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Tourism Minister Milinda Moragoda

U.N. Report Castigates Israel for Harassing Journalists

By Thalif Deen

A new United Nations report on the human rights situation in Palestinian territories blasts the Israeli government for its heavy-handed treatment of journalists reporting on the military occupation. The 20-page report, which will go before the 63rd sessions of the General Assembly currently underway, singles out the mistreatment of award-winning Palestinian journalist Mohammed Omer who was stripped, interrogated, kicked and beaten up when he returned from Europe to his home town in the occupied territory of Gaza last June.

Barack Obama is "decidedly liberal" says British ambassador to US

Gordon Brown and Barack ObamaDaya Gamage – Asian Tribune US Bureau

Barack Obama is a "decidedly liberal" senator "who was finding his feet, and then got diverted by his presidential ambitions", according to a frank verdict delivered to British Prime Minister Gordon Brown by the British ambassador to the United States. 'Asian Tribune' carries here the full report published by London 'The Daily Telegraph' in its October 3 edition based on a leaked ‘highly classified’ assessment report sent by the British ambassador in Washington to the British prime minister. Sir Nigel Sheinwald, ambassador in Washington since last year, delivered his unvarnished assessment of the White House front runner in a seven-page letter to the Prime Minister, obtained by 'The Daily Telegraph,' just before the Democratic nominee's visit to Downing Street just over two months ago.

Blaming Prabakaran but continuing a handfuls quest for an illusive Eelam

By Shenali Waduge

What must be going on in the minds of all those who have for almost 3 decades pumped money to create a separate state? It is true that many times over Prabakaran has like a phoenix risen from the dead & his troops returned with ferocious intent, but the present scenario gives little hope of any rabbit being pulled out of the bag as provinces have been ceded, territory is lost & combatants that have known nothing but killing are forced to now fight for their respect & pray for protection from the very people they proclaim to protect – the LTTE who never throughout 30 years were able to give their people even a piece of bread, a grain of rice or a drop of medicine – which the SL Governments have provided with humility.

Sri Lanka Navy’s RABS/SBS Concept: An Operational and Tactical Edge over Sea Tigers

By Ravin Edirisinghe

Naval tactics used in the present world scenarios are discussed at higher military forums which draw the attention of modern technology, sophisticated weaponry, high defined detection systems etc. But in all these discussion forums, the dialogue is primarily about an enemy that is presented well away from ones territory, from ones weapon ranges and obviously one who is very much away from detection systems spread in a four dimensional environment.

John Keells Holdings' Consumer Foods Sector received two Silver Awards

By Quintus Perera - Asian Tribune

The two Silver Awards in the 'Extra Large Business Group Category' went to Keells Food Products PLC and Ceylon Cold Stores PLC for reaching significant milestones in their respective business activities in the international arena. Organized by the National Chamber of Exporters of Sri Lanka for the 16th consecutive year, the NCE Awards are Sri Lanka's most prestigious awards which recognise and reward the outstanding export performance of companies which provide goods and services from Sri Lanka. The JKH Consumer Foods Sector is home to some of Sri Lanka's strongest and most popular food and beverage brands, all of them being market leaders in their respective categories.

Milinda Moragoda to Deliver Valedictory Address at the Administrative Staff College of India

Milinda MoragodaTourism Minister Milinda Moragoda has been invited to deliver the valedictory address at the Administrative Staff College of India’s Executive Programme in Public Management. This programme, which focuses on the theme “Innovation and Good Practices in New Public Management”, will be held in collaboration with the Government of India, the Commonwealth Secretariat in London and the Commonwealth Association of Public Administrators at the Bellavista campus of the ASCI in Hyderabad.

Protecting human rights on the Internet - Council of Europe launches guidelines

The Council of Europe today launched, in close cooperation with European online game designers and publishers and with Internet service providers, two sets of guidelines which aim to encourage respect and promote privacy, security and freedom of expression when, for example, accessing the Internet, using e-mail, participating in chats or blogs, or playing Internet games. The Interactive Software Federation of Europe (ISFE) and the European Internet Service Providers Association (EuroISPA), concerned by the need to raise awareness about human rights and to build confidence on the Internet, have worked with the Council of Europe, which has a mandate to protect these rights in Europe, to create two separate sets of guidelines for their respective sectors.

Xerox introduces Digital Press

By Quintus Perera - Asian Tribune

Lumen Technologies announced the launch of Digital Press Solutions from Xerox to the Sri Lankan market to meet the short run requirements of the local graphics industry (commercial printers, publishers, pre-presses, etc.) The Digital Press is ideal for producing high-end collateral, direct marketing and photo specially products, jobs that typically generate the most profits for print providers. It is an addition to Xerox's industry-leading production digital portfolio, following the revolutionary Xerox IGen 3, which led the industry into a new into a new age of digital color printing.

Mccaine is maverick no more

By L. Jayasooriya

Whatever the word maverick means it was carefully crafted at the beginning of the campaign to identify MCaine as somebody not in the normal run of the republicans but a better republican. Though people have heard of that word being used it did not attract much attention until at the closing of the debate with Biden when Palin started to emphasize the word and virtually put all the strength of the campaign on McCaine being a maverick.

Govt indifferent to address labour issues

By Atul – Rama - Syndicate Features

When a mob lynched Lalit Kishore Chaudhary, chief executive officer of an Italian company in Greater Noida, it not only committed a horrible and unjustified act of murder but also left a deep dent on the reputation of the fledging industrial town of UP situated at the eastern door of Delhi. All the worst features of an aspiring industrial town were on view when that tragedy happened. It was a reflection of the sorry state of law and order in the area. Only recently agitation by farmers of the area demanding higher compensation for their land acquired by the government had turned violent, resulting in the death of at least six of them in police firing.

Mohammed Omer

US Financial Institutions Bail-out to Cost $ 700 Billion

By Philip Fernando for Asian Tribune

US Financial institutions were bailed out yesterday as President George Bush signed a new law. It had failed to muster enough votes in the Congress two weeks ago. The delay saw Wall Street suffer some trillion dollars lost in market equity. Could credit confidence climb back? It is the zillion dollar question. The allotment of $700 billion may stem the tide for now. Its impact on the Obama-McCain election debate is crucial. The bill passed the House 263-171—with 91 Republicans and 172 Democrats voting yes—a larger margin than expected. Yet the opposition to the bill would haunt the country for decades.