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End of a Man hunt: Radovan Karadzic landed in The Hague

By Leel Pathirana

Radovan KaradzicAfter spending 13 years as a fugitive following his arrest on 21st July last week Former Bosnian Serb leader Radovan Karadzic was brought to Hague today 30th (Wednesday) to face the charges for the said war crimes including genocide against Bosnian Muslim and Bosnian Croat during the Bosnian War 1992 to 995 as president of the Bosnian Serb republic. Mr. Karadzic was escorted by masked Serbian security officers and taken from the Belgrade war crimes court yesterday a motorcade carrying Mr. Karadzic to the airport left hours after stone-hurling nationalists clashed with the police in central Belgrade at a rally to protest his arrest last week on war crimes charges.

NPA in Oslo fails to substantiate Sri Lanka media allegations of gunrunning in Sudan

By Walter Jayawardhana

Norwegian People’s Aid, in a statement issued in Oslo, Norway said, that the current allegations in the Sri Lanka media that it was involved in arms smuggling in Sudan "has no basis in facts" and called the allegations "contentious reporting." Referring to a Norwegian television documentary that originally alleged the group of taking part in gunrunning for a Sudanese terrorist group that was involved in some of the worst human rights violations in Africa the statement said, "Allegations made in this documentary were proven false shortly after they were first made, and are as groundless today as they were then."

Nirj Deva MEP lashes out at EU delegation which visited Sri Lanka

Niranjan Deva AdithyaEU Praliamnetarian Niranjan Deva Adithya hit out at the EU delegation head for coming to Sri Lanka and attempting to preach democracy. However he said the recent visit by the European Parliament Delegation set up to improve Relations with South Asian countries has generated much controversy. Speaking to media in Colombo on Tuesday he said last weekend’s newspapers carried embarrassing headlines stating that we had been misled.

South Asian Free Media Association conference to begin today

Asian Tribune – Sri Lanka Bureau

Today, SAARC Journalist Summit of South Asian Free Media Association (SAFMA) will inaugurate another regional conference in Colombo. Around one hundred local and foreign journalists from the SAARC region will attend the two-day conference in Colombo under the SAFMA banner to talk on Freedom of Media in Conflict Situations. National Organizer of the Sri Lanka chapter of SAFMA N.M.Ameen said this conference would discuss freedom of media and plans to declare its recommendations before the SAARC Foreign Ministers.

The Sri Lankan Migrant Community in Italy on Pilgrimage to San Giovanni Rotondo

By Fr.Shamindra Jayawardena, OSB

The Sri Lankan migrants from all over Italy with their respective chaplains came on pilgrimage on the 27th of June to the second most visited catholic shrine in the world situated in San.Giovanni Rotondo, a small town in southern Italy, to venerate the incorruptible body of Padre Pio of Pietrelcina. Padre Pio was a Capuchin friar, priest and mystic who remained there in the monastery for 52 years. Called to receive his eternal reward in 1956 he was raised to the alters by Pope John Paul 11 of revered memory, in 2002.

Ambassador Wickramasuriya Warmly Welcomed at White House

By Philip Fernando in Washington D.C.

Jaliya with BushAmbassador Jaliya Wickramasuriya presented his credentials to U.S. President George W. Bush, at the Oval Office of the White House, on July 28, 2008. Ambassador was warmly welcomed by President Bush who expressed his wish to continue the good relationship between Sri Lanka and USA. "We value your friendship greatly," Bush said. Ambassador Wickramasuriya reciprocated and conveyed President Mahinda Rajapaksa’s appreciation of U.S. support to Sri Lanka in its continuing struggle to combat terrorism, especially the pro-active measures taken by the U.S. toward this end.

Diplomatic Appointments, Neglect of State Assets & Our Supreme Court

By Garvin Karunaratne - former Government Agent, Matara District

Criticism of the Government is mounting due to recent diplomatic appointments of non career diplomats to lead top diplomatic appointments. Sending off a University Professor to Thailand, a businessmen to Washington, a well known lawyer to Canada are being talked of. The charge is that the career diplomats, those trained in the diplomatic service should have been considered for these posts. The diplomatic service is actually meant to allow the growth of specialism in handling diplomatic assignments. But in recent times I have seen our career diplomats fighting shy of fighting for the country when the country is criticized. In fact several times I have been wondering why the Sri Lankan High Commission in London was totally silent and dead, when Sri Lanka was hauled over the coals.

Anandasangaree on SAARC

The letter writing in politics is a new trait developed by V.Anandasangaree, President of the Tamil United Liberation Front. He continues to circulate his letters to dignitaries and others and use to make them public. A new leaf in politics – even the American author Dale Breckenridge Carnegie who shot to fame by his ‘How to win Friends and Influence People,’ has failed to take cognizant of the new phenomenon of the art of letter writing in a cutthroat world of politics. The latest letter was addressed to Sri Lanka President Mahinda Rajapakse, beginning with pleasantries, praises, and goes on with SAARC, terrorism and as usual a dig at LTTE and Prabakaran.

