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Ukarine Festival of Children

Sri Lanka’s Agenda is Indigenous in countering terrorism and safeguarding National Security – Foreign Minister in Washington

Daya Gamage – US National Correspondent Asian Tribune
Rohitha Bogollagama
Sri Lanka’s foreign minister Rohitha Bogallagama addressing his country’s expatriates at his Washington Diplomatic Mission Friday, September 20 stressed that the Government of President Mahinda Rajapaksa has a Sri Lankan agenda to pursue. That agenda has now started to pay dividends. That agenda is serving Sri Lanka’s security interests, preserving Sri Lanka’s territorial integrity that has been threatened for three decades, countering terrorism and bringing democracy and development to all the people of Sri Lanka. The Foreign Minister highlighted that the Eastern Province, that had not experienced democracy for 15 years but is now functioning under a Chief Minister who was elected by the people of the Province. The Provincial Council represents all three communities: Sinhala, Tamils and Muslims. The Provincial Administration that the people have elected is now leading development efforts in the Province. The Eastern Province, the Minister stressed, is an example to the whole international community of how to undertake a counter terrorism drive and bring development to the people at the same time.

High Priest of Thirukoneswaram Temple shot and killed

Unidentified gunmen shot and killed the High Priest of the Thirukoneswaram Hindu Temple, Sivasri Kugarajah Kurukkal in Trincomalee yesterday around 6.PM, in the evening . The incident reported to have taken place at the Vidyalayam Road, located in the heart of the port city of Trincomalee. Two bullets struck on priest's head and according to police report he died instantly. The Media Centre for National Security (MCNS), reported that the 43 year old priest was shot down while he was riding a motorbike around 6 pm, on 21st September. Thirukoanesvaram Temple is located inside the Fort Frederick, where the Trincomalee Government Agent's office and the Gajaba Regiment of the Sri Lanka Army have been functioning.

Ukraine Festival of Children calls for united effort for a better world

By M Rama Rao, India Editor, Asian Tribune

Let's change the world for the better' was the theme of an unusual gathering of children from 47 countries including India at Artek on the southern Crimean Black Sea shore in Ukraine. The All-Ukrainian Charitable Fund of Hope and Good hosted the 20-day festival to promote the ideals of peace and non-violent behavior. The emblem of festival is no less interesting – Seven palms of the rainbow colors arranged in a circle to symbolize the unity of cultures, equal rights for all people, the striving for openness, freedom, social development and peacemaking. Says Kaumudi Sharma, who led her Delhi Public School (DPS) students, 'The Festival signals the development of children's diplomacy. It creates a multi-cultural environment, and enables children to communicate more and make friends worldwide'.

Sri Lanka condens the terrorists attack on Hotel Marriot in Islamabad in Islamabad

In a statement, Government of Sri Lanka has condemned the terrorists bommbing at the Marriot Hotel in Islamabad. The statement said, "People and the Government of Sri Lanka are extremely saddened to learn of the terrorist attack at the Hotel Marriot in Islamabad." It pointed out "The Government of Sri Lanka unequivocally condemns this abominable act of terrorism that has claimed precious civilian life and injured scores of others as well as destroyed property in Islamabad. People and the Government share the grief of the Pakistan nation in this hour of acute pain and express sympathies to the families of those innocent people who have suffered as a result of this barbaric act."

Sheikh Abdullah: Betrayed by Kashmiris

By J N Rania - Syndicate Features

Time has come to overwhelmingly venerate Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah, the architect of modern Kashmir, who played a pioneering role in emancipating his people from the shackles of age-old poverty. It is pitiful that a leader of his gargantuan stature, who was incarcerated for nearly 17 years from time to time; who was unbigoted, and who had become a synonym with the toiling masses, should be forgotten. Was he a man of no consequence? Seeing is believing. I have seen the cell atop Hariparbat fort in Srinagar, where Sheikh Abdullah was imprisoned. One can imagine how difficult it would have been for him to remain erect or stretch his arms. During his boyhood, he was deeply touched by the abject poverty of the toiling Kashmiris, under the prevailing feudal system and autocratic regime of Maharaja Hari Singh.

CARE International cares estate workers

By Quintus Perera

Ms J Sathyawany, a small-made Tamil - Norwood Estate Female volunteer was there at JAIC Hilton Hotel to describe what good, she and her community in the estate sector has obtained through CARE International Sri Lanka with several other organizations.Though her speech was part of the programme in the Plantation Community Empowerment Project that would be implemented by CARE International – Sri Lanka, her narration carried a deeper sense of oppression and segregation of their minority community, due to the present security arrangements.

Who dreams of a separate state: the Tamils or the international criminals?

By Dr. Edward Perera

This has been a topic that has inspired me during the last few years to address several International media as well as our local community that this is sheer fabrication of the conspirators to justify the bloody “struggle” for a separate state for Tamils. If one follows the International media on the so-called ethnic conflict in Sri Lanka, you will immediately notice that some wording, structuring of sentences and the sentimentality attributed to the phrases come from one particular source.In other words, a master mind had tapped every possible source and resource to mobilize them to achieve one main objective.

President Rajapaksa in Pirith Ceremony

President Rajapaska addressing the gathering


Ukarine Festival of Children

Mahinda in New York - Condoles the demise of Wijetunga and swear to liberate the north

President Mahinda Rajapaksa President Mahinda Rajapaksa arrived in New York yesterday to attend the 63rd session of the United Nation General Assembly. When he arrived at the John F Kennedy Airport, New York in a scheduled flight, he was met on arrival at the airport by representatives of United Nations Protocol Division. Later at the Hotel he was received by Rohitha Bogollagama, Sri Lanka’sForeign Minister, Jaliya Wickramasuriya - Sri Lankan Ambassador in Washington, H.M. G. S. Palihakkara - Permanent Representative of Sri Lanka’s UN Mission and the staff of the New York Mission. At the entrance to the hotel he was garlanded by four Sri Lankan children from New York. After arriving in New York, earlier yesterday, President made a statement on hearing the demise of D. B. Wijetunga, the third executive president of Sri Lanka. Mahinda Rajapakse said, "I m deeply saddened to hear of the passing away of Mr. D. B. Wijetunga."