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Candlelit Vigils for the Victims of LTTE Terrorism: Liberation Tigers in London are planning to hold a ‘Candle Light Vigil’

By Dr. Edward Perera

The "Asian Tribune" wrote on 22.07.08 that the "British Tamil Forum" is planning to mark Black July ‘83 by lighting candles at Parliament Square. This vigil is another event in a series of protest actions launched by the pro-LTTE Tamil Diaspora in several western countries. By intensifying such campaigns, and by enlisting the help of the Tamil Diaspora, the LTTE is striving for a decisive victory in its thirty year long battle with the government of Sri Lanka. In the process of doing so, the LTTE will exploit every possible means to minimize their current, desperate situation after suffering successive defeats on the war front during last few weeks. It is a clear indication of the present state of the LTTE’s current military strength.

Issue of Enhanced US Military Assistance to Pakistan raised in US State Department media briefing

Daya Gamage – US Bureau Asian Tribune

"Pakistan is a key partner in the war on terror. It plays a critical role in our long-term efforts to build a stable and prosperous South Asia. Shifting Foreign Military Financing that was already allocated to Pakistan for other military equipment allows Pakistan’s F-16 program, a tangible symbol of the U.S.-Pakistan relationship, to continue on track” is what Gonzalo R. Gallegos, Acting Deputy Spokesman for the United States Department of State told the media here Thursday July 24 in the daily briefing.

JHU's stance and the 13th Amendment

By L. Jayasooriya

Minister Rajitha Senaratne's vow to vest, police, land and educational powers in the Provincial Councils raises several questions. What is the stance of the Jaatika Hela Urumaya and the newly-formed National Freedom Front on this? Some months back JHU member Udaya Gammanpila said his party was strongly opposed to police powers and powers to allocate land being granted to the Provinces. Minister Douglas Devananda has reportedly told government members that they are all subject to the provisions of the 13th amendment which will deliver those powers. According to him those powers will only be an interim measure until substantial devolution is given in the future under APRC proposals.

LTTE Involved In Credit Card Fraud In Keniya

By Walter Jayawardhana

‘The Daily Nation’ in Kenya revealed that the 40 million Shilling annual credit frauds in the country is shared by Sri Lanka’s liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam terrorists with other fraudsters. Reporting about a Norwegian Passport holding LTTE member the newspaper said, “Early this year, a suspected operative of the Sri Lankan separatist terror group — Liberation Tamil Tigers of Elam (LTTE) — Balakumar Ponnuthurai was arrested at 680 Hotel after he attempted to pay his bills using different fake credit cards. He is also believed to have withdrawn an unknown amount of cash using the cards.”

Cancellation drama - MEPs aborted visit to Trincomalee at the last moment

Ministry of Foreign Affairs blamed the visiting Members of the European Parliament for aborting their visit to Trincomalee at the last minute, by changing their plan and returning to their hotel from the Ratmalana airport. Reasons for the cancelation was not given by the parliamentarians, instead they blamed the Sri Lanka Government and alleged that they were ‘turned back’ from the Ratmalana airport to their hotel. In a statement released to the press, Sri Lanka’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs clarified the last minute cancellation drama of the MEPs and categorically said that it was incorrect to state that the parliamentarians were ‘turned back from the Ratmalana airport.

Sri Lanka Mission conducted successful reaching out program with the Tamils in Italy

For the first time Tamils have managed to organise successfully a day of dialogue and cooperation with the Government of Sri Lanka and it was said that this was the first step of a long journey towards peace in the country. It all started in the Reggio Emilia, one of the two provinces in Italy where there is a large concentration of Tamils. The largest concentration is in Palermo. The Sri Lankan Embassy in the past had continuously neglected these two provinces for unexplained reasons, said of the members of the Tamil community when they met Sri Lanka’s Amabassador Hemantha Warnakulasuriya in Modena

Sri Lankans in Finland demonstrate against the LTTE

In FinlandSri Lankans who are living in Finland have gathered yesterday in Helsinki to take part in a demonstration against the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) terrorist activities in Sri Lanka. The demonstration was held for 2 hours in Helsinki city centre in front of the Finish Parliament with a strong participation of peace loving Sri Lankans and Finns alike. Finland has a small Sri Lankan community of around 700 expatriates. Finland has shown interest in Sri Lanka’s political situation as it was part of SLMM during 2002 to 2006.