Sri Lankan Students Captivate American Congressmen with Their Charm

By Philip Fernando in Washington D. C.

Sri Lankan students attending the ‘Presidential Future World Leaders Summit’ in Washington seemed apt as ambassadors of good will as they described the progress in their motherland to US legislators and leaders. “Those critical of Sri Lanka were speechless when they heard us” said Lihini Wijeyaratne and Shenali Dias, two of the 58 students who participated in this program. The students captured them with their charm. Sri Lankan Ambassador Jaliya Wickramasuriya briefed the students and said that they were displaying in full measure the vibrant sense of co-existence prevalent in Sri Lanka.

AIT Chairman sworn in as Thailand’s new Minister of Foreign Affairs

Dr. Tej BunnagThe Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) extended its sincerest congratulations to Dr. Tej Bunnag, Chairman of the AIT Board of Trustees, on his recent appointment as Thailand’s Minister of Foreign Affairs. Dr. Tej was sworn in as foreign minister with immediate effect by the King of Thailand who issued a royal command on Saturday July 26. The Thai Monarch then gave his good wishes to the new foreign minister at an oath-swearing ceremony at Klai Kangwon Palace, Hua Hin, on Sunday.

Fire ignited 25 years ago still burns within us

By Quintus Perera - Asian Tribune

Mano Ganesan, Leader, Western People’s Front, Convener of Civil Monitoring Commission and Member of Parliament said that the fire that was set twenty five years ago which shattered their lives is still burning within them, as the conditions prevailed then are yet applicable and not mended. He said that they – Tamils- are prepared to forgive but not prepared to forget the trauma of 1983, as the Sinhala political leadership has failed to provide the sense of accommodation even after all these black historical past.

It is time for US-Iran Détente

Dr. Muqtedar Khan

For the past two years Iran and its nuclear program have dominated America's foreign policy agenda. Iran's refusal to stop enriching Uranium, which in its opinion it is entitled to as a signatory of the NPT treaty but the West believes, is an effort to develop nuclear weapons and the oft repeated statement by Ahmedinajad that "Israel will soon disappear from the map" have made Iran the number one enemy in the eyes of the West. But now there seems to be a change taking place in US-Iranian relations and prospects for a détente seem real. Now not only is Ahmedinajad saying nice things about US diplomats, but Iran is responding positively to US overtures.

India : When terror strikes home

By Shenali Waduge

Is there a link to world terrorism & the global manufacture of arms? Most likely & surprisingly the 5 permanent members of the UN Security Council are in fact the manufactures of the majority of the world’s arms. This obviously leaves little hope for any global peace so long as countries continue to profit from sales of arms! Of late there has been a surge in terror attacks on Indian states – predominantly states under Hindu leadership which has prompted the terror to be labeled "pro Islamic" thus taking investigations along the lines that terrorism equates with Islam & obviously echoing US sentiments. Continuing with the Islamic tag India is likely to be making the same error the Americans have made since 9/11 unless Indians come out of the embryo to acknowledge that terror should be taken as terror before they politicize the event into fulfilling their hobby of finding fault with Pakistan.

Some hope for Zimbabwe

By Ramapati - Syndicate Features

At last there is light at the end of a long tunnel. The two implacable foes in Zimbabwe, President Robert Mugabe, and Opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai have signed a deal that paves the way for formal talks on power sharing and will thus end the travails of the people of their country after an unprecedented and prolonged political and economic crisis in the African nation. The power sharing deal will mean that Mugabe, despite all his sins of omission and commission, stays on as a sort of ceremonial President and Tsvangirai assumes the role of a prime minister with most of the powers usually enjoyed by executive heads of government in democracies.

Niranjan Deva Adithya

CPI asks PM Singh to take up Katchateevu issue with Rajapakse during SAARC

By M Rama Rao, India Editor, Asian Tribune

Katchateevu is back in the political discourse of Tamil Nadu. Communist Party of India is the latest to join the striding demand for a reopening of the 1983 pact that recognized the mostly uninhabited island as a part of Sri Lanka. While a section of the Tamil Nadu parties are never really reconciled to the pact, the recent firing incidents the Indian fishermen had been subjected to, and the forth coming visit of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to Colombo to attend the SAARC summit gave a fresh lease of life to the dormant issue. Like Jayalalithaa Jayaram of All India Anna DMK, DMK patriarch and Chief Minister Muthavel Karunanidhi has asked Delhi to take over Katchateevu from Sri Lanka.