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Maj. General Janaka Perera, his wife and 20 others killed in a suicide bomb attack

Asian Tribune: Sri Lanka Bureau

Maj. General Janaka PereraA bomb blast occurred around 8.45 a.m. this morning in Anuradhapura, killing Maj. General (retd.) Janaka Perera, Leader of the Opposition, North Central Provincial Council , his wife Mrs. Wajira Perera who was also a retired Major in Sri Lanka Special Forces and 20 others, in a suspected suicide bomb attack said to have been carried out by an LTTE suicide cadre. According to reports, the bomb blast occurred during a function held to declare open the new UNP office in Anuradhapura, military sources said.

Maj Gen Janaka Perera and his wife killed in LTTE suicide attack in Anuradhapura

Maj.General Janaka PereraThe opposition leader of the North-Central provincial council, Maj General Janaka Perera , his wife and Dr. John Pulle are confirmed death , when an LTTE suicide cadre blown himself inside the United National Party (UNP) office near the Old Bus Stand in Auradhapura this morning, 6 October.

Commonwealth Finance Ministers Meet Tomorrow To Discuss Global Crisis

Neville de Silva Diplomatic Editor Asian Tribune

Finance ministers of the 53-nation Commonwealth begin a crucial two-day meeting tomorrow against the backdrop of the global financial crisis. The economic meltdown threatening several key global players including some in the Commonwealth, will be a priority issue when the ministers meet in St Lucia on October 7 and 8 to decide what collective steps could be taken to halt the slide into a major economic recession that could hurt the poorer and smaller countries of the Commonwealth even more than some of the others.

Canadian Government issues agrement for the Sri Lanka Ambassador designate

At last, Canadian Government have issued agrement for the appointment of Daya Perera PC, (82 years) as Sri Lanka High Commissioner to Canada. Sri Lanka President appointed Daya Perera, a well-known criminal lawyer in December 2007, but the Canadian Government delayed the issuance of the Agrement based on simple technical issues. Daya Perera, a former permanent representative for Sri Lanka to the United Nations in New York, was appointed to replace the previous High Commissioner, W.S. Karunaratne. It is now believed that despite bereavement in the family, he is expected to travel to Canada shortly to take up the new posting.

Sri Lanka Government arranges regular food supply for those civilians trapped in the LTTE controlled areas

Minister BathiyutheenSri Lanka Government has pledged to send weekly, food items by Lorries on a regular basis, to the Internally Displaced Persons trapped in Kilinochci and Mullaitivu districts. Also the Government has already set up three reception centers to receive and settle down the Internally Displaced Persons from those war ravaged districts, when they cross over to the Government controlled area in Vavuniya. Speaking to "Asian Tribune", Abdul Risath Bathiyutheen - Minister of Resettlement and Disaster Relief Services said, "I went to Vavuniya last week and already sent food items, rice, sugar and wheat flour in 51 lorries.

Fundraising demonstration by TRO Denmark – an utter flop

On the sunny Saturday, 4th of October, in Copenhagen, the Tamil Rehabilitation Organisation (TRO) in Denmark, one of the many fund raising arms of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam, organized a demonstration in Kongens Nytorv, a city centre, ended up as an utter flop, according to reports. The TRO’s fundraising attempt in Copenhagen, in the guise of a demonstration was thwarted by the Danish Police authorities. The Organizers spent past several weeks, in fact dozens of them, called for the participation of the Tamil diaspora to stage a massive demonstration in favour of 250,000 Internally Displaced Persons trapped in Kilinochchi, and Mullaitivu, which they claimed that they have been left alone in the LTTE held areas in Sri Lanka, after the NGO´s and INGO´s have left on the directive of the Sri Lanka Government.

Time to approach UNSC

By Asif Haroon Raja

In our bid to fight us war on terror and to make Afghanistan peaceful, we allowed the insurgency to shift from Afghanistan into FATA. Within two years the flames of militancy spread to neighbouring settled areas and then enveloped whole of Frontier province and made inroads into Punjab. The suicide bombers can reach any part of the country and hit targets even within Red Zone. High expectations were pinned on elected leaders hoping that they would soon reverse the US centric policies of Musharraf and follow home based policies in the interest of Pakistan and its people.

Remittance Card by ICICI Bank

By Quintus Perera – Asian Tribune

ICICI Bank Sri Lanka launch a card-based remittance product to provide a convenient and hassle free alternative to receive remittances and the first card was issued to matheesha P Perera, Bandaragama who receives money regularly from his brother in UK. The remittance card is a Sri Lankan Rupee (LKR) denominated card. It is re-loadable for funding and can be used to withdraw money at over 1000 VISA affiliated ATMs Island wide at no additional charge, as well as at merchant establishments in Sri Lanka. Only remittance-linked credits are permissible in the remittance card account.

Why do Americans have to die in foreign lands?

By L. Jayasooriya

Why is it that America has never addressed herself to the question of why Americans have to die in foreign lands? They have died in Korea, Vietnam and now are dying in Iraq. Dying for one’s country defending it from an enemy that is attacking one’s country is one thing but dying in foreign countries that have not attacked America like Korea, Vietnam and Iraq is something unique to America. The grief and sorrow of an American family that has lost one in their family is no different from any family in any country but why is it that only Americans have to undergo this suffering that is totally unnecessary?

Maj. General (retd.) Janaka Perera

Maj.General Janaka Perera

Minister Abdul Risath Bathiyutheen

Sri Lanka President condemns LTTE for the brutal assassination of Major General Janaka Perera and others

Sri Lanka President Mahinda Rajapakse while condemning the covertly and brutal act of terrorism carried out in Anuradhapura today morning in assassinating Major General Janaka Perera, pointed out that the attack was further proof of the need for everyone to unite for the success of the ongoing campaign to eradicate terrorism in the country. He added that in the context of severe setbacks the LTTE is facing in what were reportedly its strongholds in the North; it is now making every attempt to create violent backlashes in other parts of the country, and urged the public to act cautiously in the face of such provocation.