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Prith ceremony

U.S.-India Friendship Council Hails Approval of U.S.-India Civil Nuclear Agreement

Daya Gamage – Asian Tribune US Bureau

The U.S.-India Friendship Council congratulates the United States Congress on approving the historic U.S.-India Nuclear Civilian Agreement. 01 October overwhelming support by 86 to 13 vote of the United States Senate marks the final step in Congressional approval for the Agreement, the Council says. The U.S. House passed the measure by a vote of 298 to 117 last week. The U.S.-India Friendship Council looks forward to the White House signing ceremony, and heralding a new era in U.S.-India relations, the statement says.

United States-Pakistan Strategic Partnership Joint Statement

Daya Gamage – Asian Tribune US Bureau

“The United States affirmed its support for Pakistan's sovereignty, independence, unity, and territorial integrity. The United States is dedicated to providing Pakistan with the training and equipment it needs to fight terrorism, including support to enhance Pakistan’s counterinsurgency and counterterrorism capabilities and increased cooperation with Pakistani security force” says U.S. Deputy Secretary of State John D. Negroponte in a joint statement with Pakistan Foreign Minister Makhdoom Shah Mahmood Qureshi issued September 29 following a ‘strategic dialogue’ between the two.

Sri Lankan Embassy in Washington organizes Pirith Ceremony

A historic event took place at the Sri Lanka Embassy, Washington DC for the first time ever. Ambassador Jaliya Wickramasuriya and the staff of the Sri Lanka Embassy organized an all night Pirith Chanting Ceremony, to invoke blessings of the Maha Sangha for the peace and prosperity of Sri Lanka, the United States and rest of the World on Saturday 27 September 2008 with the participation of all Chief Incumbents of all Sri Lankan Buddhist temples in the USA.

US Senate approves bailout proposal

The US Senate voted 3-to-1 for a "sweetened" rescue bill which could provide $700 billion to the market but approval in the Lower House is far from certain. Senate leaders hoped the 74-25 vote would send a strong signal to the lower House of Representatives, which rejected an earlier version of the bailout plan on Monday and sent US stocks into a free-fall. "We have sent a clear message that we will not let this economy fail for any American," said Majority Leader Harry Reid, the top Democrat in the Senate. Government officials and congressional leaders had warned that government intervention was critical to keep credit flowing from banks to average Americans and had warned that the US economy might not survive another legislative failure.

Sri Lanka Air Force bombed and destroyed Tamil Eelam Civil Administration complex

Sri Lanka Air force fighter jets bombed and destroyed the Secretariat of Tamileelam Civil Administration, located in Paarathipuram south of Kilinochchi. According Sri Lanka Defence sources, Sri Lanka Air Force supersonic fighter jets carried out three air raids simultaneously targeting LTTE administration and logistic bases located in the Kilinochchi area this afternoon, 01 October. The targeted LTTE bases were located west of A9 road, in 3 1/2 Km south of Kilinochchi town and the bombardment carried out around 2.40 p.m, air force spokesperson Wing Commander Janaka Nanayakkara said. All three targets were engaged accurately, spokesperson added.

War! What next in Sri Lanka?

By Oscar E V Fernando

We are amply informed that the defeat of the LTTE is at hand; judging from their debacle in the east, this could be a truism; doubtless, what happened in the east was with the assistance initiated by Karuna, who broke away from the LTTE; he knows the terrain; one never hears much of the help given by Karuna and Pillian for the battle in the north-but this is probable! We know that the LTTE waged a struggle for decades against the central government to liberate north-east from Sinhala majority rule.

Is Obama Ahead Of McCaine?

By L. Jayasooriya

Here are two people who in the final analysis have nothing in common debating on the future of America from points of view more than poles apart. McCaine represents what America has always been to the rest of the world irrespective of which party was in power. America was solely responsible for the wars in Korea, Vietnam and most recently Iraq and the human misery that accompanied those acts from which many unfortunate victims are still suffering. There has never been one bit of remorse for all these including the torture of prisoners recently confirmed as being acceptable which even McCaine said was unacceptable.

Breathtaking Hypocrisy

By Stephen Long, Los Angeles

The hypocrisy of the West never ceases to amaze me. On one hand we have an entire Western bloc of countries at war with terrorism, with each and every country seemingly using every possible means to eradicate it and prevent suicide bombers from striking its homeland. On the other hand, we have the Government of Sri Lanka winning a war against what the FBI calls the "deadliest terrorism organization in the world." The fact that there could be a unified Sri Lanka after twenty five years of senseless bloodshed should be cause for celebration in every democratic country on the planet.

India embraces smoke-free policies on Gandhi’s birth anniversary

By Bobby Ramakant

India has boldly enforced the smoke-free policies banning smoking in public places and private areas with public access from 2 October 2008 – the birth anniversary of the father of nation Mahatma Gandhi. The government of India and countless people who have been advocating the enforcement of public health policies need due credit. It was certainly not so easy, more so because of the financially robust, strategically shrewd tobacco industry that has mastered the art of circumventing public interest policies and promoting a product (tobacco) that kills even when used as intended by the manufacturer.

3 including Marempu Kabui of Manipur got Medals in Busan World Sports For All Games, Korea

Indian Muaythai Team under the leadership of Oken Jeet Sandham has once again created history as 3 players---2 girls from Uttarakhand and 1 player from Manipur---could manage to win 1 Silver and 2 Bronze Medals in the Busan World Sports For All Games held from 26th September - 1st October, 2008 at Busan, South Korea. 2008 World Muaythai Championships is an Official Sports Program of Busan 2008 World Sports For All Games held from 26th Septmber to 1st October at Busan, South Korea.

Swearing in of Two New Judges to the International Tribunal For The Law Of Sea

At a public ceremony held this morning, Mr Boualem Bouguetaia (Algeria) and Mr Vladimir Vladimirovich Golitsyn (Russian Federation) were sworn in as members of the International Tribunal For The Law Of Sea. The two judges were elected on 13 June 2008 at the eighteenth Meeting of States Parties to the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea to serve a term of nine years, commencing 1 October 2008. Before taking up their duties, newly-elected judges are required to make the solemn declaration to exercise the powers as judges impartially and conscientiously.

Hope returns to Zimbabwe

By Tushar Charan - Syndicate Features

Robert Mugabwe, the 84-year-old civilian dictator of Zimbabwe has at last agreed to share power with Morgan Tsvangirai, his chief political opponent, under a deal worked out after seven weeks of negotiations between the two rivals as the South African president, Thobo Mbeki, acted as a referee. This has certainly generated hope for the country that was once the breadbasket of the continent but now ranks among the poorest on earth. Half the country’s population has fled; life for the rest cannot be anything but miserable, as inflation hit 11 million percent, something beyond imagination in India where 12 percent inflation is threatening both the economy and the government.

Pirith Ceremony 3

Pirith Ceremony 2

Sri Lanka Air Force bombed LTTE Military Headquarters Complex

Sri Lanka Air Force fighter jets bombed the LTTE's military headquarter complex located 2 Km North East of Kilinochchi town this afternoon. Air Force spokesperson Wing Commander Janaka Nanayakkara said that Air force Fighter jets launched from Katunayake carried out the airstrike at 12.40 PM targeting the LTTE headquarter located 2 km northeast of Kilinochchi town, he added. Meanwhile, defence intelligence sources revealed that the target was engaged on real time ground intelligence on a meeting of senior LTTE cadres at the location. It is from the targeted camp complex located at Puravipaanjan that the LTTE has been coordinating all its military activities, the sources further revealed.