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A Swiss Tamil child seen with lethal weapon

Dangers of Being a Maverick: Situation Got Riskier by the Minute

Sunday Discourse by Philip Fernando

John McCain sprung on the country another maverick, Sarah Palin. She received such an acclamation that it may have even surprised McCain. The choice indicated that attempts to thrust a George W Bush clone failed even though many had tried. Choices available were rather lukewarm. Some said that with achievements as bare as Mother Hubbard’s cupboard, Republicans received Palin glibly. But McCain’s selection process left room for many to question his thinking process.

Farsighted strategic decision taken by the Government of Sri Lanka

A popular Sinhala proverb exhorts not to lament after inviting dangerous serpents to one’s lap. Unfortunately, many of the INGOs and NGOs which function in Sri Lanka have acted in a manner detrimental to the stability and the national security of the country, while white washing the LTTE, and on a number of occasions actively aiding and abetting the terrorists and separatists. Some have even materially assisted the LTTE‘s war against Sri Lanka. This was pointed out in a statement by Ranjith Soysa, Spokesperson for World Alliance for Peace in Sri Lanka and a dozen of affiliated organization.

Five blasts rock Indian capital, claim 30 lives, 90 injured

By M Rama Rao, India Editor, Asian Tribune, Delhi

For the second time this year, the number 13 turned to be unlucky for India, as capital Delhi was rocked by five blasts which were more or less simultaneously took place in three crowded market areas. Police have recovered three more bombs, one of them from the historic India Gate, in the heart of the city and defused them. The blasts in a span of 45 minutes claimed at least 30 lives and left 90 injured. Indian Mujahideen, a shadow amalgam of banned SIMI and Lashkar-e-Taiba sent an e-mail to media organizations claiming responsibility for the blasts. The email, titled "the Message of Death", said: 'In the name of Allah, Indian Mujahideen strikes back once more. ... Do whatever you can. Stop us if you can'.

Samak announces that he is not contesting in the election for Prime Minister

Samak SundaravejThailand's former prime minister Samak Sundaravej said Friday that he wants to end his role as leader of the ruling People Power Party (PPP) as senior members of PPP are racing for the government leadership post, said the ex-secretary-general to the prime minister. Thirapol Noprampha told journalists after a meeting with Samak at his home in suburban Bangkok that the recent disqualified prime minister had asked him to inform the party's members that Samak had tried his best to protect democracy in the country and it is now the responsibility of the party to handle the situation. Samak, according to Thirapol, said he wanted to end his duty as the party leader and "it is now up to the party from now on".

Binara is significant to seek success on persistent determination

By Quintus Perera - Asian Tribune

Today is the Binara Full Moon Poya Day. There are four Pasaloswaka Poyas - Esala, Nikini, Binara and Wap and it is a four month period and the period in India it has been know as rainy season, specially where Lord Buddha lived. Yet it is a blossoming season with a clear sky blue in the day time and bright in the night with stars sparkling. We have to go to the Buddha era to visualize the bright sparkling and pleasant period called ‘Was’. Venerable Niwandama Samitha Thero, Viharadhipathi, Niwandama Deepadukkaramaya Purana Viharaya, explaining the significance of Binara Full Moon Poya said that during this Was period Buddhist Monks would be immobile and are expected to recede to their Temples, Viharas and other Monasteries to devote their time to preach Dhamma and look after the well being of the people and the people who patronage the Buddhist places of worship where the Monks congregate.

INGOs in Wanni - sleeping with dogs

INGOs in Wanni - sleeping with dogs

By Janaka Perera

"When you sleep with dogs you get up with ticks all over your body," goes a pithy Sinhala saying. This is what has happened to most INGOs operating in LTTE dominated areas. Having been infected with 'tick fever' they have no alternative but to obey the Tigers' dictates and leave their possessions at the disposal of the terrorists. Of course several of these do-gooders were willingly serving the LTTE's cause in the name of humanitarian services. One of them was the Norwegian 'People's Aid' which gave over 30 vehicles for use by the LTTE. These are in addition to medicines, medical and communication equipment and other items that the INGOs allowed to fall into Tiger hands.

Indices head south on thin volumes

By Quintus Perera – Asian Tribune

HNB Stockbrokers in their weekly review indicated that the Colombo bourse continued its downward trend for the sixth consecutive week, as investors remained cautious over the market fundamentals. The negative sentiment that prevailed during the week prompted market indices to open lower with slight losses while leading to sharp falls during the latter part of the week. Overall the All Share Price Index (ASPI) lost 42.7 points or 1.8 percent to stand at 2355.6 points while the liquid Milanka Price Index (MPI) ended 76.2 points or 2.8 percent lower at 2685.0 points.

Sri Lanka - Latvia to boost bilateral relations with new Sri Lanka Ambassador to Latvia

Ranjith Jayasooriya with Valdis ZatlPresident Valdis Zatlers of the Republic of Latvia extended his congratulations to President Mahinda Rajapaksa on the successful completion of the SARRC Summit held recently in Colombo. He expressed his strong interest over having more and more bilateral cooperation through enhanced political and economic relations with Sri Lanka. These pleasantries were exchanged between the newly appointed Sri Lanka Ambassador to Latvia, Residence in Sweden, Ranjith Jayasooriya and the President of the Republic of Latvia Valdis Zatlers at the President Palace in Riga on Tuesday 2nd September 2008.

Priyatha Liyanage, Head of the BBC Sinhala service contradicts Asian Tribune report

In a letter addressed to the Editor, Asian Tribune, Priyath Liyanage, Head of the BBC Sinhala service alleged that the news item appeared in the Asian Tribune on 1 September, as "deeply offensive mixture of inaccuracy, distortion and fiction about BBC Sinhala Service." Unfortunately "Asian Tribune" is not aware of how he came to such a conclusion, but we have decided to publish the excerpts of his letter which is written to contradict the news item 'The vicious agenda of BBC Sinhala Service' posted in the "Asian Tribune" of 1st September 2008.

Playing with the innocent children : Tamil Tigers use Diaspora Children for fund raising propaganda Switzerland

Tamil child with lethal weaponTamilischer Kulter Verein Thurgau, another active front organization of LTTE in Switzerland had organized a fund raising event in Thorau recently, in the guise of raising funds ‘displaced persons in the north’. Certain sections of the Tamil community and Swiss nationals who attended the above event organized under the banner of cultural festival in Thurgau were shocked to see Montessori school children as young as eight years enacting a drama dressed as child combatants using replicas of most lethal weapons.

Prof. Dina Titus

Samak Sundaravej

Ranjith Jayasooriya with Valdis Zatl

Potential U.S. Congresswoman Declares LTTE terrorism and Sri Lanka Tamil Grievances do not Tally

Daya Gamage – US National Correspondent Asian Tribune

Prof. Dina TitusIf Sri Lanka is the most misunderstood country in the world and, a state senator who is destined to enter the United States Congress from the State of Nevada in a most favorable political climate for the Democratic Party this election year to declare that she understands that Sri Lanka’s Tamil Tigers is a terrorist movement and not a liberation organization and that they do not represent the minority Tamil grievances, Sri Lanka has taken a step forward in winning the heart of a U.S. lawmaker and to make the U.S. Congress understand the real issues confronting this Indian Ocean island nation.