navy. Tamil Nadu police failed to prevent the advocates from burning the effigy of the Sri Lanka President. Tamil Nadu police coming under the M.Katunanidhi, Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu is said to be a pro – LTTE supporter. The Tamil Nadu government has failed to take any action against those errant policemen who were patient onlookers while the lawyers were burning the effigy.

South Asian countries with China and India to be a region of production

By Quintus Perera - Asian Tribune

A communiqué sent by the Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry of Sri Lanka (FCCISL) indicated that Macky Hashim, former Chairman, SAARC Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the FCCISL has addressed the 3rd China – South Asia Business Forum, Kunming, China on the theme Globalization and Economic Co-operation between China and South Asia. At the Forum he has spoken of the Globalization and Economic Cooperation between China and South Asia via, International Transpiration and Logistics Development, an important subject, many studies have been undertaken and implementation of some projects are in progress.

NFF will launch its membership drive from Sunday

Asian Tribune – Sri Lanka Bureau

Over one million members from the grass root level will be recruited to strengthen the National Freedom Front. This membership promotion drive will commence next Sunday. President of the NFF and the and parliamentarian Wimal Weerawansa said that members will be admitted from all parts of the island including Eastern Province on village and town levels.

Character assasination after the abortive attempt to assasinate Gotabaya

By Dr. Edward Perera

Gotabaya RajapakseNo one can hide the fact that local and international elements are working day and night to see the end of a great son of Sri Lankan soil(of our soil). First they made an attempt in broad daylight to assassinate him. The scattered body parts of the LTTE assassin could be seen at the location. Amongst Sri Lankans, who were rejoicing the narrow escape of Gotabaya Rajapakse, there were many Tamils too, who knew that as long as Gotabaya lives, Prabhakaran's dream will never materialize. These terrorists have the same assessment of the Army Commander Sarath Fonseka too. That is why a person like Bruce Fein of the USA threatens that Gotabaya Rajapakse and Sarath Fonseka must be tried at the International courts for war crimes.

Fitch upgrades SANASA Development Bank to ‘BB (Ika)’

Asian Tribune - SL Bureau

Fitch Ratings Lanka upgraded the National long – term rating of SANASA Development Bank Ltd (SDBL) to 'BB (Ika)' from 'BB - (minus Ika)'. The upgrade reflects the materialization of SDBL’ s planned capital programme, and is supported by the bank’s good profitability and asset quality, albeit constrained somewhat by the risks inherent to the microfinance (MFI) segment, according to a press release by Fitch Ratings. It said the Outlook was stable, said CEO of the bank Nimal J.B.Mamaduwa.

Indian Hindu woman publishes 900-page epic on life of Jesus

A Hindu woman has produced a 900-page poetic epic on the life and message of Jesus following the style of Hindu classics such as Mahabharat and Ramayan. "This is the fruit of my great devotion to Jesus Christ," author Latha Rajasekhar told Ecumenical News International from Mysore, about 120 kilometres from Bangalore, where the book was released on 14 June in the presence of two bishops and several literary figures, as well as a mainly Hindu audience of 500 people. Entitled "Jesu Maha Darsana" ("Great philosophy of Jesus") the book is written in Kannada, the language spoken in the state of Karnataka.

The Reality of Oil Dream in Sri Lanka

By Edward Theophilus Wanigasekera

Since oil crisis began in early 1970s due to Arab Israel war, Sri Lanka’s government had been interested in oil exploration as many scientists in the country expressed opinion that there may be potential oil deposits in Mannar Bay to be discovered. When Mrs. Sirimao Bandaranaike was holding power in early 1970s, the opportunities for oil exploration was given to a Russian government sponsored company and newspapers in the country created a dream in the minds of Sri Lankans that oil will be discovered in Sri Lanka’s land giving a rare opportunity to the country to enjoy the benefits of petro-dollars.

Hitler's Avatar Seeks US Visa

By Muqtedar Khan

Nishrin Hussein, a resident of Delaware since 1989, suffered immeasurable trauma in February of 2002. Her father, Ehsan Jafferi a former member of the Indian national parliament and a poet was dragged out of his house and burned alive by a rampaging mob. In that week over 2000 members of a religious minority were killed and burned, over 150,000 were rendered homeless and many women were raped; often as police watched and stubbornly refused to protect religious minorities in Gujarat, a state in India.

Reality bites

By Tushar Charan - Syndicate Features

In a relatively short time since their advent in the country private TV channels have notched up great successes in term of providing entertainment, news other than government handouts, capturing huge audiences and generating enormous revenues. But there has also been a negative side to the otherwise positive story. One such surfaced when a 16-year old girl, Shinjini Sengupta, was ‘half-paralysed’ during a reality TV show in Kolkata and admitted to hospital.

Gotabaya Rajapakse

Sri Lanka protest over the burning of the effigy of the President in Chennai

Sri Lanka has expressed its serious concern over the burning of the effigy of the President yesterday morning at NSC Bose Road, located near the Chennai High Court by a group of Advocates. It is learnt that on behalf of the Sri Lanka Government, the Deputy High Commission based in Chennai has brought this matter to the notice of the Law and security agency of the Tamil Nadu Government expressing the concern of the Sri Lanka Government.