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Obama to be Voice-Acclaimed as Nominee at Democratic Convention, No Roll Call

By Philip Fernando for Asian Tribune

Barrack Obama will be nominated by unanimous voice acclaim at the convention. The suggested roll call to include Hilary Clinton’s name would not be followed, according the latest press reports. Party officials were quoted that this would finally settle any divisions among the delegates. Yesterday, Invesco Field in Denver came alive as Michelle Obama got a rousing reception from over 25,000 delegates and guests at the Democratic Convention yesterday. Barrack Obama’s wife delivered a flawless account of how the Obamas and their family had achieved overwhelming public support through years of dedicated work. Hillary and Bill Clinton will lend their luster to the Democratic Convention on Tuesday and Wednesday as they take center stage with appearances making a solid pitch for unity. No Clinton posters were seen inside the Convention setting. Outside, there were some protesters.

United National Party Insiders Say Election Debacle Will Definitely Lead To Leadership Crisis

By Walter Jayawardhana

The failure of the Ranil Wickramasinghe led United National Party (UNP) to win a single parliamentary electoral area in both the North Central Province and the Sabaragamuwa Province may lead to a serious leadership crisis in the main opposition party in parliament, party insiders said. "With the cost of living so high,” said a party insider, “it is amazing that the ruling party was able to gain such a lead in the recently concluded Provincial Council elections, even with the alleged election violence our party is going to bring forth as cause for the government victory," said an opposition back bencher who also said the defeat would certainly lead to an another leadership crisis and a call for the democratic reform of the party. He said for obvious reasons he would like to be anonymous right.

Stop LTTE’s fund raising activities and ban the TRO in Sweden

The Swedish Chapter of the Campaign Against Separatist Terrorism in Sri Lanka (CASTIS), has urged the Swedish Prime Minister to ban the Tamil Rehabilitation Organization in Sweden. In a letter addressed Fredrik Reinfeldt, Prime Minister of Sweden, CASTIS has pointed out that the Tamil Rehabilitation Organization (TRO) is very active in fund raising and they are collecting funds from each and every Tamil family in Sweden. The letter addressed to the Prime Minister of Sweden was handed over by the CASTIS representatives at the Prime Minister’s office on 24 August.

Government is ready to hold general election if the UNP wants says Dullas

Asian Tribune - Sri Lanka Bureau

Government of Sri Lanka says if the UNP wants a general election the government would arrange it in three months time. Minister Dullas Alahapperuma said on Monday that the government would not avoid elections and follows democratic path. Minister Dalas Alahapperuma requested the public to cast aside political differences since the election is now over and contribute to defeat terrorism and build the national economy.

After Elections

By Tisaranee Gunasekara

It was a move that was as brilliant as it was unexpected. The UNP had traditionally relied on wealthy contributors to finance its activities. Suddenly the leader announced the formation of a Rupee fund at the electoral level, all over the country. The purpose was to not only to reduce the dependence on wealthy donors; it was also to make the party accessible to millions of low and middle income earners. In fact that was the primary motive in this radical departure from tradition - to turn the UNP into a genuine mass based party by reaching out to the masses, across socio-economic barriers.

Expert advice and top level supervision helped to minimize poll malpractices

Despite few minor incidents of violence, the provincial council elections were held peacefully and the end result has convincingly proved that the people have voted the ruling alliance wholeheartedly, thus giving a very clear mandate for the policies and programmes of the government. Analysts are of the view that the allegations of possible large-scale rigging and organized ballot snapping were only a figment in the minds of the frustrated opponents who wanted to find some excuses beforehand to explain reasons for the electoral debacle.

Anandasangaree lambaste Prabakaran for his ruthless atrocities

It is no secret that the LTTE has now become so weak, but still keep on challenging not only the Government of Sri Lanka but the entire International Community as well. The Tamils are held as hostages in their own land. Even the Tamils living freely in the South with Sinhalese and those who fled the country and are being well looked after by various countries in the West, Canada and the United States are living in fear and tension due to the threat of the LTTE. This was disclosed by V.Anandasangaree, President of the TULF at the opening of the Exhibition "Call of the Conscience" held at the Roy Thomson Hall – Toronto.

Will it be A Paper Tiger?

Prof. Kanbawza Win

The UN's special envoy Ibrahim Gambari's fourth visit to Burma had come to a dead end and left the country empty-handed. Even Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, has refused to see him knowing full well that nothing would come out of it as his actions speaks more louder than words. From the very beginning why was he chosen? A man bent on keeping his job rather than laying down the platforms for trouble shooting was proven, when he did not have the guts to tell the Generals face to face but instead chose to make a public statement appealing military leaders to put aside their differences and work together on national reconciliation. This infuriated the regime.

Dialog Enterprise provide ICT solutions to Laugfs Vehicle Emission Testing

By Quintus Perera – Asian Tribune

Dialog Enterprise, an integrated business division of Dialog Broadband Networks recently announced that it has entered into an agreement with Laugfs Eco Sri (Pvt) Ltd to provide voice and data communication solutions to Laugfs Vehicle Emission Testing Programme. The billion rupee eco project which came into effect from 15 July 2008 is aimed at creating an air pollution free environment and involves extensive infrastructure and technological investments.

Pakistan-US Relations at a Critical Juncture

By Muqtedar Khan

General Musharraf's resignation on august 18th brings to an end an era of unprecedented Pakistani cooperation with US foreign policy and security needs. It also marks the beginning of a new negotiation between Pakistan and the US as the US seeks fresh reassurances of Pakistan's cooperation in its war on terror and Pakistan seeks a new relationship, under different terms and circumstances with the U.S.

California Protests


Protest in Stockholm

Protest in Stockholm

California Sri Lankan Expatriates Confront US Congressman Brad Sherman To denounce his association with Tamil Tiger Terrorists

Daya Gamage – US National Correspondent Asian Tribune

Congressman Brad Sherman receiving petition After years of writing letters and pleading to have their voices heard Sri Lankan expatriates in California launched a new strategy that they expect will be a catalyst for Sri Lankan expatriates throughout the United States who are fed up with American lawmakers who get succumbed to Sri Lanka Tamil Tiger terrorist lobby creating a distorted version of Sri Lanka’s national crisis: confronting U.S. Congressmen who are within the LTTE grip and influence one-on-one to tell their side of the story.