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Tardigrade -hysibius dujardini

India's Sri Lanka policy a comedy

By Janaka Perera

How does one define India's anti-terrorism law? On September 18 "Sindh Today" reportedreported that a special tribunal had asked Delhi to justify its renewal of the ban imposed on the LTTE. According to the report Justice Vikramjit Sen had asked the central government to produce fresh evidence against the Tigers so as to have the ban on the group extended by another two years. LTTE lawyers have argued that the group cannot be banned because it does not come within the Indian Government's territorial jurisdiction and the Tigers do not seek to disrupt India's sovereignty and integrity.

Two Islamist terrorists killed in a fierce encounter in Indian capital

By M Rama Rao India Editor, Asian Tribune

A week after Indian capital was rocked by serial blasts that had claimed 25 lives and left 100 injured, the police eliminated two Islamist militants and nabbed another after an hour-long fierce encounter in a predominantly Muslim locality of low and middle income families. One AK-47 assault rifle, two point 30 pistols and a computer were recovered from the encounter site. A highly decorated police inspector fell to terrorist bullets. At least two militants managed to escape. Delhi Police commissioner Y S Dadwal has identified one of the killed terrorists as Atif and said he was associated closely with Mohammed Usman Qureshi, the mastermind of the serial blasts in various parts of India. A key operative of Indian Mujahideen which has claimed responsibility for the recent bomb blasts in Delhi, Atif goes around as Bashir while Qureshi uses Tauquer as his alias.

Sri Lankan Ambassador calls for increased investment from Germany

Sri Lanka’s Ambassador to Germany, T.B. Maduwegedera has urged German companies to invest in Sri Lanka. He made this call at an investment promotion seminar in Frankfurt, organized by the Board of Investment of Sri Lanka (BOI) in collaboration with the Embassy of Sri Lanka in Berlin last Tuesday (16 September 2008). Speaking further, he said that Germany is Sri Lanka’s second largest investor from the European Union. Many of the German companies operating in Sri Lanka are global leaders in their field and investment areas, which include apparel, hosiery knitwear, surf sails, textiles, electronic products, light/heavy engineering, rubber based products such as tyres and automobile spare parts, coir products, wooden/soft toys, chemicals, dyes, gems and jewellery, ceramics, tourism and recreational projects.

Survival of Water Bears in Space Strengthens Theory of Panspermia – Chandra Wickremasinghe

By Walter Jayawardhana

The European Space Agency scientists’ discovery that tiny insects have survived during a space journey of ten days despite huge doses of radiation has blown new breath into the theory that life could have travelled from outer space to earth, proposed by Sri Lanka born scientist Professor Chandra Wickramasinghe. Wickramasinghe said in an interview, "I think this finding goes a long way towards proving that we are truly creatures of the cosmos. If life evolved on the Earth in isolation from the rest of the Universe there is no need for such remarkable space survival attributes to develop. Obviously, humans and cows cannot survive an unshielded journey in space. But for bacteria the situation is different, and now for even for some types of small insects interplanetary transport appears to be possible."

Looming danger on Western border

By Asif Haroon Raja

During the Afghan war in the 1980s, although Pakistan was accused by USA of running a clandestine nuclear programme, yet it not only maintained best of relations with Pakistan and ignored its nuclear program but also showered it with liberal economic and military assistance. From 1985 to 1989, Ronald Reagan kept certifying that Pakistan was not engaged in weapon oriented nuclear program well knowing that it was doing so secretly. Sanctions were imposed by senior Bush through Pressler Amendment in October 1990 when the war had ended and the Soviet forces had been pushed out of Afghanistan.

USAID Launches New Initiative to Improve Economic Growth in Eastern Sri Lanka

The United States Mission to Sri Lanka announced the launch of a new multi-year initiative, funded by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), aimed at promoting economic growth in Sri Lanka’s East. As part of the US Government’s integrated strategy to address the root causes of conflict in Sri Lanka, the new program, Connecting Regional Economies (CORE), is designed to increase social and economic security in Eastern Sri Lanka. By addressing the disparity in economic development between Eastern Sri Lanka and the more prosperous Western Province, CORE aims to establish conditions whereby sustained economic development can be launched.

Ahmed Faraz - A Symbol of Romance

By Yousaf Alamgirian

Ahmed Faraz, who left this mortal world on Monday the 25th August, 2008 was born in Nowshera in 1931. Ahmad Faraz initially had a passion to join Pakistan Air Force which he couldn’t, but through out his life he flew higher and higher due to his god gifted poetic skills. He was a man full of feelings. He started expressing his feelings in the shape of poetry while studying in 10th class. He got an opportunity to meet literary people in his early age as his father; Agha Burq was also a well known poet. He received masters’ degrees in Persian and Urdu literature from the University of Peshawar.

Hilton turns 21 this Sunday amidst much pomp and pageantry

Asian Tribune: Sri Lanka Bureau

Hilton Colombo turns 21 year on this Sunday and prepare to be wowed! Slated to be the biggest event of the year, the celebrations include a number of fun-filled events, activities and spectacular entertainment. Issuing a press statement the hotel said the stunning anniversary party would feature a scrumptious 21 meter sandwich; ‘21 Flavours’, featuring 21 cuisines from around the world; a 21 meter bar; a stunning 21 meter ice sculpture and much more.

Sri Lanka, Guest of Honour at the 10th International Island Book Fair in France - 2008

The 10th International Island Book Fair (Salon International du Livre Insulaire) took place in Ouessant, France from 20 to 23 of August 2008. The goal of this fair is to make discover the literature from all the islands in the world, by welcoming writers and editors in Ouessant, an Island situated off Bretagne. Sri Lanka was the guest of honour of the 10th International Island Book Fair represented by Phillipe Fabry thanks to the French Embassy in Sri Lanka and Sri Lanka Tourism. Hélène Honorat was also among the invitees as a francophone writer passionate by the beauty of Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka centre in Shanghai will boost bilateral economic relations

Sri Lanka’s Ambassador to the People’s Republic of China, Karunatilaka Amunugama has hailed the opening of the “Sri Lanka Centre” in Shanghai as another milestone in Sino-Lanka relations. Speaking on the occasion of the inauguration of the Sri Lanka Centre at the Shanghai Mart last Thursday (11th September 2008), he recalled the close relations that exist between the two countries and noted the steady development of bilateral relations and the comprehensive partnership through mutual support for lasting friendship.

Nuclear power: cost and benefits

By Chandramohan - Syndicate Features

A section within India and the non-proliferation Ayatollahs outside are praying hard that the US Congress rejects the 123 agreement and thus mark the end of the much talked about civilian nuclear deal with the United States. But their hopes were actually dashed at the meeting of the Nuclear Suppliers Group in Vienna last month when India received the waiver from the group of 45 nations that entitles India to enter the world of nuclear trade even without signing the NPT.

U.S. Declining Interest in Sri Lanka an Opportunity to Charter an Independent Path under Rajapaksa Presidency

Daya Gamage – US Bureau Asian Tribune Analysis

The declining United States interest in Sri Lanka is clearly reflected in the just released FY 2009 International Affairs Congressional Budget which is scheduled go into effect beginning October this year paving the way for the current Rajapaksa administration to charter a new course under an indigenous politico-military-economic agenda upholding the old Cuban revolutionary slogan “To Live in Bondage is to Live in Dishonor and Ignominy”. The U.S. FY 2009 budget estimates for Sri Lanka denote a steady decrease from US$ 23 million in FY 2007 to US$ 7 million in FY 2008 to US$ 6.5 million for FY 2009.