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Minister Rohitha Bogollagama

Importance of People Centred Short to Medium Term Regional Strategy stressed

Minister Bogollagama The purpose of this Meeting would be to evolve and implement a people-centred short to medium term regional strategy and collaborative projects to address core issues including the increase in food production; Investment in agriculture and agro-based industries; Agriculture research and prevention of soil health degradation; Development and sharing of agricultural technologies; Sharing of best practices in procurement and distribution; and Management of the climatic and disease-related risks in agriculture. Another significant step was the agreement reached to urgently operationalise the SAARC Food Bank and the early drawing up of the SAARC Agriculture Perspective 2020. The leaders also agreed that synergies should be built with the international community to ensure food and nutrition security in South Asia emphasized Minister Rohitha Bogollagama.

Home and office-ware – one stop shop by Alliance Group

By Quintus Perera – Asian Tribune

Alliance Group, half a century in the financial services launches ‘Alliance Space - a one stop lifestyle store catering to home as office interiors and furniture. Space Homeware and Space Office-ware offers a range of high quality products and services including all types of furniture and accessories, bathroom ware, tap fittings - entire product range required to set up home or office, said Romani de Silva, Deputy Chairman / Joint Managing Director, Alliance Group at the press briefing held in connection with Alliance Space Homeware.

Savvy Diplomat Sumith Nakandala- Sri Lanka’s new Deputy High Commissioner in the United Kingdom

Sumith NakandalaAmbassador A. Sumith Nakandala has taken duties as Sri Lanka’s new Deputy High Commissioner in the United Kingdom. He has arrived in London this week succeeding to Sudantha Ganegamaarachchi, his erstwhile schoolmate. During the 15th SAAARC Summit, Nakandala was Sri Lanka’s Ambassador to the Royal Kingdom of Nepal and as the summit arrangements hit a snag regarding the attendance of the Head of State of Nepal, it was Nakanadala’s diplomacy that saved the summit from an impending disaster. During those days Nepal was undergoing a very critical transformation and there were anxious movements with SAARC organizers back in Colombo, as to whether the Head of State of Nepal would be able to attend the Summit.

SAARC’s Concrete Move To Combat Terrorism-Related Crime

Neville de Silva, Diplomatic Editor Asian Tribune

Perhaps the most concrete result of this month’s SAARC (South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation) summit in Colombo, one that is of particular concern to Sri Lanka, is the Convention on Mutual Legal Assistance signed by its eight member-states. Its significance is that for the first time it brings within its fold criminal activities that are essentially terrorism related or activities that support the commission of terrorist acts. This convention, which provides mutual legal assistance helps to create a legal basis for regional cooperation, is important to all its member states because most of them are confronted with terrorism in various forms or were faced with it at one time.

Palihakkara Presents Credentials as New UN Envoy of Sri Lanka

M.G.S. Palihakkara, with Ban Ki-moonThe new Permanent Representative of Sri Lanka to the United Nations, Hewa M.G.S. Palihakkara, presented his credentials to UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon. Mr. Palihakkara, who currently serves on the Secretary-General’s Advisory Board on Disarmament Matters, retired as the Foreign Secretary of Sri Lanka on 31 December 2006 after 38 years of civil and diplomatic service. Since the 1990s, he has served his Government on a number of assignments to the United Nations in Geneva and New York, covering work related to the General Assembly’s First Committee (Disarmament and International Security), and later the Conference on Disarmament, as well as on human rights, humanitarian and economic and social affairs.

End looms for Tamil Tigers as army is set to take final stronghold, says 'Scotsman'

By Walter Jayawardhana

Jason Motlagh , reporting for ‘The Scotman’ of the United kingdom published from Edinburgh said the end looms for Tamil Tigers in Sri Lanka, as aggressive Sri Lankan government forces continue to push deeper in to the LTTE heart land. The report published August 29 said, “Aggressive Sri Lankan government forces continue to push deeper into the Tamil Tiger heartland and are now within reach of their administrative capital, raising hopes that the end of a brutal 25-year civil war may be near.”

Amity after the War

By Gomin Dayasri

The dissolution and the dismantling of the LTTE is not a defeat for the Tamils. Sri Lankans have a rich ethos of togetherness at all social levels to bind the nation which was disturbed by separatist forces with the connivance of mischievous NGO elements. Majority of the Tamils are law abiding citizens of whom few became terrorists. These terrorists were the deadliest in the world and subjugated the Tamils wherever they were, to become captive pawns; Tamils without a political and national leadership were incapable of countering the strategies of the terrorists.

Barrack Obama Almost Unstoppable: Assured a Place in History

By Philip Fernando in Los Angeles for Asian Tribune

Barack ObamaThe first-ever black presidential nominee of America, Barrack Obama stepped triumphantly into history on Wednesday night, as nearly 80,000 supporters at the Mile High Stadium, Denver, and millions across saw him make a frontal onslaught on John McCain and the Republican policies. “If my character and temperament to be President are what John McCain is talking about all the time, I want him to bring it on. I will debate him any day.”

Sri Lanka protests aspersions cast on Government in recent EU Parliamentary Delegation statement

Ravinath Aryasinha with Dr. Hans-Gert PotteringSri Lanka’s Ambassador to the European Union (EU) Ravinatha Aryasinha on Monday (25 August) protested to the President of the European Parliament Dr. Hans-Gert Pottering, on the aspersions cast on the Sri Lanka government in a statement issued by Robert Evans, Member of the European Parliament, who headed a group of MEPs of the European Parliament’s South Asia Delegation, at the conclusion of a 5 day visit to Sri Lanka from 21-25 July 2008. Ambassador Aryasinha said Sri Lanka was keen to engage with the European Parliament cutting across country and party lines, and it was in that spirit that a comprehensive programme was arranged for the visiting EU Parliamentary delegation, in the period requested by them, despite the heavy commitments of the SAARC Summit the following week.

Trade, growth and development has no direct relationship with poverty reduction

By Quintus Perera - Asian Tribune

Trade, development and economic growth in Sri Lanka has no direct relationship with the poverty reduction, according to a seminar on “Trade and Poverty Reduction”, organized by the Law and Society Trust of Sri Lanka held at the Sri Lanka Foundation Institution, last week. In fact, Gomi Senadhira, Department of Commerce speaking on ‘Global Agreements as a tool of Development and Growth’ said that it is not easy to work on trade development and poverty reduction and said that he cannot see direct relations between trade and reduction of poverty. He said that for poverty reduction there need to be organized employment and other people centred programmes.

The Georgian Flash

By Aallabaksh - Syndicate Features

The five-day exchange of unequal fire-power between tiny Georgia with its small military and large Russia with one of the largest armies in the world may be over leaving in its trail heavy civilian casualties in South Ossetia, the main battle ground, but the political fall-out from the conflict is bound to echo across the world for a long time.

A. Sumith Nakandala

Ravinath Aryasinha with Dr. Hans-Gert Pottering