Only six months more to end the war

By Ravindra Wickremasinghe

Less than six months from today at midday on Tuesday 20th January 2009 President George W Bush will vacate the White House and irrespective of the outcome of the November 4th 2008 presidential election, his successor is unlikely to persecute the war against terrorism with the same resolve. While neither this date nor this event may hold much significance for Sri Lankans, it is likely to influence any military or political solution that the government of President Mahinda Rajapaksa wishes to pursue to bring about an honourable peace and end the two and a half decade old armed separatist conflict afflicting the country.

Mayor's murder at Vishnu temple

By Janaka Perera

As expected 'Black July' 1983 was the focus of several newspaper articles last week. This month however also recalls another dark event which does not seem to have received that much attention - the political murder 33 years ago that sparked off a chain of events culminating in our current crisis. It is the assassination of Jaffna's SLFP Mayor Alfred Duraiappah on July 27, 1975 - a seminal event marking the onset the Northern insurgency. It was also the first assassination of a Sri Lankan Tamil political figure.

Vaiko seeks disqualification of Ganesan, Gingee

By M Rama Rao, India Editor, Asian Tribune

MDMK chief Vaiko is determined to 'teach' a lesson to his two rebel MPs, L Ganesan and Gingee N Ramachandran. He asked the Lok Sabha Speaker to disqualify them under the provisions of the Anti-defection law that has been on the statute since the Rajiv Gandhi days. MDMK Party leader C Krishnan Friday formally submitted a 'formal request' to the Lok Sabha Secretariat saying that the law must be invoked to disqualify the two dissident MPs for defying party whip during the July 22 trust vote in the Manmohan government.

Pakistan to help Sri Lanka – Pakistan Foreign Minister

By Walter Jayawardhana

Pakistan’s Foreign Minister Makhdoom Shah Mahmood Quereshi declared in London that Pakistan is maintaining "excellent” relations with Sri Lanka and the Indian Ocean island republic will continue to receive all help to crush terrorism from his country. Speaking to a packed house in the larger hall of the International Istitute of Strategic Studies in London the Pakistan Foreign Minister said Sri Lanka will receive all help the country’s government need to eradicate the terrorist menace.

Mr. Bernard Goonatilake, New Chairman for Sri Lanka Institute of Tourism & Hotel Management

Bernard GoonatilakeBernard Goonatilake, Sri Lanka's former Ambassador to the United States of America succeeds Mr. H.M.G.S. Pallihakkara as the new Chairman of the Sri Lanka Institute of Tourism & Hotel Management (SLITHM). Milinda Moragoda, Minister of Tourism, has made this appointment with effect from 1 August 2008.

EU Delegation condemns the LTTE but asks to protect human rights in Sri Lanka

Asian Tribune - Sri Lanka Bureau

The Visiting EU delegation said the EU condemned LTTE activities and said the EU would not protect the terrorism. Speaking to media in Colombo on Friday Leader of the delegation Robert Evans said the EU parliamentarians are fully aware that Sri Lanka is involved in the fight against terrorism but still believe that more must be done to defend human rights and put an end to the frightening number of abductions .The EU parliamentarian were hoping to see for themselves the new situation in the Eastern Province and to discuss matters directly with the Chief Minister.

Bernard Goonatilake

Protest against LTTE terrorists in Finland

In Finland

In Finland

Is India’s Benign Role In Afghanistan Anti-Pakistan?

By J.N. Raina - Syndicate Features

Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) agency is a global curse. The massive and callous July 7 bomb blast outside the Indian Embassy in Kabul, claiming over 45 lives, including a senior diplomat and the Defence Attaché, has exposed Pakistan’s hollowness and its duplicity for orchestrating the nefarious act. Notwithstanding the denial of the charge by Pakistan, it pretends to be friendly, but behaves like a foe. The Government of India was well aware about ISI’s deceitful manoeuvrings some months ago. No less a person than Afghanistan President Hamid Karzai had cautioned India about what was going to befall and mar Indian interests in Afghanistan. His assessment has proved correct